Mt. Ashby Academy – Part 3

Continued from The Twins

Camilla still hadn’t said a word as she walked up the steps and unlocked the apartment. And as he had a number of times since leaving Alex’s office, Phillip bringing up the rear forlornly, tried to engage his sister at least to apologize. Again he was silently rebuffed as she walked through the living room, down the hall and into her room closing the door behind her.

Alex stepped through the door to the Chancellor’s Office and greeted Marianne, Wallace Foster’s secretary. A handsome woman in her fifties she was married to a Spanish professor on campus and had put two boys through Mr. Ashby. She had a warm smile and seemed proud of her well-earned salt and pepper hair which she never darkened but kept in a rather youthful cut around her face.

“Hello Alex, nice to see you,” she smiled rising and extending a hand.

Alex shook gingerly. Marianne was tall and strapping given to long hikes over the mountain trails and long laps in the university pool.

“Is he available?” Alex asked, nodding toward the closed door.

“He’s on the phone right now”, she widened her eyes in comical emphasis, “Benefactors, you know”, and smiled. “Have a seat, he should be off in a moment.”

Phillip knocked softly at his sister’s door. “Cammie? Cammie? Can I come in?”

Camilla was face down on the bed dry-eyed and fully clothed. Her bottom felt tight and hot encased like two little sausages in her snug panties. “Cam?” She knew she had to eventually let him in or he would paw pitifully at the door all afternoon. But she let him knock a little longer before she gave a muffled “Come in…” into the pillow.

The door opened and he crossed the floor mercifully silently and sat on the bed. He patted the back of her leg down by her knee-well away from the affected area. “I won’t apologize again. You know how sorry I am…Cam, I just couldn’t let her…”

“Enough, Phillip. I know. Don’t apologize anymore. My fault. I dealt with it.”

He sighed loudly. “Thank you. You can’t imagine how it felt watching you…”

“Spare me.” She said.

Yes, probably bad form telling her how much it hurt him watching her take his strokes. After a moment he pulled at loose corduroys. “You should at least get these off. Your bum still has to hurt. Let me rub some lotion on you. Make you feel a little bit better anyway.” There was no response and her steady breathing almost convinced her brother she was sleeping until she said, “Take my shoes off….”

He slipped her loafers off one at a time and dropped them to the floor. She rolled onto her hip so he could undo her belt and pants and for the second time in the last hour they came down, pulled all the way off from the bottom. In the sunlight beaming through the blinds Phillip could see the welts and bruises from the cane below her sheer panties as well as through them.

She lifted slightly so he could gently roll them down and off. It did feel better having the cool air caress her skin. “Poor Cammie”, he whispered rubbing the back of her thigh.

“Lotion is on the dresser. In the green bottle.”

He knew the bottle. It was aloe and Vitamin E mostly-very soothing on sunburns and any other such burn or….abrasion. He sat back on the bed and squeezed some onto his fingers which he applied gently to the welt that crossed the exact center of her bottom. She sighed gently and raised her bottom ever so slightly so that he would have easy access to the burns where her cheeks met her legs. Her eyes stung a little at the relief.

“You mean he let her take his caning too? He just stood for that?”

“Yep. She took all twenty.”

“What a little shit he is…I figured that.”

Wallace Foster was tallish without being actually tall. His rangy build and long arms made him look taller. Shoulders and chest were overly large and rounded-evidence of too much time in the weight room for a guy his age but who was she to judge how someone stays in shape. He wore his thick dark hair short on the sides with a razor sharp part on the left. Nothing fell onto his forehead.

His nervous energy made it seem as if he was always chewing gum or snapping his fingers through he did neither. It was a constant internal fidget that manifested in rubbing his fingers together or waving his hands.

“Did you really bring it? Was it a good punishment?”

“Very adequate. Truthfully, I did let up in the end a bit. I might have gone harder for a few strokes just to shame him.”

“Good luck with that.”

“What’s with them, anyway?”

“Oh, don’t know…not drugs or anything nefarious. I think they took off to Italy before last term with the money earmarked for school. Thought it would be easier to put us off than to let their parents know. I’m thinking we disabused them of that notion.”

“They are coming to see you about a payment plan.”

He waved his arm, dismissing the subject. “Of course. It will be taken care of. But you, Ms. Tao…”

“Ms. Tao?” thought Alex as alarm bells began to go off in her head.

“It was you who delivered the caning, correct? You. Alex Tao.”

“Of course”, she said firmly betraying nothing.

“Not your secretary, Colleen, then?”

”No. It was me. Why?”

“You realize that we have a trust here, at Mt. Ashby. Not a sacred trust necessarily, but a trust nonetheless. A trust with the student body, with the parents who send their precious little shits here, with each other to do things a particular way. You’ve been here long enough to know that.”

“Yes, I know that. I don’t see…”

“Having your secretary, or anyone who is not a faculty member nor tenured staff member carry out punishments would be a betrayal of that trust.”

Alex bit her lip to avoid saying anything.

Foster stepped out from behind his desk and moved to the window, speaking to the view beyond. “I’m not going to embarrass us both by asking the question that we both know the answer to so I’ll ask instead how many canings did your secretary participate in?”

“Well…she’s been a witness to….”

“I’m not talking about witnessing. I’m talking about swinging the cane. How many?”

Alex pretended to have to think for a moment, then said “Six.”


“Always under my supervision. I was there. It was under my supervision and direction. You know I was…incapacitated…” she raised her arm weakly though Foster wasn’t looking.

