Fled the Bed!

He made a big deal of it later-about me “leaving the bed.” That’s the way he put it-I left the bed. More like fled, is what I did. But you know how he gets, so freaking dramatic. “You left the bed!” Christ, it was hot, the bed was wet with his bourbon sweat-the room reeked…It was too much. You bet I got the hell out of there.

It was oppressive on the porch too. You would think the screens would let the air circulate a little but maybe there are too many trees around. I don’t know. At least in the bedroom there was the ceiling fan keeping the mosquitoes at bay but I no sooner step onto the porch and ZAP! little bloodsucker gets me right on the shoulder…right here. And I could hear them buzzing…

Outside though, on the patio, was a breeze-I could hear it in the trees-so I stepped out there. It was a warm breeze of course, but it kept the little buggers from landing on me. That’s the thing about walking around naked, there is a lot of open real estate for mosquitoes. I had no idea what time it was-there were no lights-there was no one in the cabins around us-it was the middle of a work week.

No moon, but it really wasn’t dark. There were enough stars to light up the whole valley in this soft blue glow. Can you imagine? Enough star shine to see by? You never see that here. The river though, it looked like a big speckled snake-pitch black but littered, I mean covered-with stars. I’m looking at it from the deck and I…I’ve never seen anything like that. These stars….I guess I was star-struck, right? I wanted to touch them-to feel them. I had to get in there-into the river with them. I couldn’t go up-couldn’t fly into the night sky and touch them but I could slip into the river and let them cover me that way, right?

So I slipped on my Teva’s-the rocks are a bitch-and scampered down over the hill. I’m like a kid-can’t wait to get in there and be covered by the stars. I can still hear him snoring through the open window so I’m by myself totally…

I step in. The water is warm sure, but feels cool next to the air. Not cool enough for goosebumps. Like a bath. River’s only four or five feet deep in front of the cabin so I’m walking slowly, watching the stars swim and swirl around me. As I go further out it’s crawling up my legs-that’s what it feels like, crawling-this thick black blanket alive with all these blue speckles. I’m heading to this rock that I know-that I’ve played on since I was a kid-out near the middle.

Then-as I get deeper-the water reaches right…there. You know? Right here? Oh my, that was something-a little rush. A little tingle. I actually stopped and bent my knees-kind of moving into it-up and down? The current isn’t strong, but I can feel it you know? Just like it was laying on me. Not pushing-just laying.

So as I get deeper into this sparkling darkness, of course, it gets higher on me. The warmth of that blanket crawling up my hips, oozing up and filling the crack of my ass-I mean it! I could feel every inch it moved up my butt until it wrapped around my waist like a bath towel then up to here…then there was the rock. So I turn around and sit up on it.

It’s a big old rock, covered with all kind of river stuff…it’s rough on my butt, you know? It doesn’t hurt-but I can feel it. And it doesn’t feel bad, right? Not at all. Kind of like the roughness of it. I’m facing upstream and this little current is rubbing against me-of course-right at my nipples. Right there. Upstream is nothing but star-shine glitter and if it wasn’t for the black ribbon of the mountain you couldn’t tell where the sky ended and the river began. Took my breath away.

Then…then…I opened my legs a little to feel the current…There were these little minnows bumping into my legs so that felt weird and tickly. Then tingly. Suddenly my nipples are hard from the water lapping at them and I open my legs a little wider. Hmmmm….So I put my left hand on the rock to steady myself, reach down with the right…I was going to go at it gently you know? I wasn’t completely committed…I mean now, looking back it seems like that’s why I went out there in the first place. But it wasn’t. It just happened.

I touched the inside of my thighs you know…nice…soft…easy…around the lips-What’s the matter? You know what I’m talking about. Don’t laugh. Anyway, I slide in, just a little and got my finger on her and, BANG! at the first touch she was standing there stiff as a soldier ready for maneuvers. Sounds stupid to say I was wet-being in the river-but there’s wet and there’s wet. I was so freaking ready for this I couldn’t believe it. All subtlety is out the window-I’m rubbing like I’m trying to start a fire.

I’m squeezing my butt cheeks-they’re scraping on the rock-and that’s a thing too now, the roughness-I can feel it building…and I take my hand that’s balancing me on the rock and start to rub my nipples one then the other, a pinch here, a pull there, head back looking at the sky….then BAM! It’s there…it hits quick like a lightning bolt-all at once, runs up my spine, my butt, down my legs-shoots out my toes, my head’s back I’m looking at the sky- I’m fucking the stars man! I barked! I guess it was a bark-couldn’t keep the sounds inside. I know I moaned out loud. Then I lost my balance-the current isn’t strong-like I said- but I’m sitting there with my feet up my hands all over myself-SPLASH! I’m ass over tin cups off the rock and into the river.

Could still see them though….nothing but blackness around me…Bubbles going up cause I’m laughing-but the stars are twinkling up there, winking down at me…They know what I’m up to. Jesus I felt so good. Best underwater orgasm ever!

Then BAM! It’s all gone in a flash. Everything’s blinding white! It was him…he got up and turned the deck floodlights on-you can read by them across the river. I think he’s secretly afraid of the dark or something; I don’t know. But the stars are gone, the black blanket is gone. It’s just me laying at the bottom of the river.

I stand up-not easy my legs were shaking-and put my arms out like…What the fuck? I think he’s surprised to see my tits looking up at him.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He screams. Nobody around for a mile-no sounds-I could hear a frog fart and he’s screaming!

My first impulse is to yell back something like “I’m rubbing one off in the river you fuck!” No really, I almost did. Wouldn’t that have been a thing? But I took a breath-modulated-asked him to please kill the lights as I’m enjoying a little swim. I said it like that-my clit’s buzzing, I’m still squirting, my heart’s racing and I’m speaking like I’m on Downton-freaking-Abbey-“I’m enjoying a bit of a swim.”

I don’t know what he saw…Don’t really care. But that’s when he says it-for the first time, “You can’t just leave the bed like that…” Jesus. What am I gonna do with him?

You mind if I smoke?

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