A Visit to the Clinic

Angela Miller sat on the edge of the exam table and allowed her dangling bare feet to swing back and forth like a kid. The thin cotton gown covered her to mid-thigh and since she had come to the clinic braless all she had on under it were her panties. And it wasn’t warm in the room. Not at all.

She was about to hop down and look for a thermostat when the door opened and a tallish brunette in blue scrubs stepped through. She looked a little harried, with a couple of locks of hair escaping from a loose pony tail that she wore to the side. She shut the door behind her with a bit of sigh and took an exaggerated deep breath. “Whew”, she said smiling then looked at the folder in her arms.

“Hi. Angela?”


“Great, Hi…umm…I’m…Jessica. Just doing your intake-vitals, etcetera…” She was stumbling, seemingly unable to get the words out in the right order. Or remember her goddam name apparently! All she could think was “Those eyes!” as she was almost pinned to the door by Angie’s arresting robin’s egg blue eyes.

“No, good,” said Angie smiling and cocking her head to one side like a curious puppy. Of course the teeth were perfect and white as copy paper.

Angie put Jessica around thirty or so-about five years older than she was. She was slim and pretty with an unexpected silver stud in her left nostril. She seemed a little nervous; maybe she was new. Angie relaxed in the casual intimacy of the exam room -feeling Jessica’s thigh against hers and her breath on her neck as she took her pulse and wrapped the blood pressure sleeve around her arm. At least her hands were warm!

“What are you wearing?” Jessica asked as she wrote numbers on her chart. “The scent…”

“Oh, you like it? A friend of mine actually makes it…”


“Yeah-mixes all the oils and everything…quite an operation.”

“Smells amazing…”

“I love it. She calls it…Blue Steam, I think. Or something like that…If she hasn’t changed the name already. She goes back and forth.”

“It’s lovely…”

“Thanks…” Jessica asked a few more rote questions and made notes.

“You been here long?” Angie asked.

“A few months….”

“You like it?”

“Doctor Greene is amazing-I’m learning a lot from her.”

“She’s great…”

Jessica set the folder aside and flashed a slightly pained embarrassed smile. “If you don’t mind…flopping over onto your belly? She insists on core temperature.”


“Rectal”, Jessica answered, the pained smile getting tighter.

“Oh-yes, sure. Sorry”, said Angie. “I’ve been here before…Didn’t recognize the term” She slid over and reclined on her side for a moment before rolling over. She lifted slightly and arranged herself and the gown then settled.

“Thank you”, Jessica said relieved. “Some people make this so awkward…”

The cords on the gown kept it from sliding completely open in back but weren’t tight enough to keep her well rounded bottom from blooming through the gap.

“She started calling it ‘core’ because ‘rectal’ freaked people out.”

“I’m not shy”, said Angie situating herself, settling her head on crossed arms. “It’s only a bum, right?”

“Right”, said Jessica with a nervous laugh. Why was she nervous? She’d been doing this every day for the past three months. There was a pause before she realized that Angie wasn’t going to reach back and push her panties down like most people. Instead she lifted her hips a tad. “Would you do the honors?” she asked back over her shoulder, her face obscured by a cascade of honey blonde hair.

“Of course, sure”. Jessica quickly, carefully, and as clinically as possible, pulled the panties down to the tops of the woman’s thighs. No further than absolutely necessary but far enough to expose the roundest, firmest bottom that she had ever seen. And she’d seen plenty. Then, with a practiced hand, she used her thumb and index finger to open Angie’s cheeks and insert the pre-lubed tube into her tiny brown button. When she released the cheeks they closed firmly around the trim tube.

“Mmmm…” said Angie. “Tickles…”

Some patients were chatty to cover their nerves, some silent-squeezing their cheeks and powering through embarrassment. Jessica would be chatty or silent-whatever the situation called for. She would usually catch up on notes or look anywhere else around the room. But what she couldn’t do right now was look away. She had never seen…she gazed down at Angie’s perfectly rounded bottom as if into a crystal ball.

“You spend a lot of time at the gym, don’t you?”

“A ton! Why….?”

“Your bottom, girl…” Jessica couldn’t believe she was saying it as she said it.

“Hah…yeah. I had a boyfriend once that called it the most spankable ass in the state.”

“Did he?”


“Spank…it…er…you. Spank you?”

“Naw, not really. He never could figure out how that would work. A slap now and again…he was dense…”

“Must have been”, Jessica mused in a soft voice.

“That’s nice…” Angie said.


“Your hand.”

Without realizing it Jessica had, during their exchange, rested her hand on the small of Angie’s back.

“Oh god! I’m sorry…” she almost pulled it away but didn’t. The nervousness that she had felt earlier had slipped from her chest and settled lower. Much lower and it wasn’t really nerves anymore. She was transfixed by the view and fought to control her hands.

“You can touch it if you want”, the words came muffled from under the tumble of hair as if Angie was reading her mind.


“My bum…if you want.”

Angie’s eyes were closed and she was breathing lightly. There was no response coming from behind then the thermometer pinged to tell them it was done. She bit her lip lightly feeling herself being spread again and the instrument withdrawn.

A trifle chastened that her offer had not been accepted, she was about to reach back and pull up her panties when Jessica said “Hmmm…that’s odd. It didn’t take.” Then she felt her cheeks parted again and the tube slipped back into place. Slower this time. She held her breath until a hand, warm and dry, cupped her right cheek. And squeezed lightly.