“You were OK today.”

“Things heal. It’s taken awhile…”

The silence between them ticked off until he finally said, “This could have been serious. If anyone would have complained or raised an issue, we all could have been in a bit of a jam. You exposed us pretty severely.”

“Look, my understanding was that..”

“Your understanding was wrong.” He bit the words off severely. He turned to face her. “What I have to do now, what we have to do is going to be good for Colleen but…We’re going to have to fake a special board session later this week to grant her tenure. About three years too early but we can make the paperwork look like she’s had tenure all along. A special circumstance.” He then continued as if to himself as he paced around the room…”Not exactly the Mt. Ashby way, but you’ve put us in a spot here…”

Alex had a chill radiating from her stomach. She had never thought this would turn into a….thing. She still didn’t think so, but if the Chancellor was this put out by it, she might have misread the situation. She would have to go back and scour the bylaws and handbooks to see if…She froze when she heard the closet open behind her. There was only one reason for him to be going into his closet. A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed her fear-Foster was taking a cane off the hook inside the door.

She shot to her feet. “Wallace! There is no way you are going to cane me!”

“Alex”, he said closing the door behind him. “As I said, you’ve put us in a spot. You could have come to me about….” He waved the cane toward her arm…”your incapacity-but you chose not to. You chose to do it your own way-as if you had no superiors here to report to…or confide in.”

“Look. I’m sorry but I’m sure we can figure…”

“I already have figured. And it wasn’t just me. Unlike you I opened the situation to other staff and faculty to discuss and we found our way out of it. We will fix this. This mess that you made. This”, he flicked the cane in the air, “isn’t about fixing the problem. It’s about punishing the person who caused it.”

She tried to control her voice-to modulate the rising waves of…what? Fear? Embarrassment? “We’re peers. I’m in a tenured position here.”

“That’s true-but the bylaws of the institution allow for corporal punishment among peers.”

“But I would have to consent.”

“That’s right, you would.”

“And I certainly do not!”

“I see…”

“I don’t think this is as serious a breach as you do and I think given some time to investigate…”

The Chancellor placed the cane on his desk and went back to the window, dismissing her words with a wave of his hand. “Been done-we know the course we are taking. If you are not going to accept your caning-as is your right-you are free to go.”

She stopped trying to speak. That was it? “Alright then. I’ll go…I’m sorry for this Foster. I really am. I just didn’t think.”

“No problem”, he said to the mountains out the window. “Go about your day…nice job with the twins. Thanks for that.”

“OK, fine. Thank you.” She was almost to the door when he asked, without turning around. “Send your secretary Colleen over would you?”

She froze. “Colleen? Why?”

He thought of Colleen. He didn’t really know her-just had seen her around campus-big smile, long coltish legs…”Somebody has to pay for this breach of protocol. You, as is your right, have passed. Your secretary though was a willing participant…”

“She only did what I told her to do!”

“That’s clear. You misguided her. But she will have to pay for it since she doesn’t have tenure yet.  Doesn’t seem fair does it?”

Camilla had begun to cry softly has Phillip gently applied the lotion to her hot bottom. She wasn’t crying against the pain, which had begun to subside but out of relief that the whole affair was now over. She was grateful for the attention her brother was giving her and that she could count on him to be by her side…for most things anyway.

She spread her legs slightly to allow his soothing fingers to get a little deeper between her cheeks. “Don’t”, she said softly as they probed directly between her legs where no cane had bitten. “Shhh…” he whispered gently as she raised up slightly and he extended further….

To be continued…

Mt. Ashby Academy-The Twins

Lifted from Pentych's awesome Tumblr Blog

Lifted from Pentych’s awesome Tumblr Blog

Fresh out of the shower and alone in the locker room, Alex Tao twisted to look over her shoulder into the mirror. She had given up ever being entirely happy with the size of her bottom but she did like it better dusted and crisscrossed with the light blue bruises that Colleen left her with weekly. A couple of the darker ones were fading to an autumnal gold color signaling the time was nearing for a fresh set. The girl had learned the art of the cane quickly and Alex, in turn, was feeling more relaxed and able to focus on the tasks of running Mt. Ashby.

She dressed slowly-leisurely-knowing that her secretary would have the office open and tea made by the time she got there fresh from her morning workout and elbow rehab. Slacks today and a white silk top under a smart navy blazer that covered the elastic brace that she still wore on her elbow. She laced up her sneakers for the brisk walk across the quad and up the steps two at a time. Her mood was bright and she wore one of those goofy “just happy” smiles people wear when they were in a good mood for no real reason. Then she opened the door to her office suite and felt the smile, along with her mood, freeze then drain away.

There, in the outer office, sat the twins, Camilla on the couch and Philip on the hard backed chair. They weren’t “twins” actually more-what used to be called in less enlightened times-Irish twins; born eleven months apart sharing the same age for a few weeks. Camilla, slouching, affected the infuriating insouciant pose that held most people, including her professors, at arm’s length. Her clothes-though the most expensive and fashionable money could buy-blue corduroys and oxford cloth striped shirt and sport coat-were intentionally oversized and thrown together to give her the look of a very expensively dressed asexual ragamuffin. Her short blond hair, cut in a boyish bob, lay just over her ears, as her bangs fell across her forehead from the side part.

Philip, making a perfunctory move to rise when she entered the room, shared his sister’s slight build but was darker, more of a sandy, straw blonde than Camilla’s lighter yellow. She had probably dyed it, of course. While she was small and pretty behind the perpetual indifferent pout, his face was more pointed and feral.

