Meanwhile-Out in the Country…


He plucked the phone off its charger on the second ring. He saw the caller ID so he waited a moment-breathed deeply once, then twice. When he finally hit the button he was maybe a little more composed, but still riled.

“Hello”, he said flatly.

“Hi Blue. It’s Janie.”

“Hi Jane.”

The phone went silent for a second or two as Jane wavered a bit and tried to decide which way to go.

“Is Sarah there?”

Blue was looking out the front window beyond the porch where the dust had just finished settling from his wife’s fishtailing gravel-spitting exit from the driveway. He looked at the gleaming black truck and wondered if any of the stones had chipped the finish.

“Blue?” came the voice from the receiver.

“No. She’s not here.”

“Do you know where she went?”

“No. I do not.”

The line went back to silence but Janie couldn’t stand that for too long.

“I don’t suppose you know when she’ll be back?” she asked with a slight snip in her voice.

“No. I do not.”

“Blue, did you do something?” Then a little louder, “Did you do something to her?”

“What goes on between a husband and wife stays between them.”


He gave her nothing.

“Blue…did you spank her?”

He looked at the bath brush that was still laying at the end of the couch where he had tossed it afterward. The cushions were askew and the throw pillows were scattered about on the floor. He had already righted the coffee table which had been kicked over.

“It is san-cro-sanct.”


“What goes on between a husband and a wife.”

“What’s that mean?”

“That it’s none of your business.”

“Blue, you are so….”

“She’ll tell you whatever she’s going to tell you. But that’s between you and her. You’ll get nothing from me. “

She stopped and sighed. She knew from twenty years of experience that trying to get Blue Dawson to say or do anything that he didn’t want to, was a waste of time. Plus, he was right, it was none of her business.

“All right, Blue” she said, resigned. “Have it your way. But when she gets in would you have her call me?” She no sooner had those words out than she saw Sarah’s red Mustang pull into the yard.

“I’ll do that”, he said though she really wasn’t listening anymore.

“Good bye, then.” She said making sure to give away nothing in her voice.

Sarah pulled into the yard, parked next to the trailer and stepped out. There was no porch on the front of Janie’s place so she just stepped up the three steps onto a small platform. Janie got to the door just as her friend was reaching for the knob. “I saw you pull up”, she said. She could see that even through the sunglasses Sarah’s eyes were red and her face was mottled.

“Come in honey, come in. You alright?”

“Oh yeah”, she said stepping into the small living room which looked at the moment to be doubling as Janie’s bedroom. “I had to get out of there for a bit. Didn’t want him to see me cry. Where’s your truck? I almost didn’t stop.”

“Bank took it”, she said matter of fact. “They needed $5000 and I don’t have $5000.” She shrugged.

Sarah looked around a moment as if trying to find a place to sit but there wasn’t one between the chairs piled high with laundry, worn clothes and whatever. This place got worse every time she visited. “Why are you sleeping in the living room?”

“I’ve been out here a month or so. Since that stupid bastard Danny decided to rebuild that Harley he bought in pieces in the bedroom. Said that was the best light in the place. God knows nothing else was going on in that room. Yep-that was the last straw with him. Go look”.

Sarah flipped on the light in the bedroom and sure enough, a sheet of plywood had turned the bed into a work table and was covered with what looked to be a thousand parts and pieces of a motorcycle. The pieces that didn’t fit on the bed were scattered along the dresser and the linoleum floor. Sarah wasn’t mechanical at all but knew that nothing in here was set up next to anything it should be attached to. It was as if one of those exploded drawings you see in parts catalogs had actually exploded sending parts in directions from which they could never be recovered. It made her scalp itch just to look at it. She flipped the light back off and turned away.

“He keeps saying he’ll come back and get it but he always kept saying a lot of things….Enough about that-You alright though?” Janie took the silent wave as a ‘yes’, that she was fine.

“What did he do to you?” she asked in that fake solicitous voice that she put on and that Sarah saw straight through. Janie knew full well what he had done to her and it was Sarah’s fault that she knew. That one time, when she had had one too many Jack and Cokes at the fire hall, she had blabbed that Blue spanked her when he felt she “deserved” it. She had told her about it in all good intentions as Janie was struggling through a second marriage that didn’t work out and was wondering how she and Blue kept such an even keel.

