(Continued from A Second Chance)

What could have been a softball sized knot in her stomach melted like butter and flowed to her crotch. She instinctively tightened her legs as the heat felt like it was already running down her legs, warming her. “Uhhh”, she said. “Of course”, as if that was her plan all along. Her hands were vibrating again.

His were too as he handed her the paddle from the hook and stood before her where she sat on the bed. Head down, hair falling over his eyes, he fumbled with his belt “C’mere”, she reached and he stepped toward her. “Is the door locked?” he asked quietly.

“It’s like yours dummy. Locks automatically.”

“Oh. Huh. Yeah…”

She pulled his belt open and unsnapped his jeans. Seemingly absorbed in the task she pulled down the zipper and needed only to release them to send them sliding to the floor. Expecting to see a pair of underwear she was startled to see Tim’s semi-erect penis rising below his T-shirt.

“Timmy! No undies?”

“I was in a hurry…didn’t think…”

“Its OK. You don’t need them now anyway.”

They were both speaking in a strange stilted way. As if disavowing their own words, maybe their own personalities, to hide in their roles. She touched his cock with a finger and it nodded slightly-raising its chin to her. She said nothing thinking of her own swelling button between her legs. With her hands on his hips she guided him to her side and down over her lap. He lifted once to situate his cock then settled back.

“You have a sweet bum, Timmy”, she said. Was he supposed to say ‘Thanks’? He was up on his hands looking back over his shoulder. “Down, Timmy, down.” She pushed on his back and he lay all the way down. “That’s the good boy”, she said breathlessly.

He reached and pulled her pillow into his face smelling her in the cool softness of it. He wriggled once, opening a little then settled back. And waited. Nothing was happening. Chelsea had of course seen boys’ backsides before but usually in passing or quickly as they moved from the bed to the door-or the bathroom or into pants. She had never had one before offered to her like this. For her to do with as she pleased. She liked this. She liked it a lot.

“I feel bad about this Timmy, but you must be punished”, she recited from the script in her head

“Yes Ma’am” he said into her pillow delighting her with his acquiescence.

She patted him once then raised the paddle bringing it down with a loud SMACK! that echoed off the concrete walls. He jumped and screamed loudly into the pillow. Chelsea, startled, jumped back and broke character. “Oh! Sorry! Was that too hard? I’m sorry-I’m sorry”. She patted the reddening bloom and rubbed it-even blowing on it. “Sorry!”

“It’s OK”, he said. “It just hurt like hell.” He relaxed back down.

“It’s supposed to hurt Timmy”, she said coming back into character but she noticed that his cock-stuck between them as it was-had contracted a bit. She lifted the paddle again, but not as high and brought it down again-but not as hard. The cracks of the paddle still bounced off the walls but not as loudly. The swats that were full-on his cheeks cracked loudly and those across the middle echoed into the void between.

His ass was a bright red all over with maroon dollops here and there. And still, here he was, taking it and judging from the thick hard hose trapped across her bare thigh enjoying it. In truth, his butt had pretty much gone numb and he was reacting more to the buzz and vibration that each swat brought to his engorged sack and pulsing cock. His individual and singular yelps had melding into a generalized whimper and the jumps that followed each swat into a rhythmic rolling that seemed to push his tortured bottom upward-looking to meet the wood sooner.

She flopped the paddle onto the bed. “I think that’s good. You’ve been punished enough.”

“Jesus, yes! You killed my ass!”

“Aw, poor you”, she cooed patting his bottom and pulling back from the heat. Ouch, she thought, that had to hurt. “Follow the rules next time.” She kept her hand there for a moment kneading lightly. His rolling-his subtle back and forth movement-hadn’t stopped. She had to get this kid out of her room so she could rub one off. Now. She was feeling the weight of a coming orgasm sitting low in her belly breathing hard and clawing to get out. I’ll come in and get you girl, she thought. I’ll be done here in a moment.

“Alright. Up!” she said with a final little slap.

He pushed himself up reluctantly reacting not at all as his dick vibrated strong and purple like some kind of meaty tuning fork.

“Jesus Timmy. Looks like someone had some fun…”

“How about you?” he asked, rubbing his hot bottom and looking into her flushed face and the thin sheen of perspiration on her forehead as she stared at his erect penis. She tried to meet his gaze but her eyes kept zipping back to his prick as if magnetized.

“Look, Chelsea. Why don’t you let me fuck you?”

“What? You?” She coughed an unconvincing laugh. “No. I don’t think so…” she said unable to pull her eyes from the organ in front of her.

“Come on, what are you going to do as soon as I leave here?” He touched her shoulder. “I will too, as soon as I get to my room.”

“I have a boyfriend” she said weakening.

“I know you have a boyfriend-but let’s just….come on…”

She reached around to feel his burning butt again and saw his dick jump. “I figured you were a virgin, Tim Moffet from Des Moines”, her mouth was dry.