“Please, Philip, sit. No need to get up”, Alex said closing the door.

Why had she said that? Of course he should have gotten up when she, any woman, entered the room. What was it about these two than forced everyone who crossed their paths to defer to them? Was it because they were rich and that the gym annex carried their grandfather’s name? A lot of people here were rich-Ashby wasn’t for everyone. Most of the bottoms she crossed with welts were attached to walking wallets whose monthly stipend exceeded Alex’s yearly salary.

“Is Colleen, my secretary, here?”

He nodded to her office door.

Colleen was in her office looking out the window. “We have guests”, Alex sarcastically whispered.

“Sorry, yes.” Colleen turned to face her boss. “I couldn’t stay out there with them any longer. They don’t talk and when you do they look at you like you’re speaking another language. I figured I’d come in here and….file.” She shrugged.

“Why are they here? Do we have any reports on them?”

“Nothing that I know of but they brought that”, she nodded at a sealed envelope on the desk. It was addressed to “Ms. Tao” and adorned with the seal of the Chancellor’s office.

“They said Mr. Foster sent them over.”

Alex opened the envelope and read the typed notice.

“Let me be, would you?” she asked Colleen, picking up the phone. Colleen left as she dialed. “Mr. Foster, please…Thank you”

While she waiting to be transferred she read the note over again. She was to cane the twins due to their ‘recalcitrant behavior as regards their financial obligations to Mt. Ashby…’

“Foster here.” His voice was hard and deep. Probably an affectation for phone conversations to make him sound older than he was. Which was a few years younger than Alex.

“Good Morning Wallace. Alex Tao…I have the twins over here…”

“Did they give you my note?”

“Yes…it’s….I thought this was the kind of punishment you would deal with in your offices.”

“Typically yes. But I’m so close to the family in all of our….dealings and the finances. I didn’t think it was especially proper, nor that I could do-adequately-what needed to be done.”

She was silently calling “Bullshit” on that one. He didn’t want to get on the wrong side of the twins.

“I see. Any guidelines for me…given your background with them?”

“No. Use your judgement. If it was me…” And it should be thought Alex, “I’d guess twenty should be right. Ten good ones each. And I mean good ones.”

“We can handle that…”


Christ. “I mean I. I can handle that.”

“Considering the recent goings-on over in your offices I didn’t think it would be a problem.”

A chill dropped into Alex’s belly. “What goings-on would they be?” she asked?

“When you finish with the twins, come over to my office so we can discuss that, alright?”

“What did you…” she further questioned but the line was dead. He had hung up on her? What the hell?

She went into the outer office where the twins hadn’t changed their positions or postures. Colleen was busying herself with a spreadsheet on her laptop that Alex assumed was the recording of the twins’ accounts.

“You know why you are here, right?” Alex addressed them both.

Phillip leaned back in the chair. “It appears we are in some sort of arrears…”

“I should say”, said Alex. “Colleen?

“Nine months behind on payments. The sums are significant…and there has been no response to any formal or informal entreaties.”

He tossed his chin toward his sister. “She handles the disbursements. That-the money-just leaves me cold. We can go now and she will take care of it.”

“It’s my understanding that the chance to do that was extended to you many times, and it’s gone on and on. This is a significant bill that you’ve been ignoring.”

“Not ignoring really…it just…” he let his hands rise from his lap flapping his fingers…

Camilla shifted a bit and seemed to bite the inside of her cheek. Alex was already tired of this conversation. If she could have gotten them-or Camilla apparently-to pull out a checkbook and just pay the bill now she would have happily done so just to get them out of her office. But she didn’t think it was that simple. She walked into her office and out of sight but the trio left behind could hear the rattling that Colleen knew were the canes in the umbrella stand. Alex came back holding two decidedly wicked pieces of bamboo.

Philip sat bolt upright, losing the air of indifferent cool. “You are not caning me!”

“I’m afraid I am”, Alex answered. “Both of you. Those were Mr. Foster’s instructions.”

“Foster!” he snorted half under his breath. “That functionary.”

Colleen smiled into her collar behind everyone but Alex didn’t show a thing. “Be that as it may,” she said. “You are to be punished for dereliction…”

“What if we pay today?”

“That doesn’t change the last nine months.” Then, after a pause, “Can you pay today?”

He cut a quick glance at his sister who had shrunken further into her clothes and deeper into the couch. She shook her head almost imperceptibly. “Great!” Philip barked. “Great. She’s the one you should cane then. This is her doing….” He caught himself and folded slightly. “What if we refuse…”

It was simple as she laid it out. They would be expelled. With the expulsion would come an open hearing of cause, and in this case, an airing of financial dirty linen. Playing a hunch, Alex pointed out would mean that their parents would find out that they hadn’t been paying and that the money might have gone elsewhere.

Camilla spoke quietly without moving or looking up. “Can we get onto a payment plan, you think?”

Got them! Thought Alex. “Of course, I’m sure something could be worked out. That would be between you and the Chancellor though. I only have one role to play here”, she said tapping the cane almost without thinking against her own leg.

“Good”, said Phillip breathlessly. “Good-cane her then. She was the one who…”

“Oh for Christ’s sakes Phillip, would you shut up please.” She finally looked up, her cheeks flushed either in anger, frustration, embarrassment or all three. “Just shut up.” He folded back in the chair properly cowed. “What do I have to do?” Camilla looked directly at Alex, her eyes clear and fiery.