“Ahhh…” Angie sighed and lifted her bottom slightly into the hand.

“My god, girl….this is…” her voice caught as her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. “Good lord….” She kneaded the right cheek then slid-not rising, not losing contact, but slid-across the deep crease from right to left and squeezed there. Then the other hand came into play to fondle the bottom of her cheeks and slide the panties a little further down. As the tingling in her crotch intensified, Jessica knew there was nothing that could stop her from kissing the lovely globes she had under hand and was lowering her face bumward when the door to the examining room opened with a simultaneous knock that really served no purpose.

“Dr. Greene!” Jessica gasped, caught with two handfuls of Angie Miller’s naked bottom.

“Hi Stephanie!” said Angie brightly, looking up and shaking the hair from her face.

Doctor or not, Stephanie Greene was a striking woman sliding into middle age with a style and panache that couldn’t be faked. She wore an above the knee electric blue skirt and a dark blouse that only a shade or two lighter than her shoulder length raven hair. She stepped into the room from where she had paused to take in the scene and closed the door behind her.

“May I ask…?” she began.

“I had a cramp”, Angie was quick to explain. “It just tightened up. Too much glutes at the gym this morning….Jessica is a gifted masseuse.”

“Uh huh…” said Stephanie, her eyes not buying it. “Jessica?”

“She was….really tight…” she muttered.

“OK…whatever. No time. Jessica, I’ll deal with you later”.

“Yes, Doctor”, she said gathering the folder and taking a step toward the door red-faced.

“Jessica?” Dr. Greene gave her a look and Jessica followed her eyes to Angie’s bottom where the thermometer still stood erectly in place like a little flag pole.

“Oh, I’m sorry…I’ll…” she stepped toward the table but was waved off.

“I’ll take care of it. Go.”

She hustled out the door and Dr. Greene with a quick wrist movement extracted the thermometer and dropped it in the basin. She then raised a hand and delivered a none-too-gentle smack to Angie’s upturned cheek. “You are such a brat”, she said.

“Don’t be too hard on her….she didn’t stand a chance.”

“Pull your panties up-let’s talk.”

“However…” Part III

Continued from “However…” Part II

”I can stop the spanking now”, said Taylor allowing her fingers to slide deeper between Dana’s legs. “You’ve been adequately punished for your tardiness. But I could…” she went on after a moment, “…do something to make you feel a little….better?” As she said that she drew her hand up into the dampening space as Dana lifted her bottom into her hand. “Yes, please…” she moaned.

As she lifted her tingling bottom higher so that the woman’s determined finger could get more deeply…deeply into her, Dana took a moment to reflect. This morning, Taylor Grayling was a well-paying fitness client and maybe friend. No, not really friend-it was a business relationship; she was a client. A client whose fingers felt so good up inside of her right now. “Eeep”, she gasped as she felt that finger swirl around the outside and slide gently and wetly back in.

This morning Dana had awakened somewhere in the eighth barren month without a lover. The only thing in those months that had been up inside her like this were on the ends or her hands or was blue and battery-operated. This she liked better. Oh, yeah, and this morning she had awakened having not had sex with a woman in ten years-and that was freshman year and the story went she was drunk and didn’t really know…or remember…or…whatever. It was her story, she’d stuck with this this long. But now?

“Come on. Up”, said Taylor slapping her lightly on the bum.

“Oh Nooo…”

“Come on…Let’s go.”

Dana arose unsteadily and allowed herself to be pushed toward the door that led into the house, down a short hallway and up a flight of stairs toward a little used wing of the large house. “Go! Go! Go!” Taylor hurried her from behind lightly smacking her on the bottom every step of the way.

At the top, Dana allowed herself to be guided into a bedroom that she registered had been prepared. Dark curtains kept out the late morning sunlight, replaced by the bright flicker from dozens of candles. The soft sound of surf emanated from…everywhere as did the vague scent of eucalyptus. Inside Taylor kicked the door closed and turned her trainer to face her.

Taylor’s eyes weren’t exactly predatory-not exactly-but wide and wanton, glowing brightly in the candlelight. “Off with this!” she yanked at Dana’s T-shirt which she slipped over her head followed by her sports bra which released her small, perfectly formed breasts to immediately be set upon by Taylor’s mouth.  The older woman was hungry for this but gentle in her roughness-relying on every sound or twitch to direct her next move. Which in this case was forward as she pushed the now naked Dana slowly backward pinning her to the bed. She stopped and looked up, meeting Dana’s eyes.

“Who the fuck are you Taylor…?”

She smiled slyly and continued pushing her backward until Dana sat on the bed then further until she was prone but keeping her face close. “I’m the woman who’s going to put her face between your legs and her tongue in your pussy until you scream.”

“Nice to meet you, then.”

With that, Taylor slid down Dana’s tight body, pausing to nibble at her taut nipples, before leaving a glistening trail down her belly and finally to the wiry blond patch at the bottom. She paused just long enough to slide her hands across Dana’s bottom then below her legs pulling them up and out. Dana reached down and patted her lover’s hands before replacing them on the backs of her thighs and pulling her legs to her chest.

Taylor’s tongue knew well what to do with the wide open invitation. It played at the inside of Dana’s thighs then around the wet folds of her vulva-probing deeper with every revolution. “Ack!” Dana coughed as it flicked lightly at her asshole.

