Mt. Ashby Academy-“Punishment is lost on this one”

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“Colleen, your time has come…” Marianne smiled as she took the girl’s hand and walked her toward the couch. Colleen’s cheeks were flushed an impossible pink and a thin sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead. She gnawed at her lip, her belly in turmoil as she let herself be led-her eyes focused nowhere but straight ahead. Numbly she stopped when Marianne stopped and watched the woman sit in the middle of the long deep brown leather sofa and put the paddle near the pillow at the end.

She tentatively peeked over her shoulder to see Alex leaning against the edge of the desk, her arms crossed tightly. Though her expression was passive, she too had some color in her cheeks betraying a little of the rush she was feeling in her chest. So glad Marianne is here to do this, Alex thought. She doubted she could keep her hands from trembling if she took Colleen across her lap.

“Come on now…” Marianne pulled gently. The girl placed her left knee on the sofa and lowered herself slowly across the woman’s corduroy clad lap. Once settled, she pulled her right leg up and was in position, almost happy to have no more to do. She grabbed the pillow-soft, dark and velvety-and buried her face in it. She shivered slightly as her skirt was lifted and laid across her back.

“Oh to be in my twenties again”, thought Marianne eyeing Colleen’s bottom. Even lying across her lap it thrust upwards strong and firm in a way that seemed to defy gravity. The woman patted the girls’ panties gently and glanced over at Alex who returned a nod and a slight smile. With that, Marianne lifted her hand and struck the first blow-really a finger slap across the right cheek.

Marianne’s hand was firm and the swats landed hard equally on both cotton clad hemispheres. A couple extended over the panties at the bottom and stung the bare skin of her upper thigh; a precursor to what was coming. Colleen wriggled a little but said nothing during this warmup knowing it was going to get worse. Then it did. The spanks stopped falling and Marianne shifted slightly. Colleen felt the woman’s fingers in the elastic of her panties and dug her face deeper into the pillow. “Lift up dear”, said Marianne sweetly and Colleen did.

The cool touch of air on her warm skin was offset by the exposure she felt as her panties stretched across her thighs. “May I please have the paddle?” Colleen snatched it off the couch beside her and handed it back. “Thank you”, Marianne said. “I’ll leave it right here for a moment”, placing it on her back. Marianne lifted her arm and brought the hardest swat of the session flat onto the girl’s bare left cheek watching a deep pink handprint materialize quickly from the pale.

“OWWW!” she cried, muffled into the pillow.

“Finally”, Marianne mouthed to Alex who had taken a seat on her desk and was smiling comfortably.

There was another sharp swat that forced a sharp gasp then two more, lighter ones near the bottom of her cheeks. “I think it’s time for Mother’s Little Helper”, Marianne said, lifting the paddle off of her back. Colleen copped a few shallow breaths during the little pause and, without almost realizing it, began to wiggle on the woman’s lap. The cease-fire wasn’t a long one though as Marianne stung her firmly with the paddle once, then again quickly. “Ouch! Ouch!” Then “Ouch!” again as she lifted her face out of the pillow and whispered a harsh “OOWWW!”

The paddling was a long one but not a harsh one. Marianne, who could deliver the wood with the best of them, was slapping with the paddle-mere flicks of the wrist that served to stoke the heat in Colleen’s almost entirely uninitiated backside. But Colleen had a secret that she had kept hidden for years; a secret that the two women in the office might already know or would know soon enough. The secret that had kept her so obsessively avoiding any corporal punishment over the years is that as each successive smack landed on her already warm bum, the heat seemed to travel directly between her legs. Each swat-especially those down low and centered-vibrated down deep into her and set her clit buzzing like a tuning fork. She had known this since the paddling she got in 7th grade and it scared the hell out of her. She feared losing control to the sexual lather that she knew any punishment would bring on. That THIS ONE was bringing on!

She heard the swats landing and felt their impact-felt their heat-but has ceased feeling any real pain. It was as if the pain that should have been boiling her bottom was being tossed into the air like so much kindling by the waves of her passion. Her eyes stung as she began to give into tumult coming from below.