“Take off your jacket. Just leave it there. And step into my office.”

The girl had merely to straighten her arms upon rising to leave the oversized jacket behind. She slinked through the door followed by Alex and her brother who had remained in his chair until Colleen had motioned that he follow. Colleen, bringing up the rear, marveled at the girl’s outwardly calm exterior betrayed only slightly by the flush in her cheeks. Red-faced Phillip, on the other hand, seemed a nervous, fidgety wreck.

With the dynamic playing out between these two, it was a relief that Alex was apparently resuming her caning duties. Colleen was fine with the compliant students who bared and bent on demand but hadn’t been exposed to a level of tension like this. Happily it was Alex standing at her desk. “Come over here, Camilla. Stand here”, she pointed with the cane and the girl had the open view of the campus and the hills beyond in front of her. “Lower your pants.”

“Really!” said Phillip. “Is that necessa-…”

“Shut up Phillip!” his sister hissed while unbuckling her oversized belt buckle. With the weight of the belt and the size of the pants, they fell directly to the floor upon loosening. Camilla’s shirt though, untucked as it was, covered her to mid-thigh.

“Lean forward and put your hands right here”, Alex ordered tapping a spot on the desk top. As Camilla positioned herself, Alex continued. “This will have to be on the bare bottom”, she paused imperceptibly to give the brother a chance to chime in but he said nothing. “So I’ll have to do some arranging…”

With the girl bent over, Alex put the cane down and lifted her shirt tail up over her back revealing a perfectly rounded bottom peeking out from under a pair of sheer high cut panties. The panties, revealing as much cheek as they did, would offer little protection against the bamboo but rules were rules. Alex stuck her fingers into the waistband and slipped the panties down until they too fluttered into the heap at Camilla’s ankles.

Witnessing canings always made Colleen nervous-more nervous than giving them actually- so she usually brought something into the room to occupy herself. She looked up from the folder of reports when the girl’s panties came down and marveled at the rounded perfection of her pert bum. You would never know it from the baggy clothes she wore, but that was probably the point. No hiding it now though. She held her legs primly together so she showed nothing else. Colleen’s gaze settled on Phillip who had stopped his fidgeting and was seemingly mesmerized by the sight of his sister’s bare bottom. To an almost inappropriate degree. It was her imagination of course but she would almost swear she saw him lick his lips as he leaned forward slightly.

Alex began as she always did with two taps of the cane across the middle of the bottom-as much a signal to the unfortunate that she was about to start as a range finder for herself. Camilla jumped at the touch and then settled-assumedly embarrassed at the break in her cool. But Alex, as was her way, was counterintuitively gentle and understanding.

“Is this your first caning, Camilla?” she asked softly.

“Yes”, the girl answered quietly, in a small voice, all edge and attitude gone.

“OK. Relax as much as you can…pick something out of the window to concentrate on and keep your eyes there. If you feel you have to tense, tense your shoulders or grit your teeth. Make fists. It actually hurts more if you tense your bottom.” Colleen noticed the girl’s cheeks soften a bit. “You don’t have to do anything-I’m doing all the work…just maintain position and it will be over before you know it.”

There was another pat-pat-pat across the bum then Alex let fly with a strong stroke right across the middle. Camilla gasped but nothing more. One more just below the first elicited a low “MMMM!” but her posture was unchanged. The third across the crown of her bottom-right at the top of the dividing crevasse-brought a loud “OUCH!”

“You’re doing fine”, Alex coached as the three matching pink stripes practically glowed against the milky white skin. The fourth stroke landed stiffly at the bottom of the cheeks-digging deeply into the heavy flesh that settled there. Alex wasn’t being entirely truthful though. Camilla was not taking this well-it had to be tough never having been caned before then having to endure this. She sympathized, but what could be done?

“OOOWWW!” Camilla yelped and rose on her toes. Wanting to take advantage of her distracting movements, Alex delivered the fifth stroke in almost the same place. Camilla cried out again and fell back onto her heels. Phillip, in the attitude of someone watching a horror movie, leaned back covering with his legs and arms crossed his chin in his hand.

Camilla began climbing after the sixth stroke: heel-toe, heel-toe one foot, then the other, in an effort to disperse the burn that was spreading across her backside. “Ouch!” she cried and slapped the desk moving her hand for the first time. Then after the eighth she slid her hands backward and pushed her bottom out almost lewdly-again trying to gain some respite from the sting. Alex waited for a moment for her to recover and delivered strokes nine and ten hard across the middle. “OOOO!” Camilla wailed shortly and sagged a bit.

“Ten!” Phillip barked. “That’s ten. She’s done.” Alex looked away from the striped bottom that was heaving slightly as Camille’s breathing returned to normal. “Yes”, she said. “That’s ten. Now it’s your turn.”

“My…? No way! I already said that I wasn’t taking a caning…”

“Chancellor Foster’s instructions were clear. You were to get twenty strokes-between you. I had assumed it would be ten each. You’re sister has taken ten…Now it’s your ten.”

Phillip looked ready to jump out of his seat as he patted his jacket and fidgeted about as if looking for a set of keys. “Well, ah…I can’t…I can’t do that-have that…”

“I’ll take them”, Camilla said in a tiny voice. “I’ll take his strokes…If that’s OK.”

“Cammie, I…” Philip started to say.

“It’s OK I guess”, Alex interrupted him. “If that’s what you want. If that’s what you both want.” She glanced pointedly at Phillip who was looking at the floor. “Ten more then-your brother’s ten.”