“Like that?” Taylor asked…

“Love that….”

There was no more talking as Taylor bent in earnest to her work. At this moment she wanted nothing more than to make love to Dana the best way she could; to give her the kind of experience that would make her want more. As she widened the wet opening with her fingers and orally massaged her throbbing clit, her nostrils, filled with the scent of Dana’s soap, now flared with the dizzying aroma of her longing, pulsing in the waves of her flowing liquor. It didn’t take long before Taylor heard the moans coming from above morph into the screams she had prophesied. She licked feverishly until Dana’s body-hard as carved pine in the throes of orgasm-relaxed and then collapsed back onto the bed. She allowed her legs to drape gently across Taylor’s shoulders.

Still dressed for the gym, Taylor untangled herself and stood. Dana, spent to the edge of weeping, rolled onto her side and pulled her knees up.

“You OK?” Taylor asked softly, leaning close.

“I don’t care what Lynette says about her paddle. I’m coming late next week…”

By the time Taylor could pat her warm bottom and kiss her gently on the temple, Dana was asleep.

“However…” Part II

Tidy Whities

From http://www.firmhandspanking.com by way of Tumblr

Continued from “However…” Part I

Mary Elizabeth took a seat in one of the leather chairs in the small seating area around the bar, where Lynette lounged, one elbow on the marble surface like an extra in a western. Dana had to assume that’s where they remained because, to face Taylor where she sat on the couch, she had to turn her back on the ladies.

Dana had not come dressed for a workout. She had thrown on a blue nylon sweat suit on her way out of the house but it was more for lounging. Which is what she was getting set to do, she guessed. Or not. “You have to take those sweats down, dear.”

“Really?” she asked startled.

“Are you going to tell me that after a lifetime in gyms and locker rooms you are going to go shy on us all of a sudden?”

“No, no… I just didn’t know…” Taylor cocked her head to one side as if trying to understand what she was saying. “Nothing…never mind…” Dana untied the drawstring and allowed the loose nylon to slither down her legs feeling the air snake around her. It was now Dana’s turn to open her hands in a “Ta-da!” moment feeling chillingly exposed even in the warm gym. None of the others wore shorts-Lynette came closest with tight Capri’s.

“Very nice”, said Taylor. Figuring she knew the next step, Dana shuffled over to Taylor’s right side and noticed for the first time the rings she was wearing. Oddly, she wondered if she’d feel them. She was about to lower herself across her lap when the woman stopped her.

“Please dear…I do not spank panties. Even ones as cute as those.”

Dana shouldn’t have been surprised, but she was. She could feel the eyes behind her that would be looking at more than her back…She looked to Taylor to perhaps plead for some kind of mercy but the woman’s eyes seemed to have none of that in them. But her arched brow and dancing eyes seemed less threatening than…daring. Is that what this was? wondered Dana in the rapid fire synapses flickering through her head. Was this a big game of truth or dare? She was definitely getting a teenage pajama party vibe…maybe an…initiation? Was that it? An initiation into…what?

Dana’s revving brain froze at the sound of Lynette’s voice from behind her. “Her mind does tend to wander, doesn’t it Taylor?”

“Do you want some help with those?” Taylor asked looking up at her.

“No, sorry”, she said for what seemed to be the thousandth time and put her thumbs in the waist band of her panties and rolled them down. They clung to her-and only got as far as the tops of her thighs.

“That’s fine”, said Taylor reaching up for her hand. “Come on now.” Dana lowered herself across the woman’s lap. She wriggled a little to get comfortable-as much as that was possible-and pulled a pillow up under her. She tried not to think of the picture her bottom presented, being her highest point right now. Especially after Taylor pulled her panties further down. “There”, she said-happy with them at mid-thigh.

In truth, the touch of a woman’s hand to her bare bottom was not new to Dana. Not entirely common-and not recent-but not new. That woman’s hand spanking her bottom definitely was, though. She couldn’t remember ever being in this position-maybe as a child, no, definitely as a child, when they lived in that apartment and it was only she and her…”OUCH!” her reverie was interrupted by a sharp smack. Then a second. “OW!”

“Someone has low pain tolerance”, came Mary Elizabeth’s voice.

“Was just surprised…”

“You just surprised her, Taylor. Didn’t really hurt.”

“Oh, is that right?”

The third smack was the hardest and Dana gritted her teeth as the spanks fell, trying not to cry out but allowing gasps and muffled yelps. The stinging pain with each smack was something she expected, even something she deserved. She guessed. In this context. Of being over the woman’s lap and being spanked. She must have deserved it. “OWW!”

But what she didn’t expect was the feeling that was welling between her legs. Whether it was the heat building in her spanked bottom or the vibrations that Taylor’s hand sent south, where Dana had been dry scant minutes before was now beginning to dampen in a way it hadn’t, sadly, for months. She began to wriggle a bit against Taylor’s thigh, not so much to evade the next smack as to rub against something. Suddenly Dana coughed nervously-

“Oh-wait, wait, wait…Taylor.  Wait please…”

“Wait? What? I thought I wasn’t hurting you.”

“No, it’s not…you are…I mean you are…but I’m fine. I mean…I’m…”

Taylor turned her bright eyes back to Lynette and Mary Elizabeth.  The three women in the room who were not face down exchanged knowing glances. Mary Elizabeth blushed, but winked in a vain effort to cover.

