Molly In The Morning….

Continued from…Molly At The Club

Molly heard the door from where she lay fully clothed under an afghan on the couch. Corrine-cloaked only in the night’s darkness-was stepping out of the bedroom and closing the door carefully and silently as possible behind her. Certainly Corrine had to know that she was here, though Molly herself wasn’t sure where she was. The woman’s skin-where it wasn’t covered in ink-shone like polished ivory in the ambient glow of the city beyond the wall of windows. Molly was trying to decipher a tattoo that began at the woman’s hip and bloomed into her rib cage when Corrine stopped and looked over.

“You awake honey?” she asked.

“I heard the door.”

“I’m sorry”, Corrine said raising her hands to take in her body. “I thought you were asleep.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Making no effort of cover up, Corrine asked how she was feeling.

“Like I should still be asleep.”

Corrine put her hand up as if to say ‘Wait there’, a completely superfluous motion since Molly wasn’t moving. She watched the woman cross to the kitchen and open the fridge, her nakedness brightly outlined by the harsh light from within. The tattoo on her side was a brightly colored leopard, uncoiling from her hip and reaching high to seemingly devour her breast from below. She pulled out a plastic bottle filled with a beige liquid that swirled as she shook it. Then, with the fridge still open she rose on her tiptoes to reach into the cupboard. In silhouette, her lean and tight buttocks swelled with the movement as she picked a small pill bottle out of the cupboard.

She padded quietly over to where Molly lay on her side propped by an elbow. “Here, take this”, she said handing her the bottle.  Then Corrine squatted-‘SQUATTED!’ as Molly would recall it later in her head-in front of her keeping her legs together showing nothing but a perfectly manicured square of dark hair centered above a set of quads that looked hard enough to bounce a quarter off of. Above the flat stomach two perfectly uniform breasts hung just enough to prove they were the genuine articles.

She shook out two pills and handed them to Molly. “Take these.” Without a question Molly did-drinking from the shaker bottle. It was sweet, thick and cold. Tenderly, Corrine pushed some of the hair back from Molly’s forehead. Up close in the dim light Molly noticed that her nose had a slight bump in it, was maybe a little long and pointed, an imperfection that almost made her more alluring. Her scent was spicy-a slight tinge of sweat married to cinnamon and leather-and her hand, where it grazed her forehead was dry and warm just like at the bar.

“John wouldn’t let me undress you….” She said softly with a small smile.

“He’s no fun…”

Corrine’s smile widened. “You are bad…”

Molly reached out and lay her hand on the outside of the tightly stacked thigh in front of her. Like the woman’s hand, it was warm and firm. She rubbed it softly and slid her hand back toward the hip feeling a small burn begin in her crotch.

Corrine rose in front of her and Molly’s hand traced the leg’s unwinding. “There’s time for that sweetie.” said Corrine. “Right now you need sleep.” She bent and kissed her on the forehead-a quick soft peck that nevertheless stoked Molly’s fire. Then she turned and padded back to the bedroom treating Molly to the heavenly vision of her glowing undulating bottom moving away. Molly dropped her head back on the pillow and was instantly asleep and dreaming.

Sunlight bathed the house when she next opened her eyes. She saw John sitting at the kitchen counter with a steaming cup of coffee, fingering through his tablet. He was dressed casually befitting a Saturday morning but also somehow apparently ready to do something. She, on the other hand, felt like a sack of laundry ready to do nothing. She sat up.

“Oh, there she is…” he said pleasantly.

“Mmmorning…” she rubbed her eyes with her fists and sat up, dropping her feet to the floor.



She watched him pour a small cup out of a press pot at his elbow. He didn’t ask about cream or sugar just brought the steaming cup in to her, its aroma filling the large room.

“I just made it…”

She took it in both hands and sipped the bitter fruitiness which almost immediately delivered a small zing behind her eyes. He sat in a chair across the carpet from her. Obviously this was not the first coffee he had made that morning and had been up for a while.

