Mt. Ashby Academy-“Punishment is lost on this one”

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“Colleen, your time has come…” Marianne smiled as she took the girl’s hand and walked her toward the couch. Colleen’s cheeks were flushed an impossible pink and a thin sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead. She gnawed at her lip, her belly in turmoil as she let herself be led-her eyes focused nowhere but straight ahead. Numbly she stopped when Marianne stopped and watched the woman sit in the middle of the long deep brown leather sofa and put the paddle near the pillow at the end.

She tentatively peeked over her shoulder to see Alex leaning against the edge of the desk, her arms crossed tightly. Though her expression was passive, she too had some color in her cheeks betraying a little of the rush she was feeling in her chest. So glad Marianne is here to do this, Alex thought. She doubted she could keep her hands from trembling if she took Colleen across her lap.

“Come on now…” Marianne pulled gently. The girl placed her left knee on the sofa and lowered herself slowly across the woman’s corduroy clad lap. Once settled, she pulled her right leg up and was in position, almost happy to have no more to do. She grabbed the pillow-soft, dark and velvety-and buried her face in it. She shivered slightly as her skirt was lifted and laid across her back.

“Oh to be in my twenties again”, thought Marianne eyeing Colleen’s bottom. Even lying across her lap it thrust upwards strong and firm in a way that seemed to defy gravity. The woman patted the girls’ panties gently and glanced over at Alex who returned a nod and a slight smile. With that, Marianne lifted her hand and struck the first blow-really a finger slap across the right cheek.

Marianne’s hand was firm and the swats landed hard equally on both cotton clad hemispheres. A couple extended over the panties at the bottom and stung the bare skin of her upper thigh; a precursor to what was coming. Colleen wriggled a little but said nothing during this warmup knowing it was going to get worse. Then it did. The spanks stopped falling and Marianne shifted slightly. Colleen felt the woman’s fingers in the elastic of her panties and dug her face deeper into the pillow. “Lift up dear”, said Marianne sweetly and Colleen did.

The cool touch of air on her warm skin was offset by the exposure she felt as her panties stretched across her thighs. “May I please have the paddle?” Colleen snatched it off the couch beside her and handed it back. “Thank you”, Marianne said. “I’ll leave it right here for a moment”, placing it on her back. Marianne lifted her arm and brought the hardest swat of the session flat onto the girl’s bare left cheek watching a deep pink handprint materialize quickly from the pale.

“OWWW!” she cried, muffled into the pillow.

“Finally”, Marianne mouthed to Alex who had taken a seat on her desk and was smiling comfortably.

There was another sharp swat that forced a sharp gasp then two more, lighter ones near the bottom of her cheeks. “I think it’s time for Mother’s Little Helper”, Marianne said, lifting the paddle off of her back. Colleen copped a few shallow breaths during the little pause and, without almost realizing it, began to wiggle on the woman’s lap. The cease-fire wasn’t a long one though as Marianne stung her firmly with the paddle once, then again quickly. “Ouch! Ouch!” Then “Ouch!” again as she lifted her face out of the pillow and whispered a harsh “OOWWW!”

The paddling was a long one but not a harsh one. Marianne, who could deliver the wood with the best of them, was slapping with the paddle-mere flicks of the wrist that served to stoke the heat in Colleen’s almost entirely uninitiated backside. But Colleen had a secret that she had kept hidden for years; a secret that the two women in the office might already know or would know soon enough. The secret that had kept her so obsessively avoiding any corporal punishment over the years is that as each successive smack landed on her already warm bum, the heat seemed to travel directly between her legs. Each swat-especially those down low and centered-vibrated down deep into her and set her clit buzzing like a tuning fork. She had known this since the paddling she got in 7th grade and it scared the hell out of her. She feared losing control to the sexual lather that she knew any punishment would bring on. That THIS ONE was bringing on!

She heard the swats landing and felt their impact-felt their heat-but has ceased feeling any real pain. It was as if the pain that should have been boiling her bottom was being tossed into the air like so much kindling by the waves of her passion. Her eyes stung as she began to give into tumult coming from below.

Her cries were no more yelps in answer to swats but whimpers and moans in answer to her own internal urges. Her wiggles were not so much to avoid the paddle but to better position her vulva against Marianne’s lap. The older woman paused and put down the paddle so she could slide the girl’s panties all the way off. “I’m afraid the whole idea of punishment is lost on this one…” Marianne said.

“It would appear so”, said Alex getting off the desk and moving closer to the sofa.

“Put your right foot on the floor, dear”, instructed Marianne gently pushing Colleen’s legs apart. The girl did as she was told, opening her bottom cheeks and everything between them to the room. She shifted slightly on the lap to almost straddle the woman’s knee and dug her toes into the floor pushing her mottled red right haunch backward.

Marianne made use of the target presented to her and smacked-bare handed now-both cheeks allowing her hands to contact, but not linger, inward and below. The girl had given all modesty over to the rush from her womb and had begun to moan lowly as she rode the tip of knee that the woman gave her.

Alex reached out and stroked her secretary’s dampening head…”Colleen, Colleen, what are we going to do with you?”

Colleen turned her flushed and tear-streaked face back toward her boss-who had only recently become her lover-and said with as much of a smile as she could muster…”This would be fine…like this…”

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