Goddam Taylor was right, thought Lynette as she poked Mary Elizabeth in the shoulder. “I think that’s our cue”, she said. Mary Elizabeth rose reluctantly.

Approaching the couch and Dana’s upturned bottom, Lynette poked her firm, pink right cheek with a perfectly manicured finger. Dana jumped at the feeling and registered another tiny zap between her legs. She heard Lynette tell her “You best not be late next week because I’m bringing my own paddle-and you won’t enjoy that half as much as you’re enjoying this.” She smiled then kissed the tip of her index finger and touched it to Taylor’s lips and the two of them took their leave.

Once alone, Taylor said, “I hope you don’t think you’re done” and slapped her with a crisp smack that cupped her cheek and resonated, vibrated, down her leg. Dana, alone with her tormentor, felt free to let her moans more fully form.

“Bring your legs together”, Taylor ordered. When she did the woman let fly with a tattoo of quick spanks to the bottom of the bottom so that the sounds and vibrations echoed down into the chasm between her legs, then deeper, settling into the warm wet folds of her increasingly needy pussy.

“Taylor!” Dana was breathing heavily and undulating over her lap.  “This is amazing…I don’t know…”

“Here let me help you”, said Taylor, herself breathing in tight little gasps. “…lift your legs…” When she did Taylor reached down and pulled first her sweatpants then her bunched white undies off of her feet and tossed them aside.

“Now you can spread your legs a little.”

The next spank was wide handed over her near cheek and Taylor allowed her hand to linger there. Allowed her fingers to slide down between. Allowed herself to feel the heat emanating from Dana’s pink bottom. Suddenly Taylor wasn’t interested anymore in punishing her charge but rather in something that was entirely different. And something that could have been her plan all along.

To be continued…

Roles Can Change…


(Takes place immediately following Breakfast With the Bests)

Her face in the corner, she heard the shuffling of bare feet behind her.

“Well, hello Rebecca’s bottom. And how are you this morning?”


“And what did you do to find yourself presented so pleasantly in the corner?”

“Nothing”, she sniffed.

“Oh, come on. Franklin is strict but fair, right? You must have done something.”

Rebecca chose to ignore the question and ask her own. “Are you naked?”

“Of course I’m naked-that was the order wasn’t it?”

“It was”, she answered into the walls feeling the words bounce back in little puffs. “I just wondered if you might-once he left, and once I left, you would…”

“Just do as I pleased?”


“Fuck that. Every day I have to make decisions and live with them. Exhausting. I pay you guys good money-when you’ll take it-so I don’t have to do that over here. And besides, he left 10 minutes ago and you’re still in the corner. Right?”

Rebecca sighed and didn’t answer. This was not a conversation she really wanted to be having-and definitely not like this:bare-ass and in the corner. Again, she had trouble reconciling the things that happened in the dark of night, between the blue silk sheets upstairs and what happens in the sun drenched kitchen when she was late for work and there were still breakfast dishes on the counter.

“How long?”

“Alarm is set. Twenty minutes.”

“And you won’t even turn around?”

Just to move, Rebecca stretched her arms above her head then clasped her fingers around her neck. Bethany had gone silent but she could feel her move closer-bare feet sliding across the ceramic. Then with a shift in the air, she was right behind her. Rebecca’s heart fluttered with the touch of bare skin against her backside.

“Poor Rebecca…can’t even move. I can do what I want…as long as I’m naked…”


“Shhh…” Bethany’s arms circled her waist as she closed the space between them, then tightened as she molded her body against her sometime lover’s back.

Rebecca could feel the wiry bush against her bottom and her thick nipples poking her back through the thin cotton shirt. She closed her eyes and took quick gulps of breath sliding her hands up the wall and pushing backward slightly. Light-dark, bedroom-kitchen, sheets-counter…sometime she hated her lack of control. Usually right up until the point of losing it.

Bethany slid slowly down Rebecca’s back allowing her taut belly, then firm nipples, to flow over her gooseflesh prickled bottom. The older woman squeezed her eyes closed feeling Bethany’s breath caressing her as she knelt behind. The breath got closer and warmer but Rebecca didn’t make a sound until that first moan with the brush of tongue against her bottom.

“I love your soap…” Bethany whispered with a soft lick and taste.

Rebecca felt her cheeks pulled apart, then the wet, rough tongue flicking then prodding against the tight little bud of her asshole. She moaned softly again and reached back to pull the girl’s face deeper into her crevasse bringing the tongue harder into her. Without disengaging, Bethany slid her fingers up along the inside of Rebecca’s thighs and caressed the wet swelling there.

“That didn’t take long…” Bethany breathed.

Just as she was about to slip a finger up into the marsh, the cheery, metallic tones of Rebecca’s alarm tolled the break of the mood.

“Looks like your time’s up” said Bethany, pulling away from the glistening ass and allowing her cheeks to slide back together.

“Ohhh Nooo…” whined Rebecca less than half joking.

“Oh yes”, said Bethany, standing and silently wiping her mouth. “You know”, she said after a moment, “I can’t remember the last time I spanked you.”

Rebecca didn’t answer immediately concentrating on normalizing her breathing. “I think I remember a few slaps last night.”

“Those are different. I’m talking about a spanking. About you over my lap with your bum-this bum”, she patted it, “Up under my hand. You laying over my lap offering up your bottom to me. To be punished. I don’t remember the last time that happened.”

