Geneva – 10



Storm clouds rolling in…

(Continued from Geneva – 9)

“I’m not going anywhere”, she said strongly.

“Good”, he turned on Brittany again. “She’s been into town since she been here. Has free access to my car and truck. Maybe you can ask her why she never stopped by to see you. Or made sure you weren’t home when we stopped to get her things.” Brittany stared darts at Gennie. “She wouldn’t see you at your place but was happy to invite you here behind my back. Right Geneva?”

Geneva had no answer. Just stared at the floor.

“No. Not silence. I want to check-to verify-that I have this down. Is what I said correct?”

With every word he spoke to her in this new stern voice she seemed to press further back into the couch cushion. “Yes”, she said in a small voice. “That is…the way it happened.”

“You let him talk to you this way? Is this the way he talks to you?”

“Go ahead Geneva, tell her. Is this the way I normally speak to you? Tell her.”

Geneva, trying to stay out of the line of fire as much as possible just said, “No.”

“No”, he verified. “I’m speaking to her this way because this is the first time that she did something I specifically asked her not to do.”

“He speaks to you like he owns you!” she spat.

“Brittany, please don’t make it worse than it already is.”

“I just want to understand what you’ve gotten yourself into here.”

“What she got herself into was all about getting away from you.” Out of the corner of his eyes he swore that Chelsea dropped her head to hide a quick smile. “And the last couple of weeks have been good. At least for me. Have they been good for you Geneva?”

“Yes”, she said wishing he would go back to calling her Gennie. She had nothing else to add caught up as she was watching someone speak to Brittany in a way that she had never heard before. And for the fact of it, she looked a bit cowed. As she should probably because he was looming a bit; nothing obvious but Gennie never saw him use his size before which he was doing subtly with the pitch of his shoulders.

“I don’t know you”, he told Brittany, “And I don’t particularly want to. But I watched you pretty closely over the course of eight hours a couple of weeks ago and never once did I see you being anything other than a bitch. Everyone was having a great time and never once did you smile. Never once did I see you speak nicely to anyone. I venture to guess if it wasn’t for Geneva’s personality and…what’s your name sweetheart?”

“Chelsea”, said the strawberry blonde.

“…and Chelsea’s dope, you might have ruined the day for everyone. When Geneva told me that she needed to spend some time away from home and I found out that YOU were home I understood and was happy to open my door to her.”

“I bet the door isn’t the only thing you opened to her…”

Finally the blonde spoke up, “Give it a break, Britt…”

“AND”, he continued, “The door is open, she can leave anytime she likes or stay as long as she likes. Isn’t that right Geneva?”

She was starting to get a bad feeling about the ‘Geneva’ thing. He wasn’t even changing his tone when he spoke to her. “Right”, she answered noticing that his look wasn’t typically warm.

“You, on the other hand”, he turned back to Brittany “Are not welcome here.”

“She invited me!”

“Yes, I understand that. But it wasn’t her invitation to give. My house-my rules. She went against my wishes, against an agreement we had and for that she’ll be spanked.”

“Spanked?!” said Brittany and Geneva almost as one. He noticed Chelsea drop her gaze and try to make herself smaller.

“He spanks you?”

“You can’t spank her”, Brittany said. “She’s not your…child.” She pivoted huffily to Geneva. “What’s he do to you?”

“Nothing! No! He’s never laid a hand on me.” But a quick look told her that while that had been true, it wasn’t going to be for much longer. He spoke directly to her. “You’ve never given me cause Geneva. Now you have. You’ll learn from this.”

Brittany turned to face her, “Gennie-you have to come with us now!”

“I’m not going anywhere with you. I’m staying here.” Was she just being stubborn? Was she afraid to leave or afraid to stay? ‘you’ll learn from this…’ he’d said. She didn’t know she had anything to learn. “Please…” she said, her eyes wide and shining. She wasn’t pleading not to be spanked. That seemed to be a fait accompli, as it were. No, what she mouthed was, “Not in front of them…please.”



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