“Not quite. I have some moves”.

“Moves!” She snorted.

“Come on”, he pleaded. “Your hand on my butt’s going to make me cum. Come on…”

She was weakening…she needed to get something between her legs now. “I’m gross-OK….I can go jump in the shower…”

“You are not gross…I want this right now…”



“Come on…”

“Take everything off”, he said.

She giggled-sixteen again in her basement at home. She struggled with her uniform and the sports bra. He helped pull it over her head, rushing. Her body was full and lush.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked.


She turned and reached into the drawer her backside turned to him. He reached out and put his hands on the thick milky pillows…She sucked air and allowed him to minister a moment back her breath fluttering when he kissed her left cheek. She sat and helped him into the rubber then flopped onto her back impatient for release.

He slipped easily into her sopping pussy and she moaned “Yess…..” she groaned opening her mouth into a circle and pulling her knees up to her chest. “In and out…” she said joking. “In and out…” He followed her instructions and they built into a pulsing, driving rhythm that didn’t foretell a long lovemaking session. They had opted for the straight track sprint over the leisurely Sunday drive.

As they built speed he arched slightly and slid his knees backward to tighten the fit of his ribbed rubbered cock against the spot where she could feel it most. “Oh! Oh!” she yipped and slid backward stopping only when he wrapped her shoulders and pulled her further toward him. Her mouth opened to his and her general gasping and moaning coalesced into a rumble in her chest as her tongue wrestled his.

And he knew then-right then-that this was the best sex he would ever have. Not the best sex that he had ever had-that number was still depressingly finite. But this wild, red-assed, teeth jarring, spit sharing, sweat-splashed, bucking coupling with a grimy Chelsea Fisher fresh from the playing fields would be the standard against which every lover to come would be measured and surely be found wanting.

Before he could consider whether summiting his sexual Everest at eighteen was glorious or depressing, Chelsea’s moans switched to a loud hiss and she reached down and squeezed his hot cheeks evidently trying to pull him deeper inside of her. “I’m cumming!!!” she gasped and Tim-working hard now-did what he could to increase speed and friction.

Her keening rose in his ears until all sound faded and the lights dimmed just before stars exploded all around him and he came.

Every paltry orgasm he had had to this point was a trickle. A tear coursing down the face of a statue. This was a cataract- a raging rapid that started in some unnamable place within him and, had it not been caught, confined, contained by what had to be the strongest latex condom on earth he knew his cum would have blown Chelsea off the bed-would have blown the door off its hinges-indeed would have washed down Neville Avenue piling parked cars atop one another and washing confused joggers and dog-walkers into the shrubbery.

But not. It was contained. His engorged cock, collapsed to dick size by the torrent, popped out of her as he collapsed on top, both quivering in the final spasms and twitches of their orgasms. They lay in a pile until their breathing returned and synced. Then he slid off to the side.

“What was THAT?” she asked.

“That was my move.”

She laughed a true hearty laugh. “Your move?”

“I only got one”, he laughed with her.

“It is a good one Timmy. You’ll want to keep that one.”

He rolled up on his elbow and smiled; the laughter still covering her face. The eyeblack was smeared on her cheek and he rubbed it with his thumb.

“You got some on you,” she said touching his cheek.


They lay quietly facing each other neither in a hurry to move content to let the sexual echoes recede.

“We should do this more often”, Tim said.

She flashed an amused smile. “Really? You and me? Together?” she laughed at the thought.

“No, not like that-you already have a boyfriend. Everybody knows it’s you and the football dick.”

“He’s not that bad…”

“Whatever. But we could just do…this. Every once in a while. We live four doors away. It would be convenient.”

“It would be that”, she said still smiling.

“And nobody would know…who would suspect-me and you?” he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Freshmen are needy. You’ll be here every day.”

“I’m a Bio major Chelsea. I won’t have time to be here every day.”

“I’ll make you a deal. Every time we do it, it has to be like today.”

“You all dirty and gross?”

She punched him on the arm. “No. The spanking. Before we do it, you get spanked.”

“That paddle hurts, Chel. I’m still sore.”

“OK-maybe not that paddle. Not all the time. Maybe my hand…maybe a ruler…I don’t know…we’ll make it up. But anytime we have sex, you have a red ass.”

He had to make a show of not loving the idea but not too much of one.

“And you’ll still be the RA, right? Keeping me in line…”

“Oh yeah…”

“Deal”, he said.

It wasn’t lost on him that they were lounging and lingering after what was supposed to be a convenient hook-up. He let his hand slide from her cheek to her firm breasts. She closed her eyes and, if anything, turned a little his way as he dipped his mouth, tasting the salt and noticing a bit of softball field between them. Her nipple hardened in his mouth and she sighed deeply and contentedly.

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  1. Both got the Bargain They Needed! Loved His Spanking, With Fucking and Future Considerations! She Is Sooo Hot, Demanding His Red Ass Every Time!

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