Her cries were no more yelps in answer to swats but whimpers and moans in answer to her own internal urges. Her wiggles were not so much to avoid the paddle but to better position her vulva against Marianne’s lap. The older woman paused and put down the paddle so she could slide the girl’s panties all the way off. “I’m afraid the whole idea of punishment is lost on this one…” Marianne said.

“It would appear so”, said Alex getting off the desk and moving closer to the sofa.

“Put your right foot on the floor, dear”, instructed Marianne gently pushing Colleen’s legs apart. The girl did as she was told, opening her bottom cheeks and everything between them to the room. She shifted slightly on the lap to almost straddle the woman’s knee and dug her toes into the floor pushing her mottled red right haunch backward.

Marianne made use of the target presented to her and smacked-bare handed now-both cheeks allowing her hands to contact, but not linger, inward and below. The girl had given all modesty over to the rush from her womb and had begun to moan lowly as she rode the tip of knee that the woman gave her.

Alex reached out and stroked her secretary’s dampening head…”Colleen, Colleen, what are we going to do with you?”

Colleen turned her flushed and tear-streaked face back toward her boss-who had only recently become her lover-and said with as much of a smile as she could muster…”This would be fine…like this…”

Mt. Ashby Academy – The Chancellor

Girl's Boarding School

Girl’s Boarding School

Continued from Mt. Ashby Academy – Part 3

Alex Tao stood frozen looking at the doorknob just out of reach. All she had to do was take a step, turn it and leave the Chancellor and his cane behind. The chill in her belly blossomed and spread up and down…

She spoke through clenched teeth. “What do I have to do?”

“Do you want me to bring Marianne in?”

She shook her head.

“Well, you know the drill, don’t you? You can hang your blazer over the back of the chair there.”

She kept her eyes down as she doffed the jacket-not so much out of embarrassment but to conceal the burning anger that she feared would burn out of her eyes. She had put herself in this position, she knew. She had given him the upper hand. Dammit! It would be so wrong for Colleen to have to deal with this…better to just get it over with.

“The desk”, he said almost impatiently tapping the cane on the wide polished walnut top that seemed to extend forever. Stepping into place she remembered miserably the bruises that were fading but still visible on her backside. Nothing to do about it now but she wasn’t giving it up easily. She stood silently with her back to him and began to lower herself into place.

“Uh-uh”, he said. “Slacks please.”

“I just thought…”

“You thought wrong. This will be on the bare-just the way you and Colleen deliver them.”

Without any outward emotion she unsnapped her slacks and pushed them down over her hips to slip to the floor. Not wanting to wait to be told-nor having him do it himself-she slipped her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and pushed them down as well. They didn’t go as easily, rolling across her cheeks and catching at the bottom but finally sliding down her legs.

She felt the gooseflesh rise on her nakedness as she stood facing the desk.

“Well, well”, he said eyeing the faint bruises on her bottom. “I see the rumors are true.”

“What rumors?” she asked without turning around.

“Come on, Alex. This is a small campus…But whatever. You and ‘your secretary’ are consenting adults-whatever you do is officially fine as long as it doesn’t impact Mt. Ashby.”

The hot coal of anger that had burned in her chest broke a bit and settled miserably into her belly and then, further down. Her mind swam back to times when she and Colleen might have been overheard…maybe when she might have been seen coming to her home. Nothing wrong in that…not in that alone…God, how could she have been so careless?

“Bend, please”, the chancellor’s voice interrupted her tortured reverie.

She focused on the surface of the desk as she lowered herself slowly. She knew that even with her legs together, her cheeks spread to give him more of a view than she would have wanted. She stopped when her palms and elbows were on the desk and focused on a dark brown whorl in the grain right below her nose and waited. She felt him positioning behind her then a quick swishing sound.

The first slash bit deeply into the sweet spot at the bottom of her cheeks leaving a harsh red weal in its wake. “Very nice”, he said, admiring her stoicism. There were two more before she revealed anything and then it was only a sharp gasp.