Sarah had been trying to make her feel better. Maybe let her know that there were things in every marriage that were…unique…but whatever she had been trying to do, it sort of got garbled. Now Janie was always poking around, asking her about it; taking more than a passing interest.

“Was it…bad?” she asked sitting on the edge of the couch.

“Yes, yes it was…then I stormed out of the driveway and spewed gravel all over the side of his truck….”

“Oooooo, that’s not good.”

“No it’s not. So I’ll probably get it again when I get home.”

“I’m sorry honey…”

“You didn’t do it, its my fault.” She reached out for a pack of cigarettes on the side table. “Do you mind?”

“How long ago did this happen?”

“What? That? Just before I got here. Fifteen? Twenty minutes?”

“Does it still hurt?”

“Bath brush on a bare ass-what do you think?” She didn’t mean to sound harsh, but Jesus!

Janie sat back into the couch….”wow”…was all she said softly.

“Yeah, wow…” She lit her cigarette and took a deep drag. She was down to one or two cigarettes a day and the time was right for her first one.

“Can I see?” asked Janie suddenly in a small voice. Sarah looked at her as if trying to understand what she had said. She had heard it, but it didn’t make sense in her language. The words bounced off her like birds smashing into a glass door. She and Janie had been friends for twenty years-there had been high school sleepovers, gym classes, skinny dipping in the quarry-they had seen each other naked, though Sarah was trying hard to recall a specific time. Whenever, it was a long freaking time ago.

What she did remember though was that she had always envied Janie her body. She was always well rounded in the spots where Sarah was not-specifically boobs, butt and legs. When Blue had split with Janie to date Sarah back in eleventh grade-yes, that was how far back this mess went-it got back to her that Janie had said, ‘Blue is breaking up with me to date that flat-ass!’ That remark always galled her but she never brought it up.

She came back from her little reverie to see Janie pushed back deep into the couch blushing hotly. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean anything by it. I don’t know….I just wanted to….see…Christ…” she looked ceiling ward, her eyes glistening.

Sarah looked at her friend sitting back, dejected and embarrassed in her own mess of a trailer and, as happened a lot, felt for her. Now that she was alone, without any of the half-wits she attracted, Sarah wondered if there wasn’t a way she could help her.  “Oh what the hell,” said Sarah. She put the cigarette in an ashtray and turned around. She rustled up under her shirt, unbuckled her belt and with a quick snap and a zip, pushed her jeans and underwear down together holding them at mid-thigh. “There you are.”

“Jeezus….” She heard Janie say. She knew what she was seeing. The way she had kicked and squirmed when Blue pulled her over his lap he had to scissor her legs between his. She had settled almost on her side, making her left cheek almost inaccessible. Blue made the most of the right one though.

“That is RED, girl. Looks hot…”

“Feels that way too. Skin feels tight”, she explained pulling her pants back up. “And itches afterward…but now just hurts. Made for an uncomfortable ride over here, that’s for sure.” Janie looked miserable sitting on her couch lost among tossed bed clothes. “Well thanks for making the trip over here to my dump on the side of the road.”

She looked about to cry. This was new-Janie wasn’t a crier; she was all about turning the page and moving onto the next thing. Although that philosophy left her precious little to show at this point: two ex-husbands, an ex-boyfriend who had left her with an exploded motorcycle in her bedroom and was now living with a barmaid up in Springfield, a trailer that was worth less than what she owed on it and a truck that she no longer had. There were only so many pages to turn in any book.

“Yeah, well…” Sarah moved closer and patted her friend on the shoulder. “We’ll figure something out…”

“Like how I’m going to get to work tomorrow without a damn truck? That’s what I told them at the bank…I have to….”

“Shhhh…” Sarah patted her shoulder and rubbed her arm. “Don’t get all weepy on me. I’ll pick you up in the morning and get you to the mill. My schedule is flexible this week…” Her friend just nodded. “Now, I have to go home and take my medicine.”

“You know…there was a time when I might have said-I don’t envy you-because I know what you got coming when you get home. But I’m not so sure. When you first told me what Blue did to you I was horrified…could not imagine a grown woman letting a man…”

“Not just ‘a man’ Janie. He’s my husband and my friend…”

“Oh yeah, I know that….I know that…I know that…I didn’t mean…Sorry, sorry. Don’t be mad…” She over apologized and dabbed at her eye with the end of the sheet but tears kept coming. “At least you have a direction-you know? You know what today will bring and what tomorrow will bring. You’re living in a brick house on ten acres with a garage, two cars…and a husband who runs the plant where we all work and is completely devoted to you. I mean, Jesus! You’re a happiness hog.”