Alex renewed the caning just as she had begun the first stroke. There was the tap-tap-tap in the middle of the already bruised bottom then a solid stroke right across center. Camilla slapped the desk with an open palm but said nothing. Two more hard strokes landed low-covering purple stripes that instantly widened. Colleen thought Alex was going harder on this ten to further shame Phillip who sat by miserably, no longer showing the evident prurient interest he had in his sister’s bum.

Camilla kept her silence through the rest of the caning though she did raise her right hand off the desk then into the air as if hailing a cab. She also chose to ignore Alex’s advice to not clench as her cheeks were hard and flat and the cleft between them a thin shoestring. That was when Alex’s compassion took over and she delivered the final two strokes as mere flicks across the top where there weren’t many stripes. Colleen saw that a light sheen of sweat had broken out on the part of the girl’s back visible below her shirt.

“That’s it”, said Alex stepping away. “That’s twenty.”

The girl’s bottom displayed a crisscross of pink and purple welts as she remained in position catching her breath. “Can I get up now?” She asked.

“Yes, you’re finished.”

Camilla straightened unfurling her shirt down in back covering her. She bent over awkwardly and pulled her panties up gently over her tight, hot skin. Then her pants. It was always uncomfortable watching them dress afterwards. There had been no evidence that Camilla had cried during the caning but when she turned from the window her cheeks glistened and a single tear splashed onto the punishment form that Colleen held out for her to sign.

She stood then, head down and submissive. “I can go now?” she asked taking the tissue that Colleen had held out.

“Yes, we’re done here…Just report back to Mr. Foster for the payment plan we talked about.”

With that, she slinked back out of the office with Phillip in tow, still not looking up from the floor. When the door to the outer office shut Alex asked, “They like together don’t they?”

“Yes-big, green Victorian on Center. They have the second floor. Why?”

“It’s going to be a quiet evening there I bet…” Then…”I have to go see The Chancellor.”

“What for?”

“I don’t know….probably to do with this” she hoped. She gave Colleen the cane. “Put this away will you and hold down the fort…I’ll be back soon.”

Mt. Ashby Academy – Part 2

The plan made perfect sense as Alex explained it. Just because Colleen had never taken a caning doesn’t mean she couldn’t dish one out. It was a fine line, her secretary administering punishments to students but under her supervision. She was sure that it wouldn’t be a problem. Besides, this was a lesson the young woman would have to learn eventually anyway if she was going to move up the administrative ladder at the Academy so why not now? Colleen saw the sense in it but she hesitated. This was a part of campus life, of life-life, that she had avoided.

“What if I, I don’t know…freeze up? Hit too hard….I don’t know.”

Alex was only half listening as her secretary flustered through her concerns. Instead, she was allowing butterflies to awaken and flitter around in her chest as an idea took shape. Since her damn elbow problem she had been denied the kind of physical release-the endorphin rush-that came from running around the tennis courts. Brisk walks weren’t cutting it.

Staring out the window she had remembered the tremendous feeling of release that she had gotten from the cane years before. Schoolwork, tennis, all the self-imposed pressure that she had carried with her seemed to lift as her skirt did. Her coach at the time, dear Mrs. Welting, had caught on and always found a reason to deliver a few well-placed strokes right across the center of her bottom (so that nothing might show when she bent low to return a volley) before big matches to help her focus.

Now she might have another outlet. Having made her decision, Alex fairly popped out of her chair cutting off Colleen’s incessant nervous nattering. “Nothing to it”, Alex clipped. “We’ll get you up to speed.”

She went to the umbrella stand beside the credenza and withdrew a cane. It was a solid but whippy bamboo, not some dowel rod bought at the hardware store. “Shut the door”, Alex told her. By the time Colleen had done that and turned back into the room Alex had slipped off her sling and was standing at her desk weighing the cane in her weakened right hand.

“Alex…?” Colleen froze.

“Would you get over here, please”, Alex asked sternly, rolling her eyes.

The girl flushed and came forward slowly on unsteady legs. This was going to happen, she thought biting her lip to keep it from quivering. Colleen respected Alex as a boss and liked her as a person-they were friends. Even more, the woman had been mentor to her throughout her time at Mt. Ashby and would continue to be, she was sure. So she wasn’t about to question what she was doing. She didn’t like it-hoped she wouldn’t cry through it-but wouldn’t question it. Swallowing air in small, quick gasps Colleen focused her eyes on the edge of the desk where she would be placing her hands.

She stopped when Alex reached out to hand her the cane. She took it slowly, hesitantly. Alex turned her back to her and, gingerly straightening her bad elbow, bent over her desk. “Lift my skirt.” The younger woman didn’t move. “Jesus, Colleen-I can’t reach back there easily…”

Colleen snapped to, a complete jumble of relief tinged with worried anticipation. “Sorry, sorry…” She had seen canings in this office-knew the routine- Alex just wanted her to get comfortable in this position. That had to be it. Setting the cane on the desk top she bent down and took the hem of her boss’ snug blue pinstriped skirt and lifted it up her legs over her back, revealing a pair of stylishly cut mosaic patterned blue and green panties.

“Those are cute…” commented Colleen nervously at a loss for something to say.

“I really didn’t expect anyone to see them today.”

Colleen’s focus moved from the panties to the bottom itself and Alex felt the scrutiny back there. This was the center of Alex’s unending battle with that extra ten pounds-this was where it always wanted to take up residence. She knew her thighs had thickened a bit and her bottom was…ample without being large. The last time she had been in this position her backside had been as tight and smooth as a dolphin’s back. Now there was no fighting the few cellulite puckers that Alex knew would be peeking out below her panties, but what could she do?

