(Continued from “Maggie Brown!”)

Once he cleared the railing, the bridge disappeared above him but loomed larger as a shadow on the river below. As the massive concrete abutment hurtled past he tried to ignore the immensity of the structures around him and focus on the pink smudge below the waves.

Level with the tree tops on the shore he tucked his chin and pointed his toes. The pink shadow was gone but he knew where. The bright sun glittered off of the water and he saw his shadow flying toward him for an instant before he, arms held tightly at his sides, sliced the surface with a jolt.

Only in the silence of the river did he realize how loud his flight had been. The whistling wind and rumble of cars on the bridge were gone now as he continued his flight downward. Eyes wide and burning, the shadows from above diffused in the green tint of his new surroundings and he passed the small body in the pink suit floating weightlessly, seemingly waving at him slowly with both hands. Her hair fanned out above her as a tail marking her descent.

He flapped his arms frantically to stop himself and kicked once, close enough to the bottom to raise mud. Two more kicks and he was up to her. He grabbed her arm roughly and felt her pull against him slightly. That was good, he guessed. He was never much of a swimmer, but this wasn’t swimming. He was kicking, clawing and clambering up an invisible ladder toward the sunshine dazzling above.


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