Molly for Breakfast

Continued from…Molly In The Morning…


Because the floor to ceiling windows were tinted, the bathroom felt dim and comfortably shaded even in the bright light of morning. It was no doubt a man’s room, done in dark shades of polished concrete and stone. The hot tub was elevated on a rocky pedestal near the windows and the back wall opposite the windows was alternating rows of black slate and gray tile. There was no enclosure-it was an open shower with a wide chrome rainfall showerhead coming out of the ceiling. Two chrome hand shower heads hung on the wall.

Corrine gently guided Molly to an armless redwood chair in the middle of the room.

“Something, huh?” asked Corrine sitting.

“Like a cave…but what about…?” she was looking at the windows.

“One way glass, we can see out, nobody can see in.”

“Very cool.”

As she was talking, Corrine pulled Molly to stand between her open legs. The younger woman’s eyes fell to the tiled floor then to Corrine’s tightly toned thighs extending out of her shorts.

“You slept with John, last night…” she asked without asking.

“His bed is amazing…” Corrine answered without answering. She unbuttoned the girl’s blouse and pushed it back off of her shoulders. Molly didn’t help, she was still, allowing herself to be undressed, allowing the blouse to be pushed down her shoulders and off. She reached back and unsnapped her bra and shrugged it loose. Corrine took it and slipped it down her arms.

“You did sleep with John last night.”

“I did. But it’s what you said. I slept with John. Nothing else.”

“But you were….”

“I’m always naked over here…John and I are friends. And we have some…particular tastes that are shared by a number of friends-including his lover which isn’t me…”


Corrine put her finger over Molly’s lips. “That’s all you’re getting for now…”

She smiled. “Hopefully not all….”

Molly’s breasts were firm and round with small pink nipples. “I thought I might find some freckles on you…” said Corrine, tracing her hand across the milky mounds. Molly stepped closer to allow the woman to rub her cheek along her belly and gasped lightly when Corrine raised her mouth to lick, then kiss one of her hardening nipples. Then the other.

Back to the task at hand, Corrine unbuckled Molly’s belt and loosened her jeans. They were snug but once unzipped, slipped easily over the swell of her hips and down her legs into a bunch on the floor which Molly stepped out of. Corrine gently rubbed at the deep creases that a long night’s sleep in jeans had left at the beltline.

“This is why we don’t sleep in jeans…” she said.

“I know you don’t…” Molly answered touching Corrine’s hair.

The woman lifted her head into the caress without pausing in her own ministrations. “Here”, she said, “Let’s get rid of these…” and with that rolled the girl’s silken panties down her thighs where they joined the rest of her clothing. Corrine reached out and grasped the girl by her butt cheeks to pull her close. She dipped her head to rub her face gently into the wild bush of red hair at Molly’s crotch. “Ahhh…” she sighed-“this is what I was hoping for…”

“What?” asked Molly now stroking her soon-to-be-lover’s head with both hands.

“Wild! Hairy and wild and….wild…” She pulled her close-intoxicated.

Molly smiled and picked Corrine’s head up gently-“There is wild and there is wild…but I’d love to hit the tub now…before….”

Corrine squeezed the girl’s cheeks tighter, slipping her fingers into her crack as if hoping to split it open. “What if I don’t care…”

Molly stopped her with a kiss. “Come on” she said, “…you promised me a soak…” And if Corrine was going to say anything, another kiss stifled her words.

The eucalyptus steam filled the room and fogged the windows, further diffusing the morning light. Corrine lounged on the underwater bench with her back along the rim of the tub holding Molly snuggled in the crook of her arm. Molly, eyes closed, hungrily devoured the deep thrusting kisses that stole her breath. She opened herself as Corrine’s hands massaged her breasts then slid down her belly.

“Here”, Corrine whispered, gently removing her arm and sliding a folded towel in its place. “Lay back.”

As Molly did, Corrine slipped in front of her and knelt so that the water was up to her neck. She reached her hands under Molly’s bottom and lifted her until her muff broke the bubbling surface then closed her mouth over it with a growl.

“Hungry?” asked Molly smiling.

“Famished…” came the answer.

“Do what you want to do…”

“If I do that right now I might drown…”

Molly pulled her back up to sitting beside her but Corrine’s hand remained under the bubbles working her fingers gently around her vagina.

“Maybe we should move to drier ground, then”, said Molly.

“Do you think you’re clean enough yet”, Corrine asked gently pinching her bum.


Corrine rose to her feet as Molly’s eyes ravished her body. Her hard nipples stood erect and pulsing shedding water which ran down her flat belly and dripped from the tiny black patch at her crotch. The girl badly wanted to lap at that stream and reached out to grab at Corrine’s hip only to be rebuffed by a gentle arm block. “Uh-uh-uhhh”

Molly played along giving her a little pouty face.

Corrine extended a hand. “Come on, stand up.”

Molly had to be satisfied for the moment with a tight hug that allowed her to kiss one of Corrine’s taut breasts before being helped out of the tub.

A Haven for the Particular


They had to walk off of the main boulevard and slip down a tiny side street illuminated only by the washed light glowing behind them a dim streetlamp ahead. The two dumpsters at the end of that street seemed purposely placed to obscure the ancient brick laid alley that looked to be an original street down here-untouched by the gentrification and glare less than a full block away. Situated where it was, The Club seemed to be in a different section of town. Not many people just happened upon it when looking for something else. This was more of a destination; a haven for the particular.

Colleen Palmer stood under the awning out of the warm drizzle careful not to rub her suede coat against the damp bricks. She held her Club ID in her hand not yet extending it to Mike, the tightly shorn, surprisingly slender security guy sitting at his station in front of the door. Mid-week crowds, even tonight on an Odd Tuesday, weren’t big or frantic enough to warrant standing.

“How many are in the house?”

Mike looked at the scanner. “Twenty six right now….expecting probably forty.”

Colleen absently curled a hank of her limp brown hair between her finger and thumb. Thanks rain, she thought as the waves she had curled in disappeared on the short walk from the car. “That would be four”, she said absently to her friend Kendra, a tall willowy blond wearing jeans and sporting a thick flip of thatch that the rain couldn’t touch. “What do you think?”

Before Kendra could answer, two young girls-looked to be college kids-paused at the door and saw the discreet sign above Mike’s head. “Shit”, said one. “This is Odd Tuesday?”

“Tuesday the Thirteenth-yes Mam…” he said pleasantly enough.

“Come on Mindy”, she pulled at her friend. “We’ll come back tomorrow.” Mindy, glancing back,  reluctantly let herself be pulled away down the alley as her friend’s voice faded, “…last time I was there on a Tuesday I was so nervous all night I just couldn’t enjoy myself…..”

“We’d love to have you girls….” Mike called after them grinning. Then, as he turned his attention back two the women in front of him, Kendra slipped him her card. He ran it through the scanner.