“No need to be the strong soldier”, he said brightly. “Marianne knows what’s going on in here. You can cry out if you’d like…”

“I’m fine”, she gritted through her teeth.

“OK, just don’t bite your lip off or anything silly like that”.

His next cut was the hardest, searing her exactly across the middle of her bottom.

“Owww…” she whispered almost whimpering. Her eyes stung with the realization that she would not be able to hold back. The last thing she wanted to do was cry in front of this bastard but she felt the tears welling. Two more strokes dug into the bottom of her right cheek and she coughed and rose on her toes unhappily exposing herself.

Once she settled back onto her heels she yelped as two more struck soundly across the top of his target then another along the bottom. She was ready to burst into tears when he paused and she felt his hand-his fingers really-stroking along the welts on her tight backside.

Funny. He had made her strip and bend over his desk. He had whipped her with a cane. He had looked deeply into her asshole and happily let his gaze wander over the spread lips of her womanhood has she writhed across his desk, but she didn’t feel violated until his hand touched the suffering skin of her bottom.

“Wallace”, she said firmly turning to look over her shoulder.

“What?” he said huskily, pulling his hand back quickly as if bitten. “I was just checking this…”

“Never mind”, she said turning her head back facing front. “Just finish what you were doing.” The tears that were in her eyes fell unbidden onto the desk surface, but there would be no more. The anger bloomed back into her chest burning away any tears.

She reacted not at all to two more rather perfunctory strokes that landed high then he said, “That’s enough.”

Alex stood stiffly feeling the ripples across her bottom move and tighten. Now it was her turn to do the awkward bend and straighten shuffle of pulling up her slacks and underwear. The exercise was made that much more difficult because her panties had rolled themselves inside out when she took them down. She had to stand half bent, legs apart straightening them under the unceasing gaze of the chancellor watching every move she made.

“Oh no-of course. Go forth and sin no more.” He smirked.

Again, she was just at the door when he said, “Would you have Colleen report to me tomorrow morning?”

The icy fingers gripped her again. “Colleen? Why?”

He was finally laying the cane aside; placing it across his desk-not away.

“I just want to have a conversation with her…get to know her a little better. She is of course, about to be granted tenure, correct?”

Alex opted out of speaking fearing her tone might reveal something. She didn’t know what exactly but this was one of those times when silence seemed the best course. She turned the knob and stepped into the outer office. “I’ll expect her here at 8:30. Sharp!” She closed the door on him and was passing Marianne’s desk when the older woman handed her a tissue. Her eyes had a clouded look to them that Alex had never seen.

“We’ve got to do something about him.” Alex said simply.

Marianne simply nodded.

Across town, in the big green house, Camilla was working her hips against her brothers probing fingers which he worked both inside of her and along the outside of her vulva. “Please”, she gasped, “Do it Phillip.”

He had already slipped his shoes off and, at her command, quickly slipped out of his pants and underwear in one practiced movement. He spread her legs wider as he knelt between them and stroked both oily striped cheeks of her bottom before grabbing her hips and pulling her backward as he thrust forward. He entered her wet pussy deeply and easily as she moaned loudly.


Inside-Out © TDR

Inside-Out © TDR

Outside, beyond the old, thick sycamore that pushed the sidewalk into pitchy waves, the streetlight cast an imperfect yellow glow on the street below. She had seen someone scurrying past about fifteen minutes ago-perhaps a student rushing home after realizing at closing time that he had an early class in the morning-but nothing since then. Two cats had crossed the street with no cars moving to worry them. Three a.m. pretty much belonged to the cats in this neighborhood.

Behind her-in the bedroom-she heard the bedsprings groan then, after a moment, exhale, as John got up. He padded silently up behind her where she leaned against the desk perfectly silhouetted in the dim light.

Without a word he stood beside her and followed her eyes. There were no lights on in any of the houses across or up and down the street as far as he could see. Of course, there were no lights on in their house either so the dark windows were no guarantee that someone, anyone or everyone was up and watching. Watching for what?

Finally she spoke still watching the street. “Have you ever given any thought to boundaries?”