“I think that was…uh…never…”

“Oh…that’s right. Never. Huh. And I don’t think I can remember the last time I saw Franklin spank you. Can you?”

“He has, of course.”

“But the last time I saw it…?”

“I believe that was never as well.”

“Hmmm…There seems to be an imbalance in our little game.”

Rebecca attempted an authoritarian tone. “If there is, it’s an imbalance that we all agreed upon. The roles we play…”

“Roles can change” interrupted Bethany lightly pulling a silence over them.

“Yes, I suppose they can”, said Rebecca finally.

She cupped the older woman’s ample bottom then moved her hands to her hips once more pulling her backward so Rebecca could feel Bethany’s bush rubbing against her, then hugging her high so she could feel her hard nipples against her back.

“Yes”, she whispered in her ear. “Roles can change…”

And with that, she padded away….

To be continued….

Nightcap Part III


That Look….That Smile….That…well, you know…

(Continued from Nightcap Part Deux)

Face down on the bed Bethany clenched her bottom tightly enough that, from his vantage point, Best doubted a credit card could slip into the crease. He sunk further into the leather overstuffed chair just inside the door while his wife-less ignoring him than not at all acknowledging his presence-rolled up the sleeves of her blouse.

“I’m going to punish you now, Bethany. You know that don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“You deserve it, don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. Now”…she lay the cane across Bethany’s bottom and the girl jumped at the touch. “…Present, please…”

Legs still pressed tightly together, she had barely lifted her hips when the first stroke landed hard, cracking a sharp SNAP! at the end of a swooshing, whipping sound. By the muffled groan Best could tell she was biting into a pillow. Her knuckles were no doubt white and trembling with the effort of squeezing the duvet in her fists.

With metronomic pace and precision Rebecca rained stroke after stroke down on the woman’s flinching bottom. Bethany’s clenched rump, as firm and tight as a seal’s back, didn’t so much absorb the blows as repel them-sending the cane bouncing back. Rebecca ratcheted the force higher until each swoosh and snap was accompanied by a muffled yelp, mewl or-in a single case-an unmuffled cry which brought a pause from her tormenter.

“There, there…” the older woman cooed as she patted her tortured bottom gently. She ran her fingers lightly over the raised welts tracing their paths from cheek to cheek paying particular attention to the angriest and reddest of them. “Breathe, darling…” she whispered. “Breathe now…you’re doing very well.” Bethany whimpered at the caresses and allowed her bottom to relax a bit at the woman’s touch. Best, lapping at the bourbon in his glass like a dog that had been run too far, too fast watched motionless. He too had to be reminded to breathe.

His wife, still paying him no mind, lay the cane across the small of the girl’s glistening back. Slowly, she unbuttoned her black and white striped blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. Her small tight breasts clung firmly to her ribs, her nipples, even in the dim light, obviously swollen.  Retrieving the cane, she patted the cheek closest to her allowing her fingers to linger at-if not in-the opening crevice before resuming.

The strokes were softer now-some no more than flicks delivered into Bethany’s soft sit spots. “Relax now”, she said soothingly. “Relax and open…” The firm tension in Bethany’s bottom released on command as her cheeks spread in her exposed pose. Now, when the cane contacted her skin it didn’t bounce up as a stick from a drum but instead was absorbed into the lush softness, creating waves and quivers as would a pebble splashing into a still pond.

“Open wider”, Rebecca coaxed softly touching the top of Bethany’s legs with feathery fingertips. She did as she was told, opening and thrusting backward revealing her wet softness framed by striped and reddened buttocks. Instead of cracking into those cheeks, the cane found itself between them, in there flicking from side to side kissing the inside of her thighs and lightly brushing her pussy’s swollen lips.

Bethany’s moaning shifted in tone and timbre, becoming deeper and more rhythmically attuned to the pulses in her own body than to the touches of the cane. Straightening, Rebecca dropped the cane onto the carpet and without turning her eyes from the girl’s undulating hips, unsnapped and unzipped her skirt. It slid unencumbered into a heap on the floor which she stepped daintily out of. Wearing nothing now but her black pumps Rebecca shone glossy and alabaster in the guttering candlelight.

Best brought the glass to his lips to find it empty. Beyond empty, it was dry as if the heat of his hands had steamed away every trace that it once held anything. He held it empty to his lips then brought it back to his lap in a robotic pantomime. He studied his wife’s every move as she knelt on the bed, first one leg then the next. He saw the workings of the muscles in her legs and ample ass as she positioned herself between Bethany’s legs screening him from the young woman altogether. Finally, when Rebecca was where she wanted to be, all he could see of Bethany were her legs sticking backward, flanking his wife as Rebecca slid her knees back, raising her own bottom and dipping her head.

By the movements of his wife’s shoulders, he knew that she was ministering to Bethany’s bruised bottom, kissing every welt and every abrasion, cooling her burning skin with her wet soft tongue. Rebecca slid back further still until she was reclining on her side-cheek to cheek as it were-and he was able to see Bethany’s glistening bottom pebbled with goosflesh, moving to his wife’s rhythms. He heard the gasp when Rebecca’s fingers slid into the sweet wetness of the younger woman’s pussy then the moan when she pushed her thumb into her tight asshole.