“Still only a one in ten chance….” she said to Colleen.

Mike held her card for a moment…”Unless I run it through again”, he winked. “Up the odds a little.”

“Never mind. I’ll roll with the odds.”

With a little smile Colleen slipped Mike her card. “Only once please.”

He smiled and returned her card and turned his attention to another couple heading toward him as they slipped through the door.

Inside Pat Jensen waited for the bartender to make her way down to him. It would only be a single-trip; he was a regular, she knew what to bring him. Corrine slid him a dirty Martini, enough olive juice to mask the taste of the cheap Vodka he favored.

“Jensen! Don’t usually see you here on a Tuesday, Odd or otherwise….”

“Looking for a place to get in out of the rain…check out this crowd a little. Looks like more boys than usual.”

She looked back over her shoulder as if she hadn’t noticed…”It’s been evening out the last couple…why let the girls have all the fun?”

“I’ll probably be gone by the witching hour…”

“Come on Jensen…Live a little. Maybe we’ll go early, just to keep you in the house.”

“I don’t think so….”

She put her hand over his and froze him with her dancing eyes. “You never know Jensen” she said quietly, sweetly close to his ear, “Me standing behind-maybe close enough so our thighs touch-hand on your back…you bent over-cheek to cheek, as it were…maybe even pull your pants down.” He buzzed at the feel of her breath splashing into his ear and down his neck. She played at licking her lips. “You might turn me, who knows?”

She rubbed his hand softly and flashing a wicked smile, leaned closer and whispered…”Make you hard?”

“Let’s just say I better sit here for a few minutes”, he grinned almost blushing.

She laughed and moved down the bar. Jensen, like most guys in the bar, watched her go fingering the stem of his martini glass. She was a little on slim side for his tastes but the way her butt distressed her distressed jeans…

His eyes cut to the couple who had just walked in. The dark-haired one was familiar; big eyes, ready smile…he thought he had danced with her once. Sturdy girl, he thought…cute enough, but not in the same league as her lanky friend. He caught the blonde’s eye and to cover that he had been staring, tipped his drink to her. She nodded back as they settled at the end of the bar.

Corrine approached them and leaned in to take their drinks. She immediately fell into a conversation with the blonde. “Damn!” he thought. Oh well….His eyes returned to scanning the bar. Corrine slid past him to pick up a bottle she needed to make the girl’s drinks.

“Kendra says you’re buying her and Colleen their drinks.”

“Kendra?” he asked? “The blonde? Absolutely.” Then before she could slip away, “Hey Core, let me ask you….Would my having a dick be an impediment to dating the lovely Kendra?”

“Not necessarily, Jensen.” She answered. “Your being a dick might be…”

Outside Mike heard the quick tattoo of heels on brick and looked up as Kim Chen slipped under his awning. “Hey Mike”, she said. “What you reading?” He had already flipped the book onto its open face and she read the jacket. “Nice! I liked that…”

“That’s what you said. Tough getting started though…”he said taking her card and scanning.

“Hang with it”, she said earnestly. “It’s worth it.”

“You alone tonight?” he asked unnecessarily. Kim’s husband was never here during the week. In fact, he was hardly here ever.

“He’s traveling-think…Houston?” Her jet black hair was in a tight pony tail pulled away from the creamy perfect skin of her face and neck. She was comfortable enough to wear a snug open neck shirt that accented what were perfect but very tiny breasts. A leather coat draped over her shoulders opened to reveal what passed as her uniform, black stretch pants that hugged her thighs and he knew cupped the curves of her perfect bottom as if they were glued on.

Mike tried to stay away from married women. He didn’t trust himself not to fall in love-it happened often-and he feared the complications that could upset his well-ordered life. The only time he and Kim had spent together outside of The Club was when they both happened to be in the same 5K charity trail run. She had smoked him.

She was the only woman he would see tonight that cleaved his desires between wanting to see her bent over on stage and wanting to hug her tightly and protect her. Given that choice though, he wasn’t sure which way she would go. With Kim through the door, Mike stashed the book in his bag. Wouldn’t do to have Tina or John see him reading at his post. They would find something else for him to do. Or worse.

He looked up at the sound of banging and a loud “Whoops!” down by the dumpster knowing that his evening was about to get a little louder. Most Tuesday night regulars slipped by his station with a quick smile or a veiled look-away, not wanting to call too much attention to where they were going. These two always seemed like they were looking for the brass band to announce them.

It could be that they were fifteen or twenty years older than the rest of the house and if they hadn’t seen it all had seen enough to not give a shit. Or were, like tonight, a little lubricated when they got here. Or both.

For these two, Mike stood. “Good evening ladies!” he said with a slight bow.

“Mikey my darling” Bethany greeted him card in hand. “How are you this fine evening?” She was in her forties and wearing jeans which tugged at her in spots. Her straw color hair streaked with gray hung in a tight bob around her expressively round face. She didn’t wear much makeup-a touch of rouge on the cheeks-she had worked for the tiny crinkles that showed around her eyes when she smiled and she wasn’t about to hide them.

“I’m well, thank you” he said with an exaggerated propriety. “You look beautiful, as always, this evening.”

“Keep it coming, honey, keep it coming…”

He took her card and scanned it and reached to hand it back.

“Once more, Mikey…” she nodded with a smile.

Mike scanned again and returned the card cutting his eyes toward Megan. She seemed a little tipsy but, truth be told, she seemed that way sober. Jet black hair piled atop her head with tendrils cascading past her face she was at least Janet’s age but typically acted a generation younger. Her cotton blouse was a loud pattern of cranberry and silver open low enough to reveal just a touch of the deep shadows of her bountiful cleavage accented by a small silver dab on a thin chain. Her corduroys-a perfect fit seven pounds ago-pulled slightly across her middle but he figured that was by design-she knew how well her backside presented in the pants she wore.

“Hi Handsome”, she smiled her perfect smile. Yes, definitely more makeup than Janet but artfully done from the blue eyelids to the dark red outlines on her lush lips. Her eyes positively glowed as she focused a look on him that vaporized the alley and everything around them into a dim wet haze. Mike reached numbly for her card feeling a little quiver in his chest. It wasn’t the first time she had stopped him dead with a look. He had spent a memorable late night recalling her stare and the dark-for the sake of his fantasy that night-motivations behind it. He almost began to feel the memory of that night rising in him.

He scanned the card without pulling his eyes from hers.

“Christ, Megan” Bethany said. “You’re glamouring him…Release him from your power…”

They all laughed and Mike handed the card back and she immediately returned it. He twisted his mouth into a small grin and scanned it again. “Once more….” She said.

He scanned it again. “Somebody’s been naughty tonight”, he said.

“What do you mean, ‘tonight’?” Bethany asked with a laugh, sliding through the door.