“In our…thing. About how far might be too far.”

He took the glass of water out of her hand and sipped.  “I don’t think you know that until you cross them.”

“That’s having no boundaries.”

“Then you set the next one…until you go beyond it. Without really meaning to.” He gave her back the water. “It’s like the time we agreed to never leave marks. How long did that last?”

She told him the story of the two boys she had stumbled upon-almost literally-up on the mountain that morning. They weren’t boys exactly-college students-but definitely older than John had been when they started their life together. He listened easily; it was a gift. She had taken Tina’s dog-the Golden-for a run and she came upon these boys up in the woods who were fixing to beat each other’s asses with switches they had cut.

He started singing a version of the old Troggs song in a whispery voice:

“Love is all around you and so the feeling grows
It is written on the wind, it’s everywhere you go”

She elbowed him playfully in the ribs. “Asshole”.

Then she told him the role that she had played, up there in the woods then back home in the boy’s apartment sparing no details.

“So that’s why you came home and fucked me like an Amazon.”

“Yeah, but, I don’t know….”

“Trust me. You might have changed their lives-or at least painted it in some wild Technicolor. Did me some good too, I promise.“

“Yeah but. You don’t get it. I had gone up into the woods that morning with the pup to clear my mind. I’ve really been thinking about this thing we have…these things we do. Maybe to dial it back a little…”

He gasped in mock horror “Go straight?!”

“Not exactly straight…just..”

“Two scoops of vanilla!!!?”

“Stop it”, she slapped at his arm half-heartedly. They silently watched the night pass.

“You want it to feel like the first beer-the first time you stole a six pack from your dad…or your mom.”

“It was Vodka for me.”

“Vodka then…I remember how it made me feel after one or two beers back when I was sixteen or seventeen. Or one screwdriver? You remember that feeling? That little head-buzz when everything felt buzzy and sharp at the same time? You never get there again…That little feeling in the head- is impossible to recapture but you keep chasing it with more, more, more. I guess you could get it back if you stopped drinking for a month or two then started back with one screwdriver-but who wants to do that? Fuck that. Forward we go. Same with our thing.”

She sipped at the glass. “I guess so.”

“Can we go to bed now? I have a long day tomorrow. Mr. Liu will be walking Toni out here in an hour or so and the day will begin.”

“Is that the old guy-with the poodle? How’d you know his name?”

“How did you not? He’s your neighbor. I talk to him a lot when I’m coming and going. Once had a fifteen minute conversation with him while clenching that blue butt plug you stuck up my ass. We talked baseball…he probably thought I was in the military because I was frozen like a wooden soldier.”

“Jesus!” she laughed. “I remember that day…”

“He’s a nice guy…”

He held out his hand and she took it, following him into the bedroom. He crawled in bed first and lay on his side. She fit herself into the hollow he had created with his body. He pulled her close to him in a tight spoon and was asleep in seconds. She listened to the peaceful rhythm of his breath as she watched the wall until the brightening sky dusted it with gray. Her last thought before finally falling off to sleep was that she would speak to Mr. Liu today.

Mt. Ashby Academy – Part 3

Continued from The Twins

Camilla still hadn’t said a word as she walked up the steps and unlocked the apartment. And as he had a number of times since leaving Alex’s office, Phillip bringing up the rear forlornly, tried to engage his sister at least to apologize. Again he was silently rebuffed as she walked through the living room, down the hall and into her room closing the door behind her.

Alex stepped through the door to the Chancellor’s Office and greeted Marianne, Wallace Foster’s secretary. A handsome woman in her fifties she was married to a Spanish professor on campus and had put two boys through Mr. Ashby. She had a warm smile and seemed proud of her well-earned salt and pepper hair which she never darkened but kept in a rather youthful cut around her face.

“Hello Alex, nice to see you,” she smiled rising and extending a hand.

Alex shook gingerly. Marianne was tall and strapping given to long hikes over the mountain trails and long laps in the university pool.

“Is he available?” Alex asked, nodding toward the closed door.

