Nightcap IV



(Continued from Nightcap Part III)

Best waited in his room, reclining on the bed. Two fresh drinks sweated on the nightstand. He had enjoyed the music of the tandem caroling and yipping easily distinguishing his wife’s deep throaty moans from Bethany’s avian trilling. Once the vocalizing ceased there was the trailing rolling and squeaking of the mattress and springs until now…silence blanketed them all. He waited, eyes long acclimated to the dim candlelight of the rooms, watching for a shadow-for any movement-in the hall. His cock-reacting to the stillness-pushed against his fly as he kept his vigil.

Finally he heard the shuffle and padding of bare feet. It registered that she had removed her heels-too bad-but not a game changer. Preceded by a movement in the hall shadows Rebecca’s silhouette materialized in the doorway. Seeing her gloriously naked to him erased any disappointment over the shoe-thing. His cock agreed, slipping through the slit in his silk underwear and tenting his zipper.

“My patience has been rewarded.” He said sitting up and putting both feet on the floor.

Gliding into the room and between his feet she slipped her hands down to his belt…”With more rewards to follow”, she whispered.

He grasped her wrists. “Wait. Let him wait. I want to taste her first.”

She smiled wickedly and leaned into his seated embrace. Her slack, well-used, lips welcomed him in as she pivoted her head at every movement. He kissed her softly, then deeply and hungrily before allowing his mouth to wander the outside of her face where Bethany’s essence, once dried, now awakened in a tangy burst of luscious sweetness. He breathed deeply filling his lungs with his wife’s distinctive scents-the smells he woke up with and fell asleep with for as long as he could remember-mingled now with the citrusy jasmine of the other.  The other. He growled, the picture of their four legs intertwined on the bed flickering across his vision.

She smiled and pushed his head down leading it on the same trail that Bethany had blazed. His lips on her breasts were almost softer than Bethany’s-his nibbling on her nipples gentler but somehow stronger. It was as if they had reversed order-first him, then the girl. She drove his head gently along her belly knowing that everywhere it went, he would smell her. And her.

He took her by the hips and turned her. She leaned forward slightly so he could kiss and probe at her bottom where he tasted Bethany lingering. Led by his hand she crawled up onto the bed and lay back slowly, languidly opening her legs for him.

“Did that bad little girl make you cum, my dear?”

“Yes, she made me cum.”

“Only…” he interrupted his query to drive his tongue deeply into her pussy and out again scraping up and over her thick patch of love-frosted hair toward her belly button. “…Once?”

“Twice…” she moaned lifting her hips higher and pulling her knees to her chest. Her stirring scents now overpowered the aroma of Bethany’s shampoo that he swore he could smell on the inside of his wife’s thighs. Indeed, the furnace of Rebecca Best was clouding the memory of Bethany altogether.

“And here you are…” he whispered pushing her legs even further apart and working his tongue gently across her clitoris…”Unsated. Insatiable….” Humming deeply she pulled on her legs and rubbed across the cheeks of her bottom as he ministered gently and wetly to her. Suddenly she felt something growing inside of her-a hot and whirring energy pinwheeling… She registered somewhere in her woman’s mind that she hadn’t come thrice in a sitting since….”Ahhh…” she moaned loudly.

Best, happily engaged, paused and looked up. “What can I do for you my love?”

“Get inside me,” she said. “Now!”

When the need to disrobe arises, men are at a disadvantage. A prepared woman need only snap one or two things here and there and clothing flutters to the floor like stricken sails on a becalmed sea. When properly motivated though a man can shed his raiment quickly enough-though it may cost some popped buttons or torn zippers.

Best, hurriedly but completely naked, scaled his wife’s body and paused a blink-his engorged cock teasingly poking at her-feeling her wet longing.

“IN! NOW!” she growled reaching back to grab his ass cheeks as if to drive him home herself. He slid completely in at once-burying himself to the hilt-before sliding back out. Almost all the way-then back again. Then again.

“Yessss…..” was all she could manage, keeping her hands on his bottom keeping the pace….”this will be three…” she finished the thought silently.

Best, distracted for a moment, cut his eyes to the hallway where a shadow had shifted. Naughty girl, he thought as he swelled and pumped faster feeling his own orgasm gathering forces and riding hard south.  Naughty girl.

Continued here Breakfast With the Bests



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