Megan patted Mike on the cheek as she passed and followed while he made a conscious decision not to watch her bottom as she walked in. Instead he looked skyward where the clouds were breaking to spill the light of a crescent moon into his alley.

Janie’s Loan

From Tumbler no attribution

Continued from Sarah’s Plan

When Blue pulled up in front of Janie’s trailer the truck cab was thick with the aroma of the “Jeffy’s Supreme” pizza sitting on Sarah’s lap. They had swung through town on the way to pick it up. She opened the door gingerly and stepped out, balancing the pizza in one hand as Blue grabbed the twelve pack off of the back seat. “Leave that here for now”, Sarah said nodding at the bath brush that was also back there.

They didn’t quite reach the door before Janie opened it wide with a welcoming smile that wavered only a little. “Come in, come in…” Sarah could see the effort she had put into what had to be a whirlwind clean-up in a relatively short time. There were no clothes scattered about-there were actually chairs to sit on-and the couch was a couch, not a day bed. Sarah didn’t want to guess which closet everything had been thrown into and what would happen once that door was opened but more power to her.

Janie skittered about finding clean glasses and paper plates going on excitedly about the pizza and how she hadn’t eaten all day. Actually she was just going on…fast talking and covering. Sarah could see her eyes were red and the smile was a sweet artifice. But it was a good smile; had always been one of the best. She had done a good job with herself too. Dressed in Khaki capris which hugged her where she knew they would hug her and a green print blouse she was miles away from the gym shorts and torn T-shirt she had on earlier. Her hair was still a little shower damp which made the curls shine and, without any makeup, the tiny smattering of freckles danced across her cheeks.

The conversation around the coffee table was town-talk, high school-talk, who’s having babies-the kind of thing they always defaulted to. Finally, half way through the pizza-which Blue ate most of, Janie picked….Sarah told Blue to go look in the bedroom.

“Excuse me?”

“Go ahead….”

“Oh Sarah….” Janie shook her head.

Blue hesitated a moment but went. He opened the door and stuck his head in just as his wife had earlier that day. “Jesus Christ”, he said. “What’s this…?”

Janie sighed and, dropping her eyes, explained the situation with Danny and the exploded Harley. She wasn’t even finished before Blue had his cell phone out and was calling a friend of a hunting buddy who lived on the next ridge. Even hearing just one side of the conversation it was clear the guy was a motorcycle nut and probably dealer. Two texted photos and a little negotiation that Jamie just watched and the price-which she agreed to with a thumbs up-was settled. The guy was even going to send someone over later in the week to pick it up.

“You know what?” Blue said into the phone “This is a situation. Can if happen tomorrow afternoon?” There was a short pause then, “Fine. Good. Thanks, Billy. She’ll be here all afternoon.”

He clicked off the phone.  “Done and done.”

“What if Danny….”

“Tell him to talk to me if he has an issue.”

That would end it. Janie breathed out long and slowly. “Thanks, Blue….I didn’t really know how I was gonna…”

“Don’t worry about it.”

She shrugged palms up with a goofy, embarrassed smile…”I have my bedroom back.”

“That was the easy part. This is a little tougher”


“I need to see your checkbook.”

“My checkbook?…”

“And the last couple of bank statements…”

Standing there while the girls were sitting made him even more in command of the situation. Sarah, though sated and sexed raw from their session earlier, felt a buzzing in her stomach as he gently but firmly told Janie what he needed. She recognized the tone. Apparently Janie had too because she didn’t so much as ask why he wanted to see the things that most people would consider their private business. She just got them and handed them over.

The shadows were lengthening in the room and Blue flicked on a lamp to leaf through the statements and the checkbook.

“Dare I ask when you last balanced your checkbook?”

“I’m not so good at that…” she shook her head lightly and looked away. Sarah averted her eyes from her friend’s embarrassment. That was a major deal in their house.

“Ok, so no problem…” he flicked from page to page.

“Girl, you have more going out monthly than you have coming in…”

“That SOB Danny….”

“Are you going to tell us this started with Danny?” She shut up.  “Like we haven’t known you forever?” Spoken by someone else his words could have sounded harsh but his tone was almost bantering; serious, but understanding. “Sarah told me you might be a tight spot, but honestly, I didn’t know how tight”.

She sagged. “I know. I know…I swear, I don’t know what I’m going to do…” her voice trailed off.

“You’re going to shut up and let us help you.”

“How can you help? I can always use more hours….”

“Girl, there ain’t enough hours in the day for you to make this right. We’ll help you fix it…”

He told her that they had brought their checkbook and he, Sarah actually, was going to write her a check for $5000 so she could go to the bank and get her truck tomorrow. She sat stunned and as if not knowing how to deal with her friend’s largesse stumbled over the simplest thing.

“I have to work tomorrow…” she said in a small voice.

“Naw, I think you’re calling in sick tomorrow. Remember you have to be here in the afternoon so Billy’s peckerhead buddy can come get that mess out of your bedroom. Then”, he went on, “she going to write you another check for $2000 for credit cards…”

“What?” said Sarah and Janie almost simultaneously.

“Yeah, that was a surprise to me too. But if we don’t get rid of them, the truck payment won’t matter. So, Miss Janie, you’re into us for seven grand.”

Janie sat back as if dazed. “You can’t Blue….Sarah….you can’t do this…”

Blue squatted down on his haunches as if he was going to draw in the dirt. He explained that this wasn’t a gift. She already owed the money, so that would be nothing new. He would just owe it to them instead of the bank and credit card companies. He explained the payment terms and how she would be able to hit them and how much he expected from her every month. Sarah hadn’t thought it this far down the line and was surprised at how easily Blue could put these numbers together in his head.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked in a small voice.

“Because we can”, Sarah said. “Look honey-we love you. We been friends for so long and to see you in the state you were in earlier today….It tore me up. Remember you said you wanted someone to watch your back? To help keeping you from fucking up….”

“At least too bad…” Blue chimed in and they all laughed.

“That’s what we want to do. If you’ll let us.”

Tears welled in Janie’s eyes. “If I let you? I don’t know what to say…”

“You don’t have to say anything….this will be a process.”

Janie nodded quickly and dabbed at her eyes…”Thank you…”

“Blue” said Sarah as she went through her bag for the checkbook, “Go out to the truck.” As Janie looked at her questioningly, “He’s got something else for you.”

When he reentered the trailer he was holding the bath brush in his right hand. As soon as Janie saw it she collapsed back into the chair as if pushed. A cloud passed over her eyes and her cheeks flushed slightly. She reached out for the cigarettes then put them down again, her hand shaking slightly.

“I guess you know what will happen if you miss a payment, don’t you?” Sarah asked.

Janie crossed her legs, left over right and pushed herself up in the chair. “I guess I do”, she said not taking her eyes off the brush. She shifted, uncrossing then re-crossing her legs right over left. She looked at Sarah first, then up at Blue. “You….you won’t be sorry”, she stammered. “You can…you can… Jesus! I’m sorry…” she attempted a laugh, “You sort of threw me off there. You can count on me. I won’t let you down…”

“We know you won’t”, Sarah said.