“He’s on the phone right now”, she widened her eyes in comical emphasis, “Benefactors, you know”, and smiled. “Have a seat, he should be off in a moment.”

Phillip knocked softly at his sister’s door. “Cammie? Cammie? Can I come in?”

Camilla was face down on the bed dry-eyed and fully clothed. Her bottom felt tight and hot encased like two little sausages in her snug panties. “Cam?” She knew she had to eventually let him in or he would paw pitifully at the door all afternoon. But she let him knock a little longer before she gave a muffled “Come in…” into the pillow.

The door opened and he crossed the floor mercifully silently and sat on the bed. He patted the back of her leg down by her knee-well away from the affected area. “I won’t apologize again. You know how sorry I am…Cam, I just couldn’t let her…”

“Enough, Phillip. I know. Don’t apologize anymore. My fault. I dealt with it.”

He sighed loudly. “Thank you. You can’t imagine how it felt watching you…”

“Spare me.” She said.

Yes, probably bad form telling her how much it hurt him watching her take his strokes. After a moment he pulled at loose corduroys. “You should at least get these off. Your bum still has to hurt. Let me rub some lotion on you. Make you feel a little bit better anyway.” There was no response and her steady breathing almost convinced her brother she was sleeping until she said, “Take my shoes off….”

He slipped her loafers off one at a time and dropped them to the floor. She rolled onto her hip so he could undo her belt and pants and for the second time in the last hour they came down, pulled all the way off from the bottom. In the sunlight beaming through the blinds Phillip could see the welts and bruises from the cane below her sheer panties as well as through them.

She lifted slightly so he could gently roll them down and off. It did feel better having the cool air caress her skin. “Poor Cammie”, he whispered rubbing the back of her thigh.

“Lotion is on the dresser. In the green bottle.”

He knew the bottle. It was aloe and Vitamin E mostly-very soothing on sunburns and any other such burn or….abrasion. He sat back on the bed and squeezed some onto his fingers which he applied gently to the welt that crossed the exact center of her bottom. She sighed gently and raised her bottom ever so slightly so that he would have easy access to the burns where her cheeks met her legs. Her eyes stung a little at the relief.

“You mean he let her take his caning too? He just stood for that?”

“Yep. She took all twenty.”

“What a little shit he is…I figured that.”

Wallace Foster was tallish without being actually tall. His rangy build and long arms made him look taller. Shoulders and chest were overly large and rounded-evidence of too much time in the weight room for a guy his age but who was she to judge how someone stays in shape. He wore his thick dark hair short on the sides with a razor sharp part on the left. Nothing fell onto his forehead.

His nervous energy made it seem as if he was always chewing gum or snapping his fingers through he did neither. It was a constant internal fidget that manifested in rubbing his fingers together or waving his hands.

“Did you really bring it? Was it a good punishment?”

“Very adequate. Truthfully, I did let up in the end a bit. I might have gone harder for a few strokes just to shame him.”

“Good luck with that.”

“What’s with them, anyway?”

“Oh, don’t know…not drugs or anything nefarious. I think they took off to Italy before last term with the money earmarked for school. Thought it would be easier to put us off than to let their parents know. I’m thinking we disabused them of that notion.”

“They are coming to see you about a payment plan.”

He waved his arm, dismissing the subject. “Of course. It will be taken care of. But you, Ms. Tao…”

“Ms. Tao?” thought Alex as alarm bells began to go off in her head.

“It was you who delivered the caning, correct? You. Alex Tao.”

“Of course”, she said firmly betraying nothing.

“Not your secretary, Colleen, then?”

”No. It was me. Why?”

“You realize that we have a trust here, at Mt. Ashby. Not a sacred trust necessarily, but a trust nonetheless. A trust with the student body, with the parents who send their precious little shits here, with each other to do things a particular way. You’ve been here long enough to know that.”

“Yes, I know that. I don’t see…”

“Having your secretary, or anyone who is not a faculty member nor tenured staff member carry out punishments would be a betrayal of that trust.”

Alex bit her lip to avoid saying anything.