“Well”, said Alex looking straight ahead out the window and planting her feet. “Let’s see what you got.”

Still hesitant, Colleen asked if she was sure this is what she wanted.

“Get on with it”, Alex commanded.

Colleen stood behind her and off to her left. She measured with the cane and flicked it over the tightly stretched panties. Looking back over her shoulder, Alex said, “You have GOT to be kidding me…”

“Sorry”, her secretary stammered, “ That wasn’t much. Here I’ll try again.” She flicked the cane over the panties again in the same spot.

“Come on Colleen…”

“Sorry, sorry…” the younger woman stammered. She stroked again, lower this time, across the full width of Alex’s backside. She thought this stroke was better.

Alex didn’t even bother to look back-instead speaking sternly to the campus beyond the window. “Did I misjudge you, Colleen? Are you not up to this?”

“No I….”

“If you can’t do any better than that we might have to trade places so I can spend the afternoon working on my left handed stroke.”

“No, Alex…please”, she fairly sputtered. “They would probably hurt more if they were on the bare…” She caught herself.

“Cute. Nice try”, Alex said having had no intention of baring her bottom to her secretary.

“Really” the girl said nervously, stepping from foot to foot. “You would feel it more, right? That’s why you always cane on the bare. Right?”

The girl had a point, Alex thought. How many kids had begged her to let them keep their panties on for a caning. She could have, she guessed. It just wasn’t the process-it wasn’t the way things were done here. And what was the difference really? She was already bent over her desk showing her panties anyway. What was one thin sheen of silk between friends?

She looked back and made eye contact with Colleen who stopped fidgeting about. She nodded and turned her attention back out the window. “Go ahead then…” she said.

“Go ahead…?”

“Take them down.”

“Alex, I….”

“Dammit Colleen! If I have to switch places with you, I promise you will not enjoy it.”

Without any further hesitation, Colleen put the cane on the floor and slipped her thumbs under the waist band of her boss’ panties. With a deep breath she rolled them down the creamy globes of the older woman’s bottom letting them catch half way down the thighs. Alex unexpectedly, almost trembled as she felt the air caress her nakedness.

Colleen thought she might be embarrassed with the thought of caning a naked bottom. She had been a college athlete and had spent enough time in locker rooms to have seen plenty of naked bottoms. They didn’t do anything for her as they passed into and out of her gaze. But here-looking at Alex like this-she fairly couldn’t take her eyes off the backside before her. No doubt this was part of Alex’s plan-to get her used to what could be a very awkward situation.

“You see anything back there?”


“Any marks-you gave be three strokes didn’t you?”

The bum appeared as unmarked as a snowbank, but Colleen leaned closer. “I think I see a line…”

“A line?” Alex scoffed.

“Right here” said Colleen brazenly tracing a finger gently across the middle of her bottom. “I think this was the third stroke.” Alex didn’t show that her secretary’s touch had registered like a shock of static electricity through her body.

“Well, get on with it then. You don’t have many strokes left to impress me.”

Leaving nothing to chance, Colleen patted the cane to the center of the right cheek to set the target then pulled back-using her arm and shoulder this time. The bamboo bit into the soft flesh and Alex jumped a little.

“OK?” asked Colleen watching a tiny pink strawberry bloom where the bamboo had kissed.

“Better. Try again.”

Another stroke like the last. “Better?”

“Yes, better…keep going…”

A few more strokes landed, each one slightly stronger than the last. Alex shuffled her feet slightly-enough to cause the panties to flutter to the floor-but otherwise didn’t outwardly react to the blows. Colleen had stopped asking how she was doing. How either of them was doing for that matter. The globes of Alex’s backside were crisscrossed with a few welts in varying shades of pink.

“Try lower…down here”. Alex reached back and rubbed the spot where the bottom meets the top of the thigh. “Right there.”

Colleen took careful aim and stroked the spot hard. Alex twitched hard and let out a soft moan-the first sound that she’d made that wasn’t an order or a direction.

“Wait”, she said breathlessly and Colleen thought that last stroke had ended the lesson. Instead Alex lowered herself onto the desk and let her arms stretch out in front of her. Her bottom caught the desk edge and bloomed outward in a most revealing way as she lay her head on the cool mahogany surface. While Alex was getting settled, Colleen had unbuttoned her right sleeve and rolled up the cuff.

“OK”, she said softly with her eyes closed. “Continue.”

Her secretary patted Alex’s rump gently high on the hip. Then she leaned back and let fly.

Every searing cut of the cane produced a wave of warmth that rolled from Alex’s tortured bottom through her loins and belly finally settling into and enwrapping her very being. She let her mouth fall open a bit and let that warmth wash everything away.

Mt. Ashby Academy – Part 1

As she strode briskly across campus, Alex Tao was frustrated that the pressures of the morning did not slide off of her as easily as she would have liked. Even in the tennis shoes she had changed into, she really wasn’t getting a workout-which is what she really needed to clear her head.

Plus, a walk like this wasn’t meant to be a single-minded workout; it was a mixer of sorts. She did not shy from greeting students crossing her path which slowed her down on the one hand but helped to tighten the bonds she felt with the campus community. She sometimes imagined herself as the Dragon Lady in this small upstate institution. When she sat at her desk in the third floor office suite literally overseeing the school she had been a part of for twenty years, she felt that she was holding it all together by force of will. She was responsible for setting academic standards, setting admission guidelines, making tenure decisions, approving curricula, all issues of testing, ensuring that the professors all had what they needed, setting and enforcing the standards of student behavior, fighting off the incursions of The Chancellor…on and on.