Blue stood over her-not close enough to be looming, but certainly close enough to be imposing and laid out the ground rules. She would call him-not Sarah-for any large purchase. Anything over fifty bucks to start. She would take any overtime he could push her way….as he ticked the items off he emphasized the points with a tiny wave or stab in the air with the brush. It appeared off-hand but Sarah knew his lecturing style.

“You will hang this in the bathroom or in the kitchen, anywhere you can see it every day as a reminder of what will happen if you don’t get yourself under control. You understand?” She nodded and he set the brush on the table and headed toward the kitchen for another beer. Janie looked at him then back at the brush. Then back at him…

“Is that it…?” she asked her eyes back on the brush.

“That’s it.”

“I thought…” she paused and steadied herself with a hand to her bosom. “I thought you were going to…spank me….”

“I certainly am. I you miss…” said Blue.

“I mean…now. That’s what I thought.”

He paused and regarded her carefully. She tried to keep his gaze but had to look away. She caught Sarah’s eye and looked down.

“There’s no doubt you deserve it,” he said sternly. “You’ve deserved it for years. I don’t doubt if you would have had someone who would fan your ass when you needed it, you wouldn’t be in the situation you are in now.”

She didn’t trust her words-only nodded.

“You know, that might not be a bad idea. Sort of clear the air-put you in the right place.”

“Blue, you…” Sarah started to say but his look stopped her.

“No, it’s OK. I want him to”, she was almost pleading with Sarah. “I need this. I do…” She looked at Blue. “I’m sorry Blue, I’m sorry….I just think I need this.”

“Up to you…” he said.

“God”, she whispered almost to herself. “This is embarrassing.”

Blue had sat on the couch and motioned her over.

“Don’t worry about it-this is between us…if you don’t want to do it….”

“OK. No, I’ll do it. I want to do it.” She stood in front of him fiddling nervously with the button on her pants. “These come off right…?”

“Here, let me help with that.” He slipped the button and opened her zipper sliding the snug capris down her legs. She put a hand on his shoulder for balance as Blue leaned down to slip them over her feet. Sarah noticed how close he was to her sex, swaddled only in a tiny shard of white cotton.

“Panties too?” she asked in a small voice.

“I’ll take those off once you’re over my lap. No reason showing more than you have to.”

She knelt on the couch and stretched out over his lap holding her weight on her elbows. Her hands were folded, fingers tightly entwined at her chin. Her mouth was a slip and her eyes were clenched shut though a tiny tear had squeezed out and was hanging, like an ornament, on her lash.

“Lift up” he said slipping his fingers under the elastic waist band. She did as she was told and he peeled the panties slowly down revealing the creamy white globes of her bottom. He tugged gently to pull the cotton from between her legs and slid them down to her knees.

Sarah sat bolt upright in her chair as alert as a prairie dog. Except for in the movies she had never seen another woman-person for that matter-spanked. And now, seeing Janie bare-assed over her husband’s lap tickled her hard top and bottom. She knew what Sarah was feeling, the awkward anticipation; the fear of the first swat-not knowing how she would be able to take it.

And she would never admit it but, seeing Jamie like this brought back the memory of the ‘flat-ass’ comment from eleventh grade that she had never forgotten.  There was the teensiest bit of revenge satisfaction in seeing her in this position. But she had to admit, even the spread of the years and a few extra pounds did little to diminish the lush curves of her backside. She lay there stiff as a board, cheeks tense enough that you couldn’t slip a quarter between them…

Sarah’s reverie was interrupted by the first swat landing hard on Jamie’s right cheek. She took it in silence and her thick bottom didn’t seem to move. The second fell in the same spot and met the same stoic response but a rosy blush began to break up the creamy color palette. After the third swat she said “OW” calmly if breathlessly. She continued to narrate her spanking as if to control it. “Ow”, she said again. “That hurt.” Then, “Ouch…that one stung…” Every time she spoke, the words were shakier-more guttural-finally almost breathless.

She had nothing to say-only kicked her feet against the couch-when Blue smacked the crevasse at the bottom of her- catching both cheeks at once and echoing across the room. One swat later, which landed hard on her left cheek, opened the floodgates.

Janie’s shoulders began quaking before she sobbed out loud. The tension in her butt released and the brush landed solidly but with a different, softer SPLACK! bringing a loud coughing rasp of a cry. Sarah left her chair and knelt at her husband’s feet. Jamie’s sobbed pitifully, her face buried in her hands.

“That’s OK honey, let it out…”

“I’m such a fucking loser…”

“No you are not. Blue-“

He reached higher and hit her harder than he had yet. She jumped and Sarah wrapped an arm over her shoulders. “Do not say that! You are not a loser….”

Janie was not to be reasoned with. She sobbed pitifully and loudly as if, having started to cry, she was going to get it all out. Sarah kept whispering in her friend’s ear rubbing her shoulders and neck as Blue continued to spank a loud tattoo on her bottom which shaded from a blushing pink to an angry red. He regarded the reds the speckles of purples on the lower cheeks, the think dark line down the lip of her split and knew his work was done. He lay the brush aside and added his own voice to Sarah’s quiet compassion.

“That’s okay Janie…I’m done now….shhhh…you’re fine….” He said, underscoring his words by softly rubbing her dry, burning bottom. At home he would have lotion to soothe her backside but there wasn’t any here and he wasn’t about to send his wife off looking for any. He settled off of her tortured bum and softly massaged the top of her thighs. His rubbing and patting didn’t escape Sarah’s notice but-as conflicted as she suddenly became about it-she thought better than to say anything. She did wonder though if Blue was poking at her belly from below, the way he would be when she was in this position.

Happily though, Janie’s tears began to subside soon enough and Sarah slipped her a handkerchief to pat at her ruined face. Blue unwound her underwear from near her knees and slipped them back up her legs. Sarah, alert for it, saw Jamie rise fetchingly, spreading her cheeks just enough to allow him to pull her panties up into place while also giving a glance of all she had to show underneath. Sarah paid attention to Janie’s other end, not wanting to catch her husband looking.

Then, panties in place she rose awkwardly to a seat on the couch. She wriggled at the rough pile of the couch. “Oww..”, she couldn’t help smiling…”That hurts…”

“Here”, Blue said handing her one of the soft flat throw pillows. “This’ll help.”

Janie slipped it under her bottom and sat gingerly. “That’s better…” she said. “Wow, that was…something. It hurt…It was good-I feel better actually. I appreciate it, I mean, don’t get me wrong…but it HURT.”

“I imagine it did…” Blue said.

“I know it did”, said Sarah from her seat back on the chair.

“So I guess I can count on you having the money every month then, right?” Blue asked.