“Sleep well?” he asked?

“This couch is more comfortable than my bed…”

He smiled. “Good.”

He let her know that he had to go look at some properties. “I can take you back to your car now….well, in fifteen minutes or as soon as you’re ready…or you can hang here until Corrine wakes up and she can take you.”

“Oh”, she said as innocently as possible, “Is she still here?”

He nodded toward the bedroom where she knew Corrine was. “She’ll rouse in a little bit.”

“I’m not ready just yet. I’ll wait….if that’s OK…”

He smiled again. “Completely fine. I’m sure she would want to see you this morning anyway.” He stood and went back to grab his tablet pointing out amenities that she might need. The house appeared to be a large single room but there were glass block barriers set up to conceal doors and hallways. “The computer is over there-password is on the card on the board; universal phone charger on the desk-bathroom there-TV remote” he set it on the couch beside her. “….. I won’t be back for a while-probably most of the day.”

She was too busy digesting his instructions to realize till later that he was deeding the house over for the day. He bent over and kissed her lightly on the cheek cupping the other with his hand. It was a sweet, almost brotherly gesture. “I’m sure I’ll see you soon. Relax a bit and have a good day…”

“Thanks for everything”, she said. “I had a great time…”

“Por Nada”, he said and disappeared behind a block wall and she heard him on the steps. She remembered the steps then-remembered walking up them last night. Remember leaning hard on the railing and laughing.

The house rumbled with the opening of the garage door and from her vantage point at the windows she could see John’s car turn the corner and disappear down Jane Street. She sipped on her coffee watching the city awaken slowly to its weekend routines. The house was built on a slope so she could look down from where she was, but no one except with a telescope from across the river could look in.

She heard the bedroom door creak open. Corrine stepped out wearing loose-fitting black gym shorts and a well-worn long sleeve polyester Pittsburgh Marathon jersey. Her hair was combed out and lustrous even though her eyes were still puffy with sleep. She was bed-warm and heat seemed to radiate off her as she stood close and took the cup from Molly’s hands.

“John left?”


“I think the garage door woke me….” She sipped and followed Molly’s gaze toward the river.

“Sorry about the peep show last night. I thought you were dead to the world.”


“Uh-huh?” said Corrine. “What’s with uh-huh?”

“Uh-huh in that I don’t think I entirely believe you.”

Molly glanced sideways and saw the small smile. Not sheepish, exactly, but definitely ‘busted’. A slim curtain of dark hair slid across her cheek as she drooped her head hiding the pink blush that had bloomed there. For the first time since Molly saw her behind the bar Corrine-for a quick moment- didn’t seem invulnerable. After a moment Corrine lifted her eyes and pushed the hair back behind her ear.

“Have you seen the master bath?” she asked.

“I don’t think so….I think I remember…” Molly looked toward a small door off the study area.

“No, that’s the powder room…the master has an amazing stone shower that takes up a whole corner and a hot tub, all with this view…”

“That I would remember.”

“Yeah-it’s something.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well”, said Corrine setting the cup on a nearby stone table, “I was thinking we should go in there and have a soak. Maybe a good long shower…get all squeaky clean…” She draped her arms around the smaller woman’s shoulders. “Then I’ll dry you off…top to bottom…then head to toe…” Molly let her smile answer Corrine’s. She opened her mouth slightly to accept the gentle kiss. “Then maybe I’ll put you over my knee, spank your bare bum for a while…” Molly pursed her lips in a look of feigned concern…”then take you into the bedroom and fuck your brains out.”

She kissed her again. Molly opened her mouth wider and welcomed the touch of tongue against her teeth. “Then,” whispered Corrine breathily as she rubbed her cheek against Molly’s “We’ll lounge around and I’ll make you a big breakfast.”

Corrine leaned back to see Molly’s eyes.

“I’m not much of a breakfast girl”, she said.

Corrine turned her and, arm across her shoulders, led her off toward the master bath.


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