Bethany’s ecstatic crawl now was not to escape the cane but to improve the angle and widen the openings behind. Rebecca really didn’t need the help. She shifted back to her knees and pulled her fingers out to an accompanying whine only to replace them with her tongue. No more for gentle ministrations it was now an attacking snake plunging deeper into the Bethany’s pussy to find and ravish her clit. Rebecca’s arms reached under the girl and pulled her closer, tighter, closing her mouth over the woman’s bucking, sopping opening to drink as much of her sweet, spunky nectar as she could.

Bethany’s moans had morphed into coughs and barks when Best rose stiffly to his feet. He slipped quietly from the room and down the hallway turning the warm glass round and round in his hand. The sound of the lovemaking grew louder the further he got from the door. It wouldn’t be long now.

He was on the third step down, feeling the grain in the polished oak banister, when Bethany’s voice bloomed into an unfettered wail that filled every corner of the house as no music ever could. He imagined the draperies ruffling in its wake and candles being snuffed out. It was, Franklin Best thought, the sweetest sound on earth.

Nightcap Part Deux


From Google Images

Takes places right after Nightcap

She jolted awake, panicked for a moment not knowing where she was. When it came back all at once she relaxed. She couldn’t have been asleep for long but long enough to feel a dull ache in her back and a bit of numbness in her hip.

She had prepared, as he had instructed. She was nude, centered on the bed face down. A pillow under her middle presented her bottom gently upward. The door was open behind her so that anyone wandering the hallway could see her but that was a conceit for the game. Who could see her but him?

Where was he? Assuming she had only dozed a few moments he had had plenty of time to get up here. He wouldn’t do corner time-which she would prefer-so they came to this. She would position herself for punishment and wait. Usually not this long…but she’d wait.

Comfortable that she could hear him coming before he got to the door she broke form and pushed herself up on her hands in a long upward dog to stretch her back. She clenched her bottom tightly and craned her neck backward to where she could see the ceiling had she opened her eyes.

She released back down across the pillow and splayed her legs wide revealing all that was between them to the open door. She let herself react languidly to the feel of the air on her dampening pussy before pushing up onto her knees then backward to offer fully-feeling her hips open and pushing her tiny winking butthole back beyond her feet.  She held for two breaths smiling inwardly at the view he would have if he walked in now. How he would thrash her for her wanton display! Then, in the final pose of her naughty little asana, she brought her legs tightly together, demurely closing her cheeks and resuming her chaste offering position.

She breathed deeply, in rhythm with the blood coursing anew through her stretched muscles. Then, just then, she finally heard a soft tread on the hallway carpet. With that sound, that simple footfall, she began to flow a bit and knew she was swollen down there. Her heart beat a little faster and her breath quickened. Without really moving, she raised her bottom higher as the footsteps sounded on the room’s hardwood, then back onto carpet as they approached the bed.

She awaited the touch. The admonishing word. She was about to slide her cheek across the warm coverlet to face him when…

Well hello Bethany. Isn’t this a nice surprise.

She flipped up on her side exposing her small breasts and perfectly shaved pubis to her lover’s wife. Rebecca Best’s piecing blue eyes glowed in the dim light.

Don’t get up for me honey.

Feeling suddenly exposed she covered her breasts, ashamed that her nipples were hard and twice their normal size. Would she notice? She pulled her leg up to cover her swollen nakedness which even now continued to ripple with tiny jolts of desire.

What are you doing here?

Earlier flight. Couldn’t wait to get back to my happy home. She bit off this last.

But I was…we were…

Uh huh.

Where is…

He had an emergency call…I actually passed him in the drive. He didn’t mention that you two had business tonight.

Ma’am please…my clothes are right over there…

I see your clothes. You just won’t need them right now.

But ma’am…I…

Shhh…shhh…you and I have not had a chance to talk lately. She reached down and patted the girl on the cheek as her husband had done earlier. Bethany flinched as if she were about to be struck.

Please, you silly. Rebecca said with a tight cold smile.

She reached down and lay a hand on Bethany’s hip. The touch was hot-as if her mere caress would leave a mark-a small four finger brand. She applied pressure guiding the girl back over onto her belly. Here you go, she said. Lay back down…very nice. Only when she had settled bottom up again, did Rebecca remove her burning fingers from the girl’s backside.

Bethany craned to look back over her shoulder.

No thank you. Just keep your eyes down. I want the view that Franklin wanted.

The girl, breathing in tiny bites, settled her face into the coverlet and nervously waited. The hot hand again-this time high on her leg.

Please open, Bethany.

Mrs. Best, I….

The slap startled her and she cried out a quick little mew feeling the burn on her exposed bottom.

Open please.

She tentatively opened her legs only slightly-revealing nothing.

Bethany, Rebecca said tightly. Do you want another spank?

The girl opened until she could feel the air again caressing her below. She tried to control her breathing feeling the older woman’s gaze washing over her. She felt Rebecca’s burning hand slide between her legs. She wanted to close them but would only pin the hand in place. Instead, she opened slightly wider to afford better access. She felt the woman’s fingers along the outer folds of her pussy. Oh, you have quite a little spigot back here don’t you? asked Rebecca as if speaking to a child.

Bethany bit her lip as the probe continued around the edges and then slipped easily inside. She circled the inner passage with one finger then added another-not deep, but inside. I asked you a question, Bethany. Do you always get this wet just waiting for my husband?

Something in the tone demanded an answer. Yes ma’am…

She pulled out of the probe and slid her slippery finger up across Bethany’s asshole. The girl gasped and squeezed handfuls of the coverlet.