Until recently, the stress of her day had been released by an almost daily regimen of tennis on the courts out back or on the varsity courts up campus. Until recently, that is. Too much tennis wore on aging tendons. Now she was relegated to brisk walks across campus to try to blow off steam. She still carried a version of the discipline and self-control that she exhibited behind her desk when she walked the quad but she was much looser-able to relax and let her personality shine through; get a feel for the campus-overhear what the students might be saying.

“Good morning Ms. Tao”, a fresh faced little blonde called out as she hurried through a cross path.

“Hi Cindy!” Ms. Tao called back with a smile.

“Hope you’re feeling better, Ms. Tao”, said a young boy passing her on the way to Chemistry lab.

“Getting there”, she smiled, sort of shrugging with her right arm immobilized in a sling.

“Looking forward to seeing you back on the courts!”

The kids loved to watch her play tennis. She wasn’t much good anymore-at least by her own strict standards-but she didn’t mind having the reputation as an athlete gone slightly to seed; as long as “athlete” was in the thought. Alex Tao had been a competitive player when she was a student at Mt. Ashby-once winning a conference title and always placing in tournaments with her counter-punching heady style of play. Opponents who didn’t know her mistook the sweet, smiling little girl across the net for a defensive player, happy to absorb attacks at the net and volley, until she spotted the tiniest opening and BAM! It was her style that made her an excellent coach for a few years after graduation.

Now she was a hacker who used the court to blow off steam and fend off the extra fifteen pounds that comes with sitting behind a desk or in meetings most of the day. Some evenings she would play practice matches with the current team or beat, or lose to, any ex-high school hot shot who came to campus and wanted to take on this woman that could have been their mother. Well, mathematically just barely, but to the kids, everyone who wasn’t in class was their parent’s age.

“Hey, Ms. T!”

She slowed her pace to greet Bobby Black. “Hello, young Robert-you’re off to…..Antebellum America, right?” He smiled in the affirmative a little flattered that she knew his schedule that well. “Work is going well?”

“Yes, very well-I’m in for a B at this point.”

“Great!” she enthused. “Professor Baxter is tough-but smart. Knows his stuff.”

“What’s with the…” he nodded toward her sling.

“Tendinitis. The elbow…Have to immobilize it for a couple of weeks.”

He cocked his head to one side so that she could almost see the twinkle in his eye behind the Ray Bans. “Would’ve been nice a couple of months ago.”

She laughed and turned away, continuing her walk. “Get to class, Robert. And keep the work up!”

These kind of exchanges were why she walked the campus. Two months before Bobby Black was in her office having been busted for under-age drinking. The rules were clearly defined and enforced by her. Lose a letter grade, which could mean a failure of a term, a range of academic strictures…or a caning. Robert Black wasn’t the first freshman, nor would he be the last, to hear these rules, sign off on them, then forget them until being called on the carpet.

Bobby had blushed fiercely when it became clear that the only way to rescue his term after only a month on campus was to accept a caning from the Dean of Studies, a woman no less, but it was worse when she had told him it would have to be on the bare. He had asked for an exception of course-didn’t beg, didn’t want to appear weak-that it had been his first offence. He’d never been caned before…could he please keep his underwear on…all the usual.

Alex’s heart went out to him-it really did. She had been in his spot years before and remembered the fear, the embarrassment the….trapped feeling. But she also remembered the feeling of closure-the relief she felt-after being rightly punished for something she had done. The code of Alex Tao was to stay with a system that worked. This had worked for her and for the students of Mt. Ashby for years and she just couldn’t see changing it on her watch.

She offered him a chance to call a friend-a witness. Some kids liked to have somebody with them. Girls brought roommates or sorority sisters, some came alone but asked for Colleen, her secretary, to sit in…boys were always solo. As it was with Bobby.

His eyes had filled with tears and she looked away as he fumbled clumsily with the button of his khakis. She stood behind him and coached soothingly-just push your pants down, now your underwear, don’t step out of them-that’s OK…He had stood there facing her desk with his clothes in a puddle at his feet. “Just bend over”, she said gently. “Put your hands on the desk and we’ll get this over with.”

His soft white bottom was boyishly slender and tensed when Alex tapped it with the cane. She took the disciplinary responsibility seriously and wanted to do it right-but within guidelines. “Don’t tense,” she said. “Just relax. I’ll do the work”.

His cheeks softened and she stroked him hard across the center of his butt. He gasped loudly. She knew the pain would have been a surprise, a deep burn searing through the skin. The second stroke fell expertly below the first, eliciting a grunt then a moan when the third dug into the soft flesh at the bottom of his right cheek. She stepped back as he rose on his toes and pushed back trying to dissipate the pain. By the end she had given him eight strokes-four less than the usual and two more than the minimum.

Finishing up she knew that he would be careful about wearing a towel in the showers for a few days because the purple welts that she left him with would-like autumn leave-change hues but colorfully stain his bottom for a week. While he had unashamedly stood and rubbed his burning butt Alex had reached over his shoulder with a wad of tissue knowing that he would rather take another caning than let her see him cry.