“Oh yes-oh yes…you don’t have to worry about that.”

“I’ll appreciate it. And Sarah will too. Because every paddling you get for late payment, she will get too.”

“What?! Me too? Why?”

“You are the co-signer on this loan honey. If Janie defaults….”

Sarah was about to protest but her eye caught the bath brush laying on the floor beside the couch igniting the tiny twinge in her belly. Best to let it ride for now.

“Don’t worry Sarah-I’ll be on time…we’ll be fine…” Sarah saw a glint of mischief in her friend’s eye and the twinge grew.

Down the Road

Sarah’s Plan


Continued from “Meanwhile-Out in the Country…

Afterward they lay in bed, spent but still tingling. Sarah curled beside him, her head on his chest and told him about Janie’s predicaments. Blue, stroking his fingers along her ribcage, half listened. He rolled slowly toward Sarah and pushed her gently onto her back. The woman wouldn’t stop talking and Blue smiled that all he was hearing about was Janie as he took one of his wife’s small breasts entirely into his mouth. He flicked her nipple with his tongue and gently closed his teeth around it as he pulled back sucking. That stopped her in midsentence with a light “hisssss….” He moved to the other breast then tongue painted between them hearing only her breathing.

“Blue”, she whispered as he slipped his mouth along her belly….

She hummed lightly and stroked his hair as he kissed her belly button and suckled at her sharp hip bones. She winced contentedly as he slipped his hard hands under her still tender bottom to lift her toward his face.

He pinched lightly at the skin where her bottom met her legs. “How’s that?”

“Still sore…..”

“You’re a little baby…” He kissed the inside of her thighs.

”Blue, what are you doing….?”

“Going for number five….”

“Honey…I’m kind of raw….”

“You could roll over.”

She pinched his ear….

“I was only joking…” he said.

“Sure you were…unless I rolled over…”

She pulled him up toward her by the head. “Get up here….”

She wasn’t going to let it go. He flopped beside her and listened. To him it was a matter of money-which was no matter at all. He’d write a check if that’s what Sarah wanted him to do. Janie could be a royal pain in the ass and the decisions she made would make you want to bang your head-if not hers-against the wall, but the three of them went back quite a ways.  It would be impossible not to help if they could.

Janie hadn’t been a virgin when they first got together in eleventh grade but he was. Even now Blue could remember every crease in her body as he had pulled her jeans down in the back of his Daddy’s Impala. Her panties were white with tiny roses on them and when he pulled them low enough to see her lush mound of hair begin to reveal itself he had almost frozen. She wouldn’t let him stop though and he remembered every smell and every squishing sound that two seventeen year olds could make.

Sometimes Blue wondered if he remembered them too well but he knew that remembering a first Love wasn’t really about them. History bore out that he and Janie could never have been a match and he never pined for her that way. No, remembering your first love was remembering yourself back then. He was remembering seventeen year old football playing hard-body Blue Dawson with the world seemingly at his fingertips and it so happened that those memories also brought the sweet memories of Janie Driscoll lying naked on his basement couch. That particular vision never failed him and Sarah noticed his growing cock prodding at her leg as he lay there on his side snuggling.

“What are you growing there, Blue?”

“Talking about Janie always makes me hard”, he said telling her the truth. She laughed and swatted him on the ass figuring he was kidding.

“Come on”, she said. “Let’s get going then…”

“What? Where….” He tried to recall what she had been saying back when he was moving from the Impala’s back seat to Homecoming to his basement couch, but it was hopeless. Sarah had gotten out of bed and was looking at her still-glowing bottom in the floor length mirror. Apparently he had agreed to go down to Janie’s and help her get herself sorted out.

“The girl needs direction”, Sarah said.

“She’s too old to adopt.”

“Look, I know you two have a history. Who doesn’t know that? And I know she thinks the world of you and I know what you say to her-directly to her-will carry a lot of weight. She will never fail to disappoint herself and everyone that cares for her but you, she’ll try to do right by.”

“Come on Sarah. Her father’s still alive. Not my job.”

“I showed her my butt today.”

“You what?” he said sitting up.

“I showed her what you did.” He raised his finger to interrupt. “I know-never mind-but I showed her. And she was…..I don’t know….she seemed to envy me my bruises. When I say she wants direction, I’m saying she wants parameters, boundaries. She wants someone to keep her inside the lines.”

The light finally went off for Blue as he lay on his back lazily-but thoughtfully-flopping his only semi-hard cock to one side, then the other. “You know”, he said, “Not every woman feels the way you do about getting their ass beat.”

“I know. Can you figure? Don’t know what’s wrong with the world…Seriously, though. I might be wrong. I might be full of shit and deserve another paddling if I am. But I think we have to put this on the table with her.”

“So you want me to go down there…”

“We. We are going down there…”

“Right, and…”

She laid it out to him again-the way she just had when he obviously had been listening not at fucking all. So he would need the checkbook, that was sure…but as to the rest of it….he wasn’t sure at all. His mind was awash with all the complications that could come down the line. Over the last few years Sarah and Janie spent more time together than he and Janie so he would defer to his wife…at least for a while.

“Here”, Sarah gave him the phone. “Call her, tell her we’re coming…”

“Why don’t you….”

“Just call her.”

He hit her number on the speed dial.  How hard could it be to tell her they were coming down to visit?  “Hi Janie-no it’s me. Sarah’s here though….” He told her they had been talking and wanted to see if they could help her out on the “truck and all”. He listened into the receiver and rolled his eyes. “Don’t cry Janie….Don’t cry. It’ll be fine. Cause I said it will.” Sarah knew he didn’t want to carry this conversation much further. “Hey, Janie…Shuush a minute. What you got to drink down there?” he asked slipping into the hill patois that she only heard when he was drunk or playing. “Oh, I ain’t drinking that mess. I got something I’ll bring… yes, I’m bringing it. We’re coming down. Don’t worry. Don’t worry about that-we ain’t hungry.” He put his hand over the receiver and mouthed to Sarah “I’m fucking starving!”…but she just waved him off. “Okay-in a bit, see you in a bit…”

He hung up.

“Come on”, said Sarah, “Let’s hit the shower. We can’t go down there smelling like this….”

To be continued….

Foggy Morning



It was full dark when he awoke. He didn’t “wake up” because waking up required completion of a particular set of steps: opening eyes, rubbing eyes, sitting up, flopping feet to the floor and so on. The owl sounding back in the oak and the singing underlayment of the crickets told him that it was still deep night.  If he looked at the clock he’d be ruined so he kept his eyes gently closed and slipped back under.