They both laughed. “Yeah, well-think of that in about 20 minutes when I guarantee you I won’t be too goddam happy.”

“Don’t lie to me girl-you might not like it when it’s happening but you know you have somebody who’s watching your back…”

“My butt is more like it!” she laughed to lighten the mood and Janie giggled through her sniffles.

“Whatever…but you know what I mean. There’s a…clarity there. There is a space that you fill up. You do what you do…if you make a mistake, you guys work it out in your way-Blue’s way- so everything stays steady. In my life, I fuck up and I end up with a bedroom full of motorcycle parts and a repo’d truck. There’s nobody watching my back…”

Sarah squatted in front of her friend uncomfortably sore where the jeans hugged her bottom. She took Janie’s hands in hers. “Listen-I’ll help you make you through this. We’ll help you through this…OK?”

“I appreciate the ride to work…”

“Try not to worry too much. One step at a time….”

She pulled slowly and carefully into the driveway next to Blue’s truck scanning the side closely first from the driver’s seat, then outside walking the length of it. There was dust, but no chips in the paint. That was good, as far as it went. She got out and shook her head back slightly-a habit she grew used to when she had long hair and would shake it back off of her shoulders. Her current shorter cut made the move unnecessary-and in fact made her look more than a little twitchy-but she fell into it when she was nervous…or excited. She would have said “nervous.”

She headed slowly up the long fieldstone walk. Blue watched her come from where he sat on the porch unseen behind the mountain laurel that shaded the front of the house. He wasn’t angry anymore. Truth was, he wasn’t all that angry to begin with but had gotten caught up. Whatever, he was happy to have her come back after such a short time. She looked like a little kid, dragging her feet up the walk dreading come home knowing she had been bad. His heart swelled and he shifted in his seat to adjust himself.

She had taken to fighting against some of her spankings in the last few months. Not all of them, just some-so he had to learn how to react against her struggles. This was the worst though-and the first time she had hauled off and slapped him and run off afterwards. She would have to learn that was unacceptable.

Sarah was already on the steps before she noticed him.

“Glad you decided to come back”, he said sternly.

As she walked past him she reached out and touched the side of his face allowing her fingers to cross his cheek.

“Where’d you go?”

“Went to see Janie.”

He huffed. “She’s in trouble, Blue…”

“And how is that different now from always…?”

She began to speak when he said, “You can talk to me over your shoulder”.

“Out here?”

“Not as much for you to knock over out here”. He moved down the glider to give her room to stretch out. “And take your pants off this time. I’ve had enough fighting your jeans for one day.”

Her wry smile was almost subtle enough to miss but he did see the corner of her mouth twitch upward before she sat down on the wicker chair to unlace her shoes. Standing barefoot, she unsnapped her jeans for the second time in the last hour and slipped them down, holding onto the porch railing to slip out one foot then the other. She turned her back on her husband to fold her jeans on the chair treating him to a view of her petite backside tightly sheathed in black silk.

She kept her back to him as she slowly pushed her panties down her bum, letting them flutter to the floor. She bent slowly to pick them up and drop them onto the chair with her jeans. The redness on her bottom had begun to fade leaving only a spot or two of darker purple that would definitely show for a few days. When she bent Blue noticed a smattering of gooseflesh between and down the back of her thighs. It definitely wasn’t cold enough for that.

She turned to him, chastened and repentant, and kept her eyes on the decking where she finally noticed the bath brush under the glider. Two steps and she knelt on the cushion with one knee then stretched out over his lap feeling the roughness of his denim, first on her hip bones then her mound as she pulled her other leg up behind her and adjusted herself just so. She felt deliciously naughty out here on the porch; as if she had been caught outside after curfew and was being punished in front of the neighbors. Of course there were no neighbors here but as she exhaled and allowed her cheeks to relax open, the fresh air was free to wash over her down under just as she was free to pretend. Blue circled her waist with his left arm and pulled her tightly to him.