After he pulled up his pants she had him sit down-albeit gingerly-on the couch while she sat in the chair opposite to give him a few moments to calm down and let the flush leave his cheeks. He ended up staying almost an hour-It had been an informal chat-really how formal could it have been? Walls usually come down when pants do. He talked about himself, what he was hoping to get out of school, his overall plans…by the time she got up, effectively ending their conversation, she knew as much about Bobby Black as she knew about anyone on campus. He had even given her a quick surprising hug as he left.

Admittedly, this kind of open sharing was rare but Alex was convinced that the cane, a superb corrective and deterrent, could, when applied correctly, open avenues of intimate conversation and interaction like nothing else. She had seen it happen over and over and was why she was so committed to what she saw as the Mt. Ashby way.

On the other hand, Mr. Wallace Foster, the Chancellor and her only superior at Mt. Ashby was a bit of a martinet. Before he came to campus five years before all discipline unquestionably fell to the Dean of Studies. The Chancellor, handling the money side of Mr. Ashby from the top floor of the Administration Center across campus stayed out of it. Lately though, over the last few months, he had wanted to spread his wings a bit and had called some students to his office over paperwork issues-incomplete financial forms, things like that. Technically he was in his right to mete out whatever discipline he felt fit to but Alex thought it was a little much to flip up a freshman’s skirt and stroke her across the panties for a paperwork error. Seemed to her a bit capricious and…recreational on his part. Definitely not the Mt. Ashby way.

Which is why this tendinitis had come at such and inopportune time. She knew that Mr. Wallace would happily take on more of the disciplinary responsibilities from a Dean of Studies who could not swing a cane. Her left arm was embarrassingly useless-she might be able to work on it, but doubted it. Damn! She was back at her building already. She took the steps two at a time trying to pump her heart rate for than even her brisk walking pace did. This was the kind of thing that she needed the tennis court for; to blow out the cobwebs and clear her mind.

She moved quickly through the open door of her outer office. “Hi Alex”, Colleen, her secretary, a willowy, ruddy blonde, greeted her. She had hired Colleen a year before knowing that she wanted to be on a career path similar to her own. An ex-tennis player (who consistently beat Alex on the strength of her stride alone) she was taking classes at night to fill out her Master’s and saw herself-in her dreams- as a Mt. Ashby lifer.

“Any calls, disasters or catastrophes happen when I was out?” She lingered at the desk.

“All quiet…You do remember your four o’clock with Professor Barren, right?”

“Yes, yes”, then seeing another chance to move, “….Call her will you? Tell her I’ll come over to her office instead of her hauling herself up here.”

“Will do!”

“And make me a cup of tea would you? Green, decaf”.

“Got it”.

When Colleen came in with the tea-finished off with a squeeze of lemon-she found her boss swiveled round in her chair looking out over the campus or more precisely, the trees on the quad. She set the cup and saucer on the corner of her desk and stood by a moment. Alex was lost in her thoughts rubbing the thumb of her left hand along her jawline. “Anything else?” she asked.

“You’ve never been caned, have you?” asked Alex without looking away from the window.

“Ah-no. No, never.” Her voice got a high breathless sound to it. “Why? Have I done something?…I…I”

“Relax”, Alex reassured her turning back to the room. “Nothing like that…”

“Jesus! Don’t scare me like that-I feel like I have to pee now.”

“You’re such a baby-I was just curious. I mean you’ve heard enough punishments through the door…came in and witnessed a few; but never had one yourself.” With a smile, “Are you really that good?”

“I’m really that petrified!”


“I was paddled once. In seventh grade by my gym teacher: Mrs. Silvers. She caught me handing a note to my boyfriend out the window when he was at recess. That was a big no-no back then. As soon as I saw her see me, my knees almost buckled. I had to go to her office behind the gym after school. I had to wait all day! In and out of the bathroom all afternoon. I almost had a heart attack.”

“What was it like finally?”

“Horrible. Because it was her, really. We all had the idea-we all knew-that she liked doing it. I was bent over, hands on my knees, straight legs…the worst was hearing her shuffling around behind me-picking up the paddle, stepping from one side to the other, staring at my backside, measuring me-all that.”

“No lecture?”

“Nope-silent. Four swats-one right after the other. Bam-bam-bam-bam! Hurt like hell!”

“Did you cry?”

“Wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. Later though, yeah. And my butt was still red when I got home. And bruised the next day.”

“I can’t believe you never told me about this.”

“I didn’t want to talk about it…From that day on I did everything I could to avoid the paddle or the cane here. Some kids at school they take a caning as ‘the cost of doing business’-if they get caught, they’ll take it. Not me. I became Miss Color Inside the Lines, Goody-Two Shoes.”

“And she liked doing it-this gym teacher.”

“Oh yeah…She’d try to catch people at something so she could bend them over”.

“Not like we do here.”

“Night and day. You care about us…about the students, I mean. This is a safe place, even for those being punished.”

Alex smiled and nodded slightly. “That’s good to hear. Thank you.”

“It’s the truth.”

“You know what Chancellor Foster has been doing in admin, right?”

“Yes, I’ve heard. Reminds me of Mrs. Silvers.”

“I believe that it’s important for me to control the discipline and punishments at Mt. Ashley here. Out of this office. Do you agree?”

“I do.”

A thick silence fell over the room and the tableau remained. Colleen followed Alex’s gaze back to the trees outside where it remained entwined with the branches as her boss formulated a plan. Actually, as she formulated a couple of plans. After a few moments, Alex told the tree, “You’ll have to become my good right arm.”

“How?” Colleen asked.

To Be Continued