Nightcap Part Deux


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Takes places right after Nightcap

She jolted awake, panicked for a moment not knowing where she was. When it came back all at once she relaxed. She couldn’t have been asleep for long but long enough to feel a dull ache in her back and a bit of numbness in her hip.

She had prepared, as he had instructed. She was nude, centered on the bed face down. A pillow under her middle presented her bottom gently upward. The door was open behind her so that anyone wandering the hallway could see her but that was a conceit for the game. Who could see her but him?

Where was he? Assuming she had only dozed a few moments he had had plenty of time to get up here. He wouldn’t do corner time-which she would prefer-so they came to this. She would position herself for punishment and wait. Usually not this long…but she’d wait.

Comfortable that she could hear him coming before he got to the door she broke form and pushed herself up on her hands in a long upward dog to stretch her back. She clenched her bottom tightly and craned her neck backward to where she could see the ceiling had she opened her eyes.

She released back down across the pillow and splayed her legs wide revealing all that was between them to the open door. She let herself react languidly to the feel of the air on her dampening pussy before pushing up onto her knees then backward to offer fully-feeling her hips open and pushing her tiny winking butthole back beyond her feet.  She held for two breaths smiling inwardly at the view he would have if he walked in now. How he would thrash her for her wanton display! Then, in the final pose of her naughty little asana, she brought her legs tightly together, demurely closing her cheeks and resuming her chaste offering position.

She breathed deeply, in rhythm with the blood coursing anew through her stretched muscles. Then, just then, she finally heard a soft tread on the hallway carpet. With that sound, that simple footfall, she began to flow a bit and knew she was swollen down there. Her heart beat a little faster and her breath quickened. Without really moving, she raised her bottom higher as the footsteps sounded on the room’s hardwood, then back onto carpet as they approached the bed.

She awaited the touch. The admonishing word. She was about to slide her cheek across the warm coverlet to face him when…

Well hello Bethany. Isn’t this a nice surprise.

She flipped up on her side exposing her small breasts and perfectly shaved pubis to her lover’s wife. Rebecca Best’s piecing blue eyes glowed in the dim light.

Don’t get up for me honey.

Feeling suddenly exposed she covered her breasts, ashamed that her nipples were hard and twice their normal size. Would she notice? She pulled her leg up to cover her swollen nakedness which even now continued to ripple with tiny jolts of desire.

What are you doing here?

Earlier flight. Couldn’t wait to get back to my happy home. She bit off this last.

But I was…we were…

Uh huh.

Where is…

He had an emergency call…I actually passed him in the drive. He didn’t mention that you two had business tonight.

Ma’am please…my clothes are right over there…

I see your clothes. You just won’t need them right now.

But ma’am…I…

Shhh…shhh…you and I have not had a chance to talk lately. She reached down and patted the girl on the cheek as her husband had done earlier. Bethany flinched as if she were about to be struck.

Please, you silly. Rebecca said with a tight cold smile.

She reached down and lay a hand on Bethany’s hip. The touch was hot-as if her mere caress would leave a mark-a small four finger brand. She applied pressure guiding the girl back over onto her belly. Here you go, she said. Lay back down…very nice. Only when she had settled bottom up again, did Rebecca remove her burning fingers from the girl’s backside.

Bethany craned to look back over her shoulder.

No thank you. Just keep your eyes down. I want the view that Franklin wanted.

The girl, breathing in tiny bites, settled her face into the coverlet and nervously waited. The hot hand again-this time high on her leg.

Please open, Bethany.

Mrs. Best, I….

The slap startled her and she cried out a quick little mew feeling the burn on her exposed bottom.

Open please.

She tentatively opened her legs only slightly-revealing nothing.

Bethany, Rebecca said tightly. Do you want another spank?

The girl opened until she could feel the air again caressing her below. She tried to control her breathing feeling the older woman’s gaze washing over her. She felt Rebecca’s burning hand slide between her legs. She wanted to close them but would only pin the hand in place. Instead, she opened slightly wider to afford better access. She felt the woman’s fingers along the outer folds of her pussy. Oh, you have quite a little spigot back here don’t you? asked Rebecca as if speaking to a child.

Bethany bit her lip as the probe continued around the edges and then slipped easily inside. She circled the inner passage with one finger then added another-not deep, but inside. I asked you a question, Bethany. Do you always get this wet just waiting for my husband?

Something in the tone demanded an answer. Yes ma’am…

She pulled out of the probe and slid her slippery finger up across Bethany’s asshole. The girl gasped and squeezed handfuls of the coverlet.

Sensitive here, aren’t you? she asked keeping the finger on the asshole and wiggling.

Yes ma’am.

It’s a shame Franklin had to miss this. She withdrew her finger and patted the girl gently on the bum-exactly on the handprint that she had left with the first slap.

Bethany felt Rebecca slip away from the bed then heard the opening of the cabinet door and the clattering of the rattan canes. She looked back to see Rebecca doffing her jacket.

Mrs. Best…I’m sorry. Please don’t do this…She came close to whimpering.

Rebecca pointed sternly with the heavy cane she had taken from the cabinet. EYES FRONT!

Oh I’m definitely going to do this, she said, rolling up her right sleeve. You deserve a punishment young lady and one like only I can give you. This won’t be a little stroke and kiss from Franklin. No Bethany. When I’m done with you, you will know what a punishment is.

The girl did whimper then and pulled her legs back together.

Outside in the hall Franklin Best watched, nursing his drink and mouthing the words he had given his wife to say.

Continued here Nightcap Part III

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