When he next stirred, the dim light of dawn slithered through the fog and painted the room in shades of gray. He opened one eye slowly and, with his tongue, pushed the wet pillow out of his mouth. What the hell was that dream? He simultaneously couldn’t remember nor shake it. He knew he was being pushed down-someone was on him-holding him. He felt the weight in the small of his back and recalled the pain of someone behind him-above him really-slapping his ass. Slapping his bare ass while he bit down on….it was his pillow. It had to have been a hairbrush or a paddle-something-it hurt too much to have just been a hand spanking. He thinks he was alone in this dream. The night before last, when he was caned, there had been an audience.

The pain that existed only in his head dissipated as he became conscious of the true ache of his hard-on trying to burrow its way into the mattress. He rolled toward her side to allow it free range. That side of the bed was as empty as it had been for two months.

First, after she left, there had been the sex dreams; the coupling, lapping, sucking, teeth clicking and fluid swapping that had left him cold. In fairness, the sex with her had been fine but the dreams left him with nothing. Following within a couple of weeks were the conversation dreams which hardly interrupted his sleep at all. It was hard enough staying awake through her conversations when she was there in the flesh.

Now there were these pain dreams. And not just pain but punishment; whippings, paddlings, spankings canings…and humiliation. There were gigglers in the audience and people holding him down. He remembered smelling fire and women-more than a couple-talking about branding him as he lay tied on the ground. These were the dreams that were now bringing him the hard-ons. Where would this end? He feared the night when he would feel someone on top of him, crushing him-spreading his cheeks and…Christ!

He shook his head and sat on the edge of the bed. Outside the window the thick fog obscured all. He stood and grabbed his pants then paused wondering how he was going to get a pair of pants over that. Why even bother; there was nobody in the house but him. He bobbed down the hallway to the kitchen-a lone flag bearer in the most pitiful parade.

The coffee, on a timer, was brewed and waiting for him. By the time he had poured his first cup and added cream the dream had faded and he was well deflated. Things seemed to slip back into their state of abnormalcy. He stepped naked onto the porch and sipped his coffee listening to the honks of the geese growing fainter in the fog as they too flew the coop.

Meanwhile-Out in the Country…


He plucked the phone off its charger on the second ring. He saw the caller ID so he waited a moment-breathed deeply once, then twice. When he finally hit the button he was maybe a little more composed, but still riled.

“Hello”, he said flatly.

“Hi Blue. It’s Janie.”

“Hi Jane.”

The phone went silent for a second or two as Jane wavered a bit and tried to decide which way to go.

“Is Sarah there?”

Blue was looking out the front window beyond the porch where the dust had just finished settling from his wife’s fishtailing gravel-spitting exit from the driveway. He looked at the gleaming black truck and wondered if any of the stones had chipped the finish.

“Blue?” came the voice from the receiver.

“No. She’s not here.”

“Do you know where she went?”

“No. I do not.”

The line went back to silence but Janie couldn’t stand that for too long.

“I don’t suppose you know when she’ll be back?” she asked with a slight snip in her voice.

“No. I do not.”

“Blue, did you do something?” Then a little louder, “Did you do something to her?”

“What goes on between a husband and wife stays between them.”


He gave her nothing.

“Blue…did you spank her?”

He looked at the bath brush that was still laying at the end of the couch where he had tossed it afterward. The cushions were askew and the throw pillows were scattered about on the floor. He had already righted the coffee table which had been kicked over.

“It is san-cro-sanct.”


“What goes on between a husband and a wife.”

“What’s that mean?”

“That it’s none of your business.”

“Blue, you are so….”

“She’ll tell you whatever she’s going to tell you. But that’s between you and her. You’ll get nothing from me. “

She stopped and sighed. She knew from twenty years of experience that trying to get Blue Dawson to say or do anything that he didn’t want to, was a waste of time. Plus, he was right, it was none of her business.

“All right, Blue” she said, resigned. “Have it your way. But when she gets in would you have her call me?” She no sooner had those words out than she saw Sarah’s red Mustang pull into the yard.

“I’ll do that”, he said though she really wasn’t listening anymore.

“Good bye, then.” She said making sure to give away nothing in her voice.

Sarah pulled into the yard, parked next to the trailer and stepped out. There was no porch on the front of Janie’s place so she just stepped up the three steps onto a small platform. Janie got to the door just as her friend was reaching for the knob. “I saw you pull up”, she said. She could see that even through the sunglasses Sarah’s eyes were red and her face was mottled.

“Come in honey, come in. You alright?”

“Oh yeah”, she said stepping into the small living room which looked at the moment to be doubling as Janie’s bedroom. “I had to get out of there for a bit. Didn’t want him to see me cry. Where’s your truck? I almost didn’t stop.”

“Bank took it”, she said matter of fact. “They needed $5000 and I don’t have $5000.” She shrugged.

Sarah looked around a moment as if trying to find a place to sit but there wasn’t one between the chairs piled high with laundry, worn clothes and whatever. This place got worse every time she visited. “Why are you sleeping in the living room?”

“I’ve been out here a month or so. Since that stupid bastard Danny decided to rebuild that Harley he bought in pieces in the bedroom. Said that was the best light in the place. God knows nothing else was going on in that room. Yep-that was the last straw with him. Go look”.

Sarah flipped on the light in the bedroom and sure enough, a sheet of plywood had turned the bed into a work table and was covered with what looked to be a thousand parts and pieces of a motorcycle. The pieces that didn’t fit on the bed were scattered along the dresser and the linoleum floor. Sarah wasn’t mechanical at all but knew that nothing in here was set up next to anything it should be attached to. It was as if one of those exploded drawings you see in parts catalogs had actually exploded sending parts in directions from which they could never be recovered. It made her scalp itch just to look at it. She flipped the light back off and turned away.

“He keeps saying he’ll come back and get it but he always kept saying a lot of things….Enough about that-You alright though?” Janie took the silent wave as a ‘yes’, that she was fine.

“What did he do to you?” she asked in that fake solicitous voice that she put on and that Sarah saw straight through. Janie knew full well what he had done to her and it was Sarah’s fault that she knew. That one time, when she had had one too many Jack and Cokes at the fire hall, she had blabbed that Blue spanked her when he felt she “deserved” it. She had told her about it in all good intentions as Janie was struggling through a second marriage that didn’t work out and was wondering how she and Blue kept such an even keel.

Sarah had been trying to make her feel better. Maybe let her know that there were things in every marriage that were…unique…but whatever she had been trying to do, it sort of got garbled. Now Janie was always poking around, asking her about it; taking more than a passing interest.

“Was it…bad?” she asked sitting on the edge of the couch.

“Yes, yes it was…then I stormed out of the driveway and spewed gravel all over the side of his truck….”

“Oooooo, that’s not good.”

“No it’s not. So I’ll probably get it again when I get home.”

“I’m sorry honey…”

“You didn’t do it, its my fault.” She reached out for a pack of cigarettes on the side table. “Do you mind?”

“How long ago did this happen?”

“What? That? Just before I got here. Fifteen? Twenty minutes?”

“Does it still hurt?”