Sensitive here, aren’t you? she asked keeping the finger on the asshole and wiggling.

Yes ma’am.

It’s a shame Franklin had to miss this. She withdrew her finger and patted the girl gently on the bum-exactly on the handprint that she had left with the first slap.

Bethany felt Rebecca slip away from the bed then heard the opening of the cabinet door and the clattering of the rattan canes. She looked back to see Rebecca doffing her jacket.

Mrs. Best…I’m sorry. Please don’t do this…She came close to whimpering.

Rebecca pointed sternly with the heavy cane she had taken from the cabinet. EYES FRONT!

Oh I’m definitely going to do this, she said, rolling up her right sleeve. You deserve a punishment young lady and one like only I can give you. This won’t be a little stroke and kiss from Franklin. No Bethany. When I’m done with you, you will know what a punishment is.

The girl did whimper then and pulled her legs back together.

Outside in the hall Franklin Best watched, nursing his drink and mouthing the words he had given his wife to say.

Molly Goes Down

Corrine Bottom copywrite Photo Nicola De Luigi

©Nicola DiLuigi from Tumblr

Continued from Molly for Breakfast

Molly allowed herself to be dried, luxuriating in the soft thickness of the towels as Corrine stroked and patted. Every touch of the thick cotton anywhere tingled her already-crawling skin and sent electric waves to her crotch. She could feel Corrine close-feel her heat-as she stroked her hair wringing the water from it. Her breasts were close-almost close enough to lick.

“Are you going to spank me now?” Molly asked huskily close to Corrine’s neck.

“Have you been bad?”

“I’ve been very…very bad…”

“Then come with me bad girl….” She whispered and directed her, with an arm on her shoulder, toward the door in the back wall.

Candles burned in the inner sanctum of John’s bedroom, the fragrant dim glow replacing the harsh light of day that was entirely blocked by dark blinds. The daytime sounds outside were muted by a low wash of what sounded like flowing water coming from the sound system. The bed was tightly made and tucked because that was John’s thing; regardless of when it would be used again.

Corrine gently pushed her toward the bed. “Turn it down”, she ordered. She watched from behind as the girl bent to reach the spread and pull it down. As she extended, her compact little vagina winked backward from under her bottom and Corrine felt the flutter in her grow into a whirl. Her nipples swelled and pulsed as Molly folded back the blanket and top sheet- down to the fitted silk.

Corrine flowed past Molly, pausing slide her hand along her bottom-gently cupping the firm cheeks and allowing her fingers to linger between-then her hip, then her belly as she slid onto the bed. She flipped the pillows aside to lean against the smooth barn-wood headboard cool against her skin.

Extending her legs she reached toward Molly. “Get over here”, she growled.

The girl crawled onto the bed and knelt beside Corrine reaching over to kiss her once softly on the mouth. Feeling the kiss returned, she ran her lips along her neck then settled on her firm breast. The taut nipple felt hard in her mouth as she flicked it with her tongue.

If Molly’s experience in this arena was limited to the point of being almost non-existent, her desire was not. When unsure, she would only do what she would like done to her. Corrine’s gaspy and gulping breathing let her know that she was on the right path. She slipped her tongue around the areola and gently bit her nipple as she pulled back. Her tongue was on march, advancing down the flat plain of stomach toward the tiny dark patch of destination at her crotch when Corrine grabbed her by the hair.

“You get over my lap right now, girl…”

And she did. Slowly. Languidly lowering herself across the long lean thighs. Once across her lap Molly didn’t lie still, though. She moved and squirmed, positioning herself to get the best rub of her swelling vulva across Corrine’s leg. Her rhythmic undulations were stirred by Corrine’s hand gently kneading and squeezing her pert cheeks and hamstrings. She worked her fingers between the easily cleaved cheeks and gently stroked up, down and under.

Corrine’s first dream, her first desire, is always spanking them. Girls or boys, men or women…gender or age…none of it mattered. Her Barbie Dolls spanked each other when she was eight. In Corrine’s world, if a spanking lead to sex later, all the better. If it was just sex with no spanking-she went away fucked-but unsated. The cracking tattoo of her hand on some unfortunate’s bare bum was the soundtrack of her dreams. And Molly was ready for it-already whimpering like a puppy pushing her bottom upward.

Best get on with it, she thought.

The first smack was a light slap using only her wrist fully on the right side. The second the same. Molly moaned, not from any pain she was feeling but from the vibration that traveled from her smacked bottom down through her pulsing crevasse and into her dampening sex. Again and again, Corrine raised her hand and brought it down watching Molly’s butt wriggle and gently pinken and wondered why she, of all people, could not wait for this to be over. She slapped harder, using more arm and the flat of her palm and the reports came louder as did Molly’s squeals.

Corrine grabbed her by the hair and pulled gently. “You wanted spanked-you bad girl…you deserve this, don’t you?”

“Yes, YES, I do…I deserve it…” She spanked her again, harder. Her hand yanking at Molly’s hair didn’t stop or even slow the fierce rubbing against her thigh. Jesus, thought Corrine, she was going to come!

“You stop that!” she ordered pressing her hand hard down on her warm bottom.

Molly was breathless-but stopped. “Why…what…?”

With a quick lift and roll, Corrine deposited her onto her back on the bed, springing to her knees beside her. She kissed her hard on the mouth. “You will come when I say you can come, you understand?” With that she slipped a finger deep into her wetness.

