Sarah’s Plan


Continued from “Meanwhile-Out in the Country…

Afterward they lay in bed, spent but still tingling. Sarah curled beside him, her head on his chest and told him about Janie’s predicaments. Blue, stroking his fingers along her ribcage, half listened. He rolled slowly toward Sarah and pushed her gently onto her back. The woman wouldn’t stop talking and Blue smiled that all he was hearing about was Janie as he took one of his wife’s small breasts entirely into his mouth. He flicked her nipple with his tongue and gently closed his teeth around it as he pulled back sucking. That stopped her in midsentence with a light “hisssss….” He moved to the other breast then tongue painted between them hearing only her breathing.

“Blue”, she whispered as he slipped his mouth along her belly….

She hummed lightly and stroked his hair as he kissed her belly button and suckled at her sharp hip bones. She winced contentedly as he slipped his hard hands under her still tender bottom to lift her toward his face.

He pinched lightly at the skin where her bottom met her legs. “How’s that?”

“Still sore…..”

“You’re a little baby…” He kissed the inside of her thighs.

”Blue, what are you doing….?”

“Going for number five….”

“Honey…I’m kind of raw….”

“You could roll over.”

She pinched his ear….

“I was only joking…” he said.

“Sure you were…unless I rolled over…”

She pulled him up toward her by the head. “Get up here….”

She wasn’t going to let it go. He flopped beside her and listened. To him it was a matter of money-which was no matter at all. He’d write a check if that’s what Sarah wanted him to do. Janie could be a royal pain in the ass and the decisions she made would make you want to bang your head-if not hers-against the wall, but the three of them went back quite a ways.  It would be impossible not to help if they could.

Janie hadn’t been a virgin when they first got together in eleventh grade but he was. Even now Blue could remember every crease in her body as he had pulled her jeans down in the back of his Daddy’s Impala. Her panties were white with tiny roses on them and when he pulled them low enough to see her lush mound of hair begin to reveal itself he had almost frozen. She wouldn’t let him stop though and he remembered every smell and every squishing sound that two seventeen year olds could make.

Sometimes Blue wondered if he remembered them too well but he knew that remembering a first Love wasn’t really about them. History bore out that he and Janie could never have been a match and he never pined for her that way. No, remembering your first love was remembering yourself back then. He was remembering seventeen year old football playing hard-body Blue Dawson with the world seemingly at his fingertips and it so happened that those memories also brought the sweet memories of Janie Driscoll lying naked on his basement couch. That particular vision never failed him and Sarah noticed his growing cock prodding at her leg as he lay there on his side snuggling.

“What are you growing there, Blue?”

“Talking about Janie always makes me hard”, he said telling her the truth. She laughed and swatted him on the ass figuring he was kidding.

“Come on”, she said. “Let’s get going then…”

“What? Where….” He tried to recall what she had been saying back when he was moving from the Impala’s back seat to Homecoming to his basement couch, but it was hopeless. Sarah had gotten out of bed and was looking at her still-glowing bottom in the floor length mirror. Apparently he had agreed to go down to Janie’s and help her get herself sorted out.

“The girl needs direction”, Sarah said.

“She’s too old to adopt.”

“Look, I know you two have a history. Who doesn’t know that? And I know she thinks the world of you and I know what you say to her-directly to her-will carry a lot of weight. She will never fail to disappoint herself and everyone that cares for her but you, she’ll try to do right by.”

“Come on Sarah. Her father’s still alive. Not my job.”

“I showed her my butt today.”

“You what?” he said sitting up.

“I showed her what you did.” He raised his finger to interrupt. “I know-never mind-but I showed her. And she was…..I don’t know….she seemed to envy me my bruises. When I say she wants direction, I’m saying she wants parameters, boundaries. She wants someone to keep her inside the lines.”

The light finally went off for Blue as he lay on his back lazily-but thoughtfully-flopping his only semi-hard cock to one side, then the other. “You know”, he said, “Not every woman feels the way you do about getting their ass beat.”

“I know. Can you figure? Don’t know what’s wrong with the world…Seriously, though. I might be wrong. I might be full of shit and deserve another paddling if I am. But I think we have to put this on the table with her.”

“So you want me to go down there…”

“We. We are going down there…”

“Right, and…”

She laid it out to him again-the way she just had when he obviously had been listening not at fucking all. So he would need the checkbook, that was sure…but as to the rest of it….he wasn’t sure at all. His mind was awash with all the complications that could come down the line. Over the last few years Sarah and Janie spent more time together than he and Janie so he would defer to his wife…at least for a while.

“Here”, Sarah gave him the phone. “Call her, tell her we’re coming…”

“Why don’t you….”

“Just call her.”

He hit her number on the speed dial.  How hard could it be to tell her they were coming down to visit?  “Hi Janie-no it’s me. Sarah’s here though….” He told her they had been talking and wanted to see if they could help her out on the “truck and all”. He listened into the receiver and rolled his eyes. “Don’t cry Janie….Don’t cry. It’ll be fine. Cause I said it will.” Sarah knew he didn’t want to carry this conversation much further. “Hey, Janie…Shuush a minute. What you got to drink down there?” he asked slipping into the hill patois that she only heard when he was drunk or playing. “Oh, I ain’t drinking that mess. I got something I’ll bring… yes, I’m bringing it. We’re coming down. Don’t worry. Don’t worry about that-we ain’t hungry.” He put his hand over the receiver and mouthed to Sarah “I’m fucking starving!”…but she just waved him off. “Okay-in a bit, see you in a bit…”

He hung up.

“Come on”, said Sarah, “Let’s hit the shower. We can’t go down there smelling like this….”

To be continued….

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