Sarah wiggled again to “position herself” better, allowing the coarse weave to rub her on the front. She almost moaned but swallowed it. It was not uncommon for her to come when spanked-when Blue would lay her out naked on their bed and slap her butt down low-but the relationship she had with the bath brush was more…..complicated. Usually the harsh sting of the brush tamped down the fires of her passions-at least held them in check for a while-but the stirrings she would usually feel at a time like this were waves today. Fighting with Blue over her earlier spanking, showing Janie her bottom, now laying across his lap outside were building to something she wouldn’t be able, nor want, to contain. Oh yes, there was no doubt that she deserved the hiding she was about to get-part of her even dreaded it-but it also might make her come. She pulled the glider cushion toward her and buried her face in it.

For his part, Blue could smell it rising off her and she’d probably feel him poking at her through his jeans in a minute or two. His every touch elicited a tiny gasp or wiggle. He pushed her shirt up so he could rub the small of her back. He stroked his right hand over her bottom and massaged the backs of her thighs. Given his druthers he would sweep his little lady up in his arms and carry her into the bedroom to slide his head between her legs and bring her to the spot where he knew she was going. He wanted to hear her yipping and feel her bucking on his chin as he pushed his tongue deeply enough in her to cramp his neck. But he knew that this here was his admission to that wonderland.

“So what about Janie?” he asked as he continued his ministrations. He found a slippery spot inside between her legs that he stroked slowly.

Sarah flopped her head to the side. “Later…” she said huskily. “We can talk about Janie later…”

“Maybe you better give me that brush now…”

“Yessir”, she said picking it up and handling it back.

He took it with his left, continuing to slide his long finger along the top of her leg careful to avoid the moist source of all Sarah’s heat. When the finger was gone she knew it was wrapped around the brush handle and she held her breath waiting until his movement let her know the first swat was coming. She squeezed her eyes shut and yelped as the burn hit her left cheek directly in the middle.

“Owww!” she cried when the second swat landed on the opposite cheek then “Ouch!” when he smacked the same spot. She fell into the rhythm of the spanking and buried her face in the cushion to muffle the cries that she didn’t want to stifle any longer.

He moved his target from the cheeks to the confluence at the bottom of her bottom where all the creases and crevasses met and each swat of the paddle created a deep vibration inside of her. Her cries turned morphed into tight lipped moans as she began to push her bottom back to meet the wood-anticipating and whimpering or whispering his name at every impact.

Blue set the brush aside and his next swat was with his hand cupping her left cheek and allowing his fingers to slide down between. “Oh, Blue…” she moaned lifting her bottom as if magnetized to follow his hand. He smacked again and kept his hand there. He pushed her down and she wriggled as he slipped his fingers between her burning cheeks with a purpose.

Finished with teasing at the edges he stroked through the middle of her wet opening then plunged his finger inside her to the knuckle. Sarah pushed back to get the last tiny millimeter she could then rocked forward to aid him with the motion. He pulled his finger from her and pushed her leg aside opening her then reinserted. In, then out then in, then out to the tip, finding her swollen clitoris where he focused. The strokes became quick and economical rubs.

Sarah dropped her right foot to the floor, the better to brace herself like a sprinter in the blocks.  “Oh Blue…Jesus Blue…” she gasped. The glider wasn’t meant to rock this way-it was built for gentle back and forth and not this crazed end to end bucking. She was almost completely on her hands and knees now feverishly throwing herself into the flow. Her moans disappeared into gasps then finally the high pitched yips that were Blue’s signal that she was flying over the falls. “AHHHHHH…” she pushed back hard and he felt the pulse and the squirt and flicked at her even faster if that was possible. Didn’t know that she could notice as writhed wildly until tensing finally with another loud yelp and sigh before collapsing back onto her husband’s lap, spent.

He stroked her bum gently until she recovered her breath.

“Better now?” he asked.

“My God…” was all she could muster. She reached back and grabbed his ankle. “My God…” Then, “Can I get up now?”

“Sure-if your legs work.”

He leaned back out of the way as she languidly pushed herself up and flopped onto his lap, a hot-bottomed little girl visiting her own Santa. She sat with her head on his shoulder then hugged his neck strongly. “Bet you want to go into bed, don’t you?”

“Might be a good idea…”

She kissed him lightly on the mouth and got up. “Come on”, she said taking his hand.

He followed her glowing little backside into the house.

To be continued….

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