A Shower Interrupted



There were three women in the showers when he entered. Constance, her back the to the wall letting the water rinse the shampoo from her hair saw him walk in, clothed in shiny sweatpants and a dark polo that clung to his arms and shoulders. He glanced at her with a dismissive nod and she, relieved, turned off the water, grabbed her towel from the hook at the end of the room and exited through the door he had just entered.

Cheryl, facing the wall noticed Constance leaving and turned to face him. She had just gotten into the shower and was barely wet, so when his glance passed over her, it was easy to grab her towel and skitter out leaving Jenni alone in the room.

Tall and rangy, Jenni faced the pulsing water allowing it to pummel her cheeks then the back of her neck as she lowered her head-hands against the wall. The water felt good and switching from hot to cold to hot again was taking the edge off of her hangover in a way that her workout hadn’t. Indeed, that hadn’t helped at all and she felt shitty out on the field. Whatever. She had carried these women most of the season-they could hold her up now and again. Behind her he watched the warm streams roll down her back and glisten across her taut slim bottom.

She turned to say something to the women who were no longer beside her, startled to find herself alone. Then not, as she turned round. It wasn’t exactly normal to see Dr. Cherry in the shower but not unheard of. True, when he was in here after a practice he usually carried a cane, a paddle or a strap that on some days seemed to be a permanent extension of his arm. She relaxed a tad, seeing he was empty handed.

His dark eyes revealed nothing and Jenni wasn’t shy about meeting his gaze head on. Something about the light in the room accented the gray beginning to dust his temples and offset the jet black hair which he wore swept back over his ears. He picked up her washrag and soap from the bench near the lockers.

“Come here Jenni,” he ordered. She pushed the water from her face and stepped out of the stream.

“Turn”, he said. “And bend.”

With a sigh, she turned around and bent over, placing her hands on her knees. Her wet hair stayed plastered to her head and she could see his feet stepping closer then feel his strong arm coiling around her waist. She scooched her legs slightly apart to accommodate the soapy washcloth that Dr. Cherry had slipped between them. She held her position as he gently stroked the inside of her thighs, then the whole of her bottom. She gasped slightly but didn’t move as his soapy finger passed carefully and thoroughly over and around the ridges of her tight ticklish anus. She shut her eyes and waited for it to be over but unhappily knew there was only one reason he was paying this much attention to her bottom. But still, he was empty handed, she thought.

“There”, he said stepping back. “Go rinse and dry off. Then go back to your bunk and prepare yourself.”

Not back to the bunk! She thought. Even on Holiday break there were enough women still on campus to make this an uncomfortably public spectacle. Back to the stream, she bent slightly, reached back to spread her cheeks and allowed the water to sluice between them, then turned off the shower.

Just before he slipped out the door, she spoke up. “Can I not just come to your office?”

“No I think we’ll do it this way. I’ll be up soon.”

The surprise and humiliation she had felt just a moment before were replaced by a nervous dread tinged with a little anger but, as usual, she wasn’t sure who to be angry with.



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