“Bath brush on a bare ass-what do you think?” She didn’t mean to sound harsh, but Jesus!

Janie sat back into the couch….”wow”…was all she said softly.

“Yeah, wow…” She lit her cigarette and took a deep drag. She was down to one or two cigarettes a day and the time was right for her first one.

“Can I see?” asked Janie suddenly in a small voice. Sarah looked at her as if trying to understand what she had said. She had heard it, but it didn’t make sense in her language. The words bounced off her like birds smashing into a glass door. She and Janie had been friends for twenty years-there had been high school sleepovers, gym classes, skinny dipping in the quarry-they had seen each other naked, though Sarah was trying hard to recall a specific time. Whenever, it was a long freaking time ago.

What she did remember though was that she had always envied Janie her body. She was always well rounded in the spots where Sarah was not-specifically boobs, butt and legs. When Blue had split with Janie to date Sarah back in eleventh grade-yes, that was how far back this mess went-it got back to her that Janie had said, ‘Blue is breaking up with me to date that flat-ass!’ That remark always galled her but she never brought it up.

She came back from her little reverie to see Janie pushed back deep into the couch blushing hotly. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean anything by it. I don’t know….I just wanted to….see…Christ…” she looked ceiling ward, her eyes glistening.

Sarah looked at her friend sitting back, dejected and embarrassed in her own mess of a trailer and, as happened a lot, felt for her. Now that she was alone, without any of the half-wits she attracted, Sarah wondered if there wasn’t a way she could help her.  “Oh what the hell,” said Sarah. She put the cigarette in an ashtray and turned around. She rustled up under her shirt, unbuckled her belt and with a quick snap and a zip, pushed her jeans and underwear down together holding them at mid-thigh. “There you are.”

“Jeezus….” She heard Janie say. She knew what she was seeing. The way she had kicked and squirmed when Blue pulled her over his lap he had to scissor her legs between his. She had settled almost on her side, making her left cheek almost inaccessible. Blue made the most of the right one though.

“That is RED, girl. Looks hot…”

“Feels that way too. Skin feels tight”, she explained pulling her pants back up. “And itches afterward…but now just hurts. Made for an uncomfortable ride over here, that’s for sure.” Janie looked miserable sitting on her couch lost among tossed bed clothes. “Well thanks for making the trip over here to my dump on the side of the road.”

She looked about to cry. This was new-Janie wasn’t a crier; she was all about turning the page and moving onto the next thing. Although that philosophy left her precious little to show at this point: two ex-husbands, an ex-boyfriend who had left her with an exploded motorcycle in her bedroom and was now living with a barmaid up in Springfield, a trailer that was worth less than what she owed on it and a truck that she no longer had. There were only so many pages to turn in any book.

“Yeah, well…” Sarah moved closer and patted her friend on the shoulder. “We’ll figure something out…”

“Like how I’m going to get to work tomorrow without a damn truck? That’s what I told them at the bank…I have to….”

“Shhhh…” Sarah patted her shoulder and rubbed her arm. “Don’t get all weepy on me. I’ll pick you up in the morning and get you to the mill. My schedule is flexible this week…” Her friend just nodded. “Now, I have to go home and take my medicine.”

“You know…there was a time when I might have said-I don’t envy you-because I know what you got coming when you get home. But I’m not so sure. When you first told me what Blue did to you I was horrified…could not imagine a grown woman letting a man…”

“Not just ‘a man’ Janie. He’s my husband and my friend…”

“Oh yeah, I know that….I know that…I know that…I didn’t mean…Sorry, sorry. Don’t be mad…” She over apologized and dabbed at her eye with the end of the sheet but tears kept coming. “At least you have a direction-you know? You know what today will bring and what tomorrow will bring. You’re living in a brick house on ten acres with a garage, two cars…and a husband who runs the plant where we all work and is completely devoted to you. I mean, Jesus! You’re a happiness hog.”

They both laughed. “Yeah, well-think of that in about 20 minutes when I guarantee you I won’t be too goddam happy.”

“Don’t lie to me girl-you might not like it when it’s happening but you know you have somebody who’s watching your back…”

“My butt is more like it!” she laughed to lighten the mood and Janie giggled through her sniffles.

“Whatever…but you know what I mean. There’s a…clarity there. There is a space that you fill up. You do what you do…if you make a mistake, you guys work it out in your way-Blue’s way- so everything stays steady. In my life, I fuck up and I end up with a bedroom full of motorcycle parts and a repo’d truck. There’s nobody watching my back…”

Sarah squatted in front of her friend uncomfortably sore where the jeans hugged her bottom. She took Janie’s hands in hers. “Listen-I’ll help you make you through this. We’ll help you through this…OK?”

“I appreciate the ride to work…”

“Try not to worry too much. One step at a time….”

She pulled slowly and carefully into the driveway next to Blue’s truck scanning the side closely first from the driver’s seat, then outside walking the length of it. There was dust, but no chips in the paint. That was good, as far as it went. She got out and shook her head back slightly-a habit she grew used to when she had long hair and would shake it back off of her shoulders. Her current shorter cut made the move unnecessary-and in fact made her look more than a little twitchy-but she fell into it when she was nervous…or excited. She would have said “nervous.”

She headed slowly up the long fieldstone walk. Blue watched her come from where he sat on the porch unseen behind the mountain laurel that shaded the front of the house. He wasn’t angry anymore. Truth was, he wasn’t all that angry to begin with but had gotten caught up. Whatever, he was happy to have her come back after such a short time. She looked like a little kid, dragging her feet up the walk dreading come home knowing she had been bad. His heart swelled and he shifted in his seat to adjust himself.

She had taken to fighting against some of her spankings in the last few months. Not all of them, just some-so he had to learn how to react against her struggles. This was the worst though-and the first time she had hauled off and slapped him and run off afterwards. She would have to learn that was unacceptable.

Sarah was already on the steps before she noticed him.

“Glad you decided to come back”, he said sternly.

As she walked past him she reached out and touched the side of his face allowing her fingers to cross his cheek.

“Where’d you go?”

“Went to see Janie.”

He huffed. “She’s in trouble, Blue…”

“And how is that different now from always…?”

She began to speak when he said, “You can talk to me over your shoulder”.

“Out here?”

“Not as much for you to knock over out here”. He moved down the glider to give her room to stretch out. “And take your pants off this time. I’ve had enough fighting your jeans for one day.”

Her wry smile was almost subtle enough to miss but he did see the corner of her mouth twitch upward before she sat down on the wicker chair to unlace her shoes. Standing barefoot, she unsnapped her jeans for the second time in the last hour and slipped them down, holding onto the porch railing to slip out one foot then the other. She turned her back on her husband to fold her jeans on the chair treating him to a view of her petite backside tightly sheathed in black silk.

