Breakfast With the Bests


From “A Beaten Belle” tumblr

(The morning after Nightcap IV)

Large and airy, with a wall of windows overlooking the gardens facing the sunrise, it was a perfect breakfast kitchen which, having slept late, they really didn’t have time for this morning. Small price to pay. Rebecca, dressed for work in clinging dark jeans and a green polo was rinsing the few dishes they’d used for their wheat toast and yogurt. Franklin, as always, was a study in choreographed nonchalance from his carefully scuffed thousand dollar Russian calf ankle boots up through his washed out jeans and checked shirt. His briefcase, a sleek leather number with more buckles and straps than a saddle, sat open beside him as he read the Wall Street Journal over a cup of strong coffee.

“Well…” he looked up as Bethany padded into the room. “Somebody had trouble getting out of bed this morning.” And it looked like Bethany had just. Her hair was stuck in stiff whirls so out of control it looked styled that way. She wore the plush terry robe that was left in her room and, as evidenced by how it gapped and draped, nothing underneath.

Her smile cracked one side of her face but didn’t do much to open her puffy eyes as she flopped into the chair opposite Franklin. “”Coffee?” asked Rebecca over her shoulder.


She shifted as Rebecca set the coffee in front of her and crossed her legs allowing the robe to fall open to mid thigh. She took a moment to sip before covering it back over. Best had gone back to the paper but Rebecca had seen and looked subtly away. She always had trouble reconciling what goes on at night with the supposed normalcy of daylight living. This was her issue alone-Franklin thrived living in a state of constant dusk.

Bethany reached into the robe’s pocket and brought out a small envelope that she pushed across the table. Franklin put the paper aside and opened it. The ten fifty dollar bills inside were sharply identical with edges that looked like they could slice a banana. He took one and held it up to the light admiringly. He sniffed it. Then he rubbed it between thumb and fingers before laying it back on the table. He placed a couple of the others on top of it-showing the serial numbers-all different, of course, and non-sequential. “Yours?” he asked looking up.

“No!” she said sharply. “The real thing. Legal tender for all debts, public and….private.”

“Teasing”, he said placing the bills back in the envelope. Then he slid it back. She raised an eyebrow. “We spoke”, he said nodding toward his wife. “This isn’t necessary anymore. You’ve become a part of the fabric of our lives. We don’t need this.”

“It’s just a token, you understand”, she said. “It doesn’t really…”

Franklin flipped the back of his hand in the air-a light dismissive gesture. “Give it to your church, or the food bank. But not to us.”

Her smile, still no more than a fold in the puffy marshmallow of her face widened a little, pulling her eyes closed. The girl needed a cold shower. “Thank you. Thank you both.”

“No worries”, Franklin said. “Now show.”

That opened her eyes. She glanced at both, then stood and turned her back slowly. They didn’t want her to show them her ass, they wanted her to present her bottom and reveal the evidence of their shared evening. She leaned over placing one hand on the table, then dropping her eyes to the floor, pulled her robe up with the other slowly-not stopping until it was draped over her back.

The golden morning sun bathed Bethany’s bottom. The left cheek showed some pink tinges from the night before with most of the bruising that she particularly liked to carry with her for a day or two at least, was concentrated on the right side where the end of the cane bit. Rebecca frowned at that knowing Franklin would not be pleased.

“Very nice”, Franklin pronounced and Bethany straightened allowing the robe to fall. She turned to face them again but the robe had loosened and draped slightly open. She ignored it and instead ran her fingers through her hair, pushing it back away from her face.

“What do you have on tap for today?” Franklin asked her.

“Oh…not much. I left today open. I’ll be out of here right away”, she added quickly.

“No need to rush. In fact, no need to leave. Why don’t you hang here today? We both have errands to run that will tie us up most of the day so you’ll have the run of the place. Hang by the pool, use the sauna-hot tub. The gym…Make it like a vacation day. A spa day. What do you think, honey?”

Rebecca had been distracted and wasn’t really paying close attention but answered, “Sure” quickly.

“There is one…condition though”, Franklin said.

“What would that be?”

“You have to be naked. All day.”

“All day?”

“Yep. Pool’s secluded, deck…I want you haunting my house a bare ghost while we’re away…and it probably won’t be all, all day-we’ll be back in the afternoon.”

“Deal” she said. “I could use a spa day. Thank you.”

“Excellent. But…uh. It starts now.”


“The naked part.”

Bethany’s eyes sparkled as she bit her lower lip and slowly opened the robe slipping it over one shoulder then the other. It fell to the floor as she raised her arms beside her in a silent “TA-DA!” Her young breasts clung tightly to her rib cage and flat stomach tapered to the tight black thatch that Rebecca, leaning against the sink, could still feel in her mouth.

Then, like a girl off to school, Bethany kissed them both on the cheek and walked out feeling the four eyes on her bruised bottom.

“Did you see…”

“I saw.”

“Do you need a refresher on proper caning technique?”

“No!” she said too quickly suddenly nervous. “No…I don’t…I just got carried away.” The silence hung and she felt a need to break it-to further plead her case. “I was too…God, excited….”

“You were too excited. That’s OK. Just remember it’s her you need to be concerned about. Once she is getting everything she needs, just how she needs it, you can give in to your own needs. Right?”

“Of course, right. I’m sorry…” After what she thought was an appropriate pause, she asked “Did we talk about not taking her money anymore?”

He made that dismissive flipping motion with his hand again. “Only three of the bills were real.”

“Really? Were they hers, like you said?”

“No. Better than hers. She is good. But whoever did those bills is an artist.” He slid off into thought for a moment.

“What will you do?” she asked.

“To be determined, sweetheart. To be determined…” his voice trailed a moment then he perked up as if remembering something. “All in due time. But for now-some correction is in order.”

“Please Franklin…”

“And as I’ve got to get to the airport it’s going to have to be corner time for you.”

“Franklin…” she whined.

“Set your phone for 15 minutes and put your nose over there…” he pointed unnecessarily to the designated corner that she knew too well.

“I’m late as it is. You know how Charla….”

“As I said, set your phone for 20 minutes and put your nose over there.”

She crossed her arms over her chest loosely and looked at him; more pleading than glaring.

“Twenty minutes going once….going twice.”

“Alright”, she huffed, knowing that 30 minutes in the corner would be more than she could stand.

She moved to her spot and got her nose close enough to the walls that her breath bounced back and washed over her face. She set her phone for twenty minutes and placed it on the counter. Then, with a sigh she could feel, unsnapped and lowered her jeans. Then her underwear. They clung above her knees as she let her arms dangle. That was the bitch-what to do with her hands for twenty minutes.

She felt Franklin’s breath on her neck. “Bethany has a sweet bum”, he whispered to the back of her head. “You have a magnificent ass!”

“You know what Charla’s going to do to it if she catches me waltzing in late again.”

“I love you in stripes baby”, he whispered, patting her fulsome cheek.


2 responses to “Breakfast With the Bests

  1. The Bruises From Her Caning Is Exciting! Putting Her Nose In Her Corner For 2o Minutes and Lowering Her Pants And Panties, Knowing She Will Come Home With Stripes is Great Humiliation! Great Story!

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