What you’ll find here

This started as a spanking blog, all fiction (or most anyway) wrapped around the world of spanking and discipline as practiced by (usually-at least to some degree) consenting adults. There are bartenders, yoga instructors, drunks, real estate appraisers, ad men, rich women and strugglers, throughout. There will definitely be spankings and paddlings, strapping, sex….all the stuff that makes for a passable weekend.

It has evolved a bit though as I’ve added “straight” poetry and flash fiction into the mix. I’ve given up on the idea of maintaining multiple sites for different genres. Nobody I know is only one thing. Maybe I should know more people.

 Hope you enjoy.

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4 responses to “What you’ll find here

  1. Spanking is More Popular for Women and Men These Days With All the Trappings That Go With It! Read Your Site for the First Time! Great Stuff! ‘Hotbottoms’ Love It!

  2. Just discovering your site after you liked something on mine I believe. Anyway, this all looks like a great deal of fun and your photography looks like my part of the world. I look forward to reading some of your stories.

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