She kept her back to him as she slowly pushed her panties down her bum, letting them flutter to the floor. She bent slowly to pick them up and drop them onto the chair with her jeans. The redness on her bottom had begun to fade leaving only a spot or two of darker purple that would definitely show for a few days. When she bent Blue noticed a smattering of gooseflesh between and down the back of her thighs. It definitely wasn’t cold enough for that.

She turned to him, chastened and repentant, and kept her eyes on the decking where she finally noticed the bath brush under the glider. Two steps and she knelt on the cushion with one knee then stretched out over his lap feeling the roughness of his denim, first on her hip bones then her mound as she pulled her other leg up behind her and adjusted herself just so. She felt deliciously naughty out here on the porch; as if she had been caught outside after curfew and was being punished in front of the neighbors. Of course there were no neighbors here but as she exhaled and allowed her cheeks to relax open, the fresh air was free to wash over her down under just as she was free to pretend. Blue circled her waist with his left arm and pulled her tightly to him.

Sarah wiggled again to “position herself” better, allowing the coarse weave to rub her on the front. She almost moaned but swallowed it. It was not uncommon for her to come when spanked-when Blue would lay her out naked on their bed and slap her butt down low-but the relationship she had with the bath brush was more…..complicated. Usually the harsh sting of the brush tamped down the fires of her passions-at least held them in check for a while-but the stirrings she would usually feel at a time like this were waves today. Fighting with Blue over her earlier spanking, showing Janie her bottom, now laying across his lap outside were building to something she wouldn’t be able, nor want, to contain. Oh yes, there was no doubt that she deserved the hiding she was about to get-part of her even dreaded it-but it also might make her come. She pulled the glider cushion toward her and buried her face in it.

For his part, Blue could smell it rising off her and she’d probably feel him poking at her through his jeans in a minute or two. His every touch elicited a tiny gasp or wiggle. He pushed her shirt up so he could rub the small of her back. He stroked his right hand over her bottom and massaged the backs of her thighs. Given his druthers he would sweep his little lady up in his arms and carry her into the bedroom to slide his head between her legs and bring her to the spot where he knew she was going. He wanted to hear her yipping and feel her bucking on his chin as he pushed his tongue deeply enough in her to cramp his neck. But he knew that this here was his admission to that wonderland.

“So what about Janie?” he asked as he continued his ministrations. He found a slippery spot inside between her legs that he stroked slowly.

Sarah flopped her head to the side. “Later…” she said huskily. “We can talk about Janie later…”

“Maybe you better give me that brush now…”

“Yessir”, she said picking it up and handling it back.

He took it with his left, continuing to slide his long finger along the top of her leg careful to avoid the moist source of all Sarah’s heat. When the finger was gone she knew it was wrapped around the brush handle and she held her breath waiting until his movement let her know the first swat was coming. She squeezed her eyes shut and yelped as the burn hit her left cheek directly in the middle.

“Owww!” she cried when the second swat landed on the opposite cheek then “Ouch!” when he smacked the same spot. She fell into the rhythm of the spanking and buried her face in the cushion to muffle the cries that she didn’t want to stifle any longer.

He moved his target from the cheeks to the confluence at the bottom of her bottom where all the creases and crevasses met and each swat of the paddle created a deep vibration inside of her. Her cries turned morphed into tight lipped moans as she began to push her bottom back to meet the wood-anticipating and whimpering or whispering his name at every impact.

Blue set the brush aside and his next swat was with his hand cupping her left cheek and allowing his fingers to slide down between. “Oh, Blue…” she moaned lifting her bottom as if magnetized to follow his hand. He smacked again and kept his hand there. He pushed her down and she wriggled as he slipped his fingers between her burning cheeks with a purpose.

Finished with teasing at the edges he stroked through the middle of her wet opening then plunged his finger inside her to the knuckle. Sarah pushed back to get the last tiny millimeter she could then rocked forward to aid him with the motion. He pulled his finger from her and pushed her leg aside opening her then reinserted. In, then out then in, then out to the tip, finding her swollen clitoris where he focused. The strokes became quick and economical rubs.

Sarah dropped her right foot to the floor, the better to brace herself like a sprinter in the blocks.  “Oh Blue…Jesus Blue…” she gasped. The glider wasn’t meant to rock this way-it was built for gentle back and forth and not this crazed end to end bucking. She was almost completely on her hands and knees now feverishly throwing herself into the flow. Her moans disappeared into gasps then finally the high pitched yips that were Blue’s signal that she was flying over the falls. “AHHHHHH…” she pushed back hard and he felt the pulse and the squirt and flicked at her even faster if that was possible. Didn’t know that she could notice as writhed wildly until tensing finally with another loud yelp and sigh before collapsing back onto her husband’s lap, spent.

He stroked her bum gently until she recovered her breath.

“Better now?” he asked.

“My God…” was all she could muster. She reached back and grabbed his ankle. “My God…” Then, “Can I get up now?”

“Sure-if your legs work.”

He leaned back out of the way as she languidly pushed herself up and flopped onto his lap, a hot-bottomed little girl visiting her own Santa. She sat with her head on his shoulder then hugged his neck strongly. “Bet you want to go into bed, don’t you?”

“Might be a good idea…”

She kissed him lightly on the mouth and got up. “Come on”, she said taking his hand.

He followed her glowing little backside into the house.

To be continued….



Are you really feeling feverish? Or are you looking for a reason not to go to work?  You’ve already missed the first bus dawdling over your hair. None of my business; you don’t work for me. Go in, don’t go in, go in late-that’s up to you. But are you sick? I can’t judge sick, I don’t know how you feel really. If you’re sick stay home.

But if you tell me you are feeling feverish…you know I’m bound to check.

It’s convenient before you’re dressed-come on over here. Just flop down. Chatter nervously about what is on your desk at the office as I take the top off the thermometer and snap the lid off the lube. Go quiet and lay your head over crossed arms as I spread your cheeks with one hand and dab a tiny dollop on your little butthole. A sharp intake of breath as I insert-then the conversation starts again albeit slower and quieter. My hand rubbing the small of your back, I listen.

The thermometer beeps, you push backward slightly, opening, so I can withdraw. You don’t ask, but it’s normal. Just to be sure I insert again. You flop your head to the other side and softly tell a story about your office mate, a woman I’ve never met but you’re sure I would like. I pat your bum gently as you talk…You don’t sound tense but I feel it back here.  Is it the poking or the prodding or the anticipation that the pat, the rub, could quickly morph into a slap-a spank or two-or more? The clock says it won’t. Not if you’re making it into the office.

The machine beeps again. Slowly I withdraw with a tiny wiggle. Still normal. You sigh. You guess you’ll go in. You’re all made up and everything. You draw yourself to your knees and, leaning over, give me a kiss-a deep, hard and long kiss. Something you’d never do once you got the lipstick in place. Thank you, you say. My pleasure, I reply. I’ll be here when you get home.