Molly moaned at the insertion and lifted her hips. Like a Praying Mantis over a grasshopper Corrine rose onto all fours and crawled backwards sliding her finger out and with a slow downward swoop of her head, replaced it with her tongue. The girl opened to her like a wet peach.

It didn’t take long. With her motor running high and hot, Molly stiffened, grabbing Corrine’s head in a tight leg lock. Corrine-her ears crushed by the warm steam of Molly’s thighs- kept her mouth clamped in place as the girl bucked and rolled onto her side. She absorbed Molly’s heels frantically kicking into her back and had to roll with her to retain her lip lock. Then with a screech, Molly shuddered and went limp.

Corrine lay her head on the inside of Molly’s thigh and allowed the other leg to close heavily over her head. Soaking up the scent, she teased “You’ve come before right?”

“Not like that…” she came back breathless. “Not like that…”

Corrine nestled closer and stuck her tongue again into the sweet liquor that puddled in the reaches of Molly’s vagina. “Ahh-Come on”. Molly breathed and opened her legs releasing Corrine’s head while reaching down to pull her up. “Your turn….”

“Ah yes! Mama’s turn…” She flopped onto her back. “You know what to do right…?”

“I think I can find everything…” she said kissing her and finally able to slide her hand all the way down the woman’s flat belly and over the tiny square of close cropped hair.

Corrine dug her head back into the pillows. “There’s a spot in there…” she continued to tease. “You’ll feel it….up near the top…”

“You mean…..this?” asked Molly touching Corrine’s on-switch standing erect in the soft pulsing pool.

Corrine smiled and gently ground her hips into the finger that rubbed her gently. This was good, she thought as Molly’s head-laying gently on her chest-rose and fell with her breathing. This was almost perfect. Almost.

“Would you do something for me?” Corrine asked gently and quietly; in a way that won her another soft kiss on the mouth.

“Absolutely…” said Molly. “What?”

Corrine disengaged and pulled herself up on an elbow enough to reach the bed stand. She opened the top drawer and came back with a small bottle of lube. She took Molly’s hand and squeezed a dollop on her fingers. Molly tasted it-“Strawberry….”

Corrine rolled onto her side facing away. “In my ass…” she said.


“Definitely” she said pushing her hips backward.

Molly ran her hand over Corrine’s glistening buttock leaving a trail that extended from the hip bone to that little dark spot between her cheeks. When Molly’s finger touched it, Corrine gasped lightly and pulled her knee toward her chest affording more open access. “Mmmm…” was the only sound she was making into the pillow. Molly ran her finger around the outside of her anus-every movement bringing a twitch or a groan. She slid along the surface of it and pressed-as if to plunge inside-then withdrew to circle again.

“Ohhh, you’re a bitch….” Corrine muttered into the pillow.

In answer Molly pushed the woman’s leg further and dipped her head between her cheeks. She bit her gently on the sit-spot where the cheek met her leg. Then, as Corrine continued to moan, she licked at the flavored lube around her butthole while reaching underneath to slip her fingers back into Corrine’s sopping cunt. She pushed backward, opening wider inviting-begging for-insertion. She wanted Molly inside her ass but didn’t want to interrupt what she was doing.


“Okay…but you’re loving this…”

“Wait,” Corrine breathed. She rolled over onto her back lifting her leg over her lover. Molly made a move to lick the pulsing panther tattoo on her ribcage while still stroking, stroking…

“No Molly-no tits…ass, baby…” She pushed her head southward. “Put your tongue where your finger is and your finger in my ass…”

Sliding her tongue down her belly Molly teased, “You’re bossy….”

“So I’ve been told…” she smiled laying back.

For the first time in her life, Molly stuck her tongue into a woman’s vagina and thrilled at the reception. Corrine arched and hummed loudly as the target was engaged. Then, not waiting to be told again, Molly touched the woman’s asshole tentatively then, feeling the tight little muscle crack open for her, slid firmly inside.

“Oh…that’s what I wanted…just like that…” Except it wasn’t exactly. “In and out, now.” She said…”In and out…” Breathing through her nose-and stuck like a barnacle to Corrine’s clit-she withdrew her finger almost out, then slid it in again-stopping at the top knuckle.  In then out, then in again, finding her rhythm. “Beautiful…” groaned Corrine beginning to stroke the bed with her arms; flapping as if hoping to take off and lifting her hips higher. What Molly lacked in experience, she made up for in enthusiasm never, through all the gyrations and ministrations, breaking from Corrine’s clit.

“Try two fingers!” Corrine gasped. “Same in and out-two fingers!”

Jesus, thought Molly.

Two strokes after she had she slipped the second fingers inside Corrine began to come-a deep throated groan then high pitched yips and coughs which she celebrated in full throat volume. Molly caught the spurt of her orgasm and roughly drug her tongue over the spigot eliciting one more growl and a final collapse of the Corrine-arch bridge. Molly pulled out her fingers with a gentle pop and flopped into the crook of her gasping lover’s arm. They lay entwined until normal breathing returned.

“That was….” Corrine started.

“Yeah, it was…You’re a good director…” she kissed her neck.

“Yeah, sorry about that…”

“It’s fine… What now?”

“Strip the bed, wash the sheets, jump back in the tub, anything I say.”


“Yep-slave for a day.”

Molly snuggled closer in no hurry to do anything. “Hope it’s for more than a day.”