Foster stepped out from behind his desk and moved to the window, speaking to the view beyond. “I’m not going to embarrass us both by asking the question that we both know the answer to so I’ll ask instead how many canings did your secretary participate in?”

“Well…she’s been a witness to….”

“I’m not talking about witnessing. I’m talking about swinging the cane. How many?”

Alex pretended to have to think for a moment, then said “Six.”


“Always under my supervision. I was there. It was under my supervision and direction. You know I was…incapacitated…” she raised her arm weakly though Foster wasn’t looking.

“You were OK today.”

“Things heal. It’s taken awhile…”

The silence between them ticked off until he finally said, “This could have been serious. If anyone would have complained or raised an issue, we all could have been in a bit of a jam. You exposed us pretty severely.”

“Look, my understanding was that..”

“Your understanding was wrong.” He bit the words off severely. He turned to face her. “What I have to do now, what we have to do is going to be good for Colleen but…We’re going to have to fake a special board session later this week to grant her tenure. About three years too early but we can make the paperwork look like she’s had tenure all along. A special circumstance.” He then continued as if to himself as he paced around the room…”Not exactly the Mt. Ashby way, but you’ve put us in a spot here…”

Alex had a chill radiating from her stomach. She had never thought this would turn into a….thing. She still didn’t think so, but if the Chancellor was this put out by it, she might have misread the situation. She would have to go back and scour the bylaws and handbooks to see if…She froze when she heard the closet open behind her. There was only one reason for him to be going into his closet. A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed her fear-Foster was taking a cane off the hook inside the door.

She shot to her feet. “Wallace! There is no way you are going to cane me!”

“Alex”, he said closing the door behind him. “As I said, you’ve put us in a spot. You could have come to me about….” He waved the cane toward her arm…”your incapacity-but you chose not to. You chose to do it your own way-as if you had no superiors here to report to…or confide in.”

“Look. I’m sorry but I’m sure we can figure…”

“I already have figured. And it wasn’t just me. Unlike you I opened the situation to other staff and faculty to discuss and we found our way out of it. We will fix this. This mess that you made. This”, he flicked the cane in the air, “isn’t about fixing the problem. It’s about punishing the person who caused it.”

She tried to control her voice-to modulate the rising waves of…what? Fear? Embarrassment? “We’re peers. I’m in a tenured position here.”

“That’s true-but the bylaws of the institution allow for corporal punishment among peers.”

“But I would have to consent.”

“That’s right, you would.”

“And I certainly do not!”

“I see…”

“I don’t think this is as serious a breach as you do and I think given some time to investigate…”

The Chancellor placed the cane on his desk and went back to the window, dismissing her words with a wave of his hand. “Been done-we know the course we are taking. If you are not going to accept your caning-as is your right-you are free to go.”

She stopped trying to speak. That was it? “Alright then. I’ll go…I’m sorry for this Foster. I really am. I just didn’t think.”

“No problem”, he said to the mountains out the window. “Go about your day…nice job with the twins. Thanks for that.”

“OK, fine. Thank you.” She was almost to the door when he asked, without turning around. “Send your secretary Colleen over would you?”

She froze. “Colleen? Why?”

He thought of Colleen. He didn’t really know her-just had seen her around campus-big smile, long coltish legs…”Somebody has to pay for this breach of protocol. You, as is your right, have passed. Your secretary though was a willing participant…”

“She only did what I told her to do!”

“That’s clear. You misguided her. But she will have to pay for it since she doesn’t have tenure yet.  Doesn’t seem fair does it?”

Camilla had begun to cry softly has Phillip gently applied the lotion to her hot bottom. She wasn’t crying against the pain, which had begun to subside but out of relief that the whole affair was now over. She was grateful for the attention her brother was giving her and that she could count on him to be by her side…for most things anyway.

She spread her legs slightly to allow his soothing fingers to get a little deeper between her cheeks. “Don’t”, she said softly as they probed directly between her legs where no cane had bitten. “Shhh…” he whispered gently as she raised up slightly and he extended further….

To be continued…