Mt. Ashby Academy – The Chancellor

Girl's Boarding School

Girl’s Boarding School

Continued from Mt. Ashby Academy – Part 3

Alex Tao stood frozen looking at the doorknob just out of reach. All she had to do was take a step, turn it and leave the Chancellor and his cane behind. The chill in her belly blossomed and spread up and down…

She spoke through clenched teeth. “What do I have to do?”

“Do you want me to bring Marianne in?”

She shook her head.

“Well, you know the drill, don’t you? You can hang your blazer over the back of the chair there.”

She kept her eyes down as she doffed the jacket-not so much out of embarrassment but to conceal the burning anger that she feared would burn out of her eyes. She had put herself in this position, she knew. She had given him the upper hand. Dammit! It would be so wrong for Colleen to have to deal with this…better to just get it over with.

“The desk”, he said almost impatiently tapping the cane on the wide polished walnut top that seemed to extend forever. Stepping into place she remembered miserably the bruises that were fading but still visible on her backside. Nothing to do about it now but she wasn’t giving it up easily. She stood silently with her back to him and began to lower herself into place.

“Uh-uh”, he said. “Slacks please.”

“I just thought…”

“You thought wrong. This will be on the bare-just the way you and Colleen deliver them.”

Without any outward emotion she unsnapped her slacks and pushed them down over her hips to slip to the floor. Not wanting to wait to be told-nor having him do it himself-she slipped her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and pushed them down as well. They didn’t go as easily, rolling across her cheeks and catching at the bottom but finally sliding down her legs.

She felt the gooseflesh rise on her nakedness as she stood facing the desk.

“Well, well”, he said eyeing the faint bruises on her bottom. “I see the rumors are true.”

“What rumors?” she asked without turning around.

“Come on, Alex. This is a small campus…But whatever. You and ‘your secretary’ are consenting adults-whatever you do is officially fine as long as it doesn’t impact Mt. Ashby.”

The hot coal of anger that had burned in her chest broke a bit and settled miserably into her belly and then, further down. Her mind swam back to times when she and Colleen might have been overheard…maybe when she might have been seen coming to her home. Nothing wrong in that…not in that alone…God, how could she have been so careless?

“Bend, please”, the chancellor’s voice interrupted her tortured reverie.

She focused on the surface of the desk as she lowered herself slowly. She knew that even with her legs together, her cheeks spread to give him more of a view than she would have wanted. She stopped when her palms and elbows were on the desk and focused on a dark brown whorl in the grain right below her nose and waited. She felt him positioning behind her then a quick swishing sound.

The first slash bit deeply into the sweet spot at the bottom of her cheeks leaving a harsh red weal in its wake. “Very nice”, he said, admiring her stoicism. There were two more before she revealed anything and then it was only a sharp gasp.

“No need to be the strong soldier”, he said brightly. “Marianne knows what’s going on in here. You can cry out if you’d like…”

“I’m fine”, she gritted through her teeth.

“OK, just don’t bite your lip off or anything silly like that”.

His next cut was the hardest, searing her exactly across the middle of her bottom.

“Owww…” she whispered almost whimpering. Her eyes stung with the realization that she would not be able to hold back. The last thing she wanted to do was cry in front of this bastard but she felt the tears welling. Two more strokes dug into the bottom of her right cheek and she coughed and rose on her toes unhappily exposing herself.

Once she settled back onto her heels she yelped as two more struck soundly across the top of his target then another along the bottom. She was ready to burst into tears when he paused and she felt his hand-his fingers really-stroking along the welts on her tight backside.

Funny. He had made her strip and bend over his desk. He had whipped her with a cane. He had looked deeply into her asshole and happily let his gaze wander over the spread lips of her womanhood has she writhed across his desk, but she didn’t feel violated until his hand touched the suffering skin of her bottom.

“Wallace”, she said firmly turning to look over her shoulder.

“What?” he said huskily, pulling his hand back quickly as if bitten. “I was just checking this…”

“Never mind”, she said turning her head back facing front. “Just finish what you were doing.” The tears that were in her eyes fell unbidden onto the desk surface, but there would be no more. The anger bloomed back into her chest burning away any tears.

She reacted not at all to two more rather perfunctory strokes that landed high then he said, “That’s enough.”

Alex stood stiffly feeling the ripples across her bottom move and tighten. Now it was her turn to do the awkward bend and straighten shuffle of pulling up her slacks and underwear. The exercise was made that much more difficult because her panties had rolled themselves inside out when she took them down. She had to stand half bent, legs apart straightening them under the unceasing gaze of the chancellor watching every move she made.

“Oh no-of course. Go forth and sin no more.” He smirked.

Again, she was just at the door when he said, “Would you have Colleen report to me tomorrow morning?”

The icy fingers gripped her again. “Colleen? Why?”

He was finally laying the cane aside; placing it across his desk-not away.

“I just want to have a conversation with her…get to know her a little better. She is of course, about to be granted tenure, correct?”

Alex opted out of speaking fearing her tone might reveal something. She didn’t know what exactly but this was one of those times when silence seemed the best course. She turned the knob and stepped into the outer office. “I’ll expect her here at 8:30. Sharp!” She closed the door on him and was passing Marianne’s desk when the older woman handed her a tissue. Her eyes had a clouded look to them that Alex had never seen.

“We’ve got to do something about him.” Alex said simply.

Marianne simply nodded.

Across town, in the big green house, Camilla was working her hips against her brothers probing fingers which he worked both inside of her and along the outside of her vulva. “Please”, she gasped, “Do it Phillip.”

He had already slipped his shoes off and, at her command, quickly slipped out of his pants and underwear in one practiced movement. He spread her legs wider as he knelt between them and stroked both oily striped cheeks of her bottom before grabbing her hips and pulling her backward as he thrust forward. He entered her wet pussy deeply and easily as she moaned loudly.

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  1. Great descriptions from the recipient. It is so true that the most awkward time is right after the spanking when trying to regain composure and get your clothes fixed back. Wonderful representation of that awkwardness.

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