Molly Goes Down

Corrine Bottom copywrite Photo Nicola De Luigi

©Nicola DiLuigi from Tumblr

Continued from Molly for Breakfast

Molly allowed herself to be dried, luxuriating in the soft thickness of the towels as Corrine stroked and patted. Every touch of the thick cotton anywhere tingled her already-crawling skin and sent electric waves to her crotch. She could feel Corrine close-feel her heat-as she stroked her hair wringing the water from it. Her breasts were close-almost close enough to lick.

“Are you going to spank me now?” Molly asked huskily close to Corrine’s neck.

“Have you been bad?”

“I’ve been very…very bad…”

“Then come with me bad girl….” She whispered and directed her, with an arm on her shoulder, toward the door in the back wall.

Candles burned in the inner sanctum of John’s bedroom, the fragrant dim glow replacing the harsh light of day that was entirely blocked by dark blinds. The daytime sounds outside were muted by a low wash of what sounded like flowing water coming from the sound system. The bed was tightly made and tucked because that was John’s thing; regardless of when it would be used again.

Corrine gently pushed her toward the bed. “Turn it down”, she ordered. She watched from behind as the girl bent to reach the spread and pull it down. As she extended, her compact little vagina winked backward from under her bottom and Corrine felt the flutter in her grow into a whirl. Her nipples swelled and pulsed as Molly folded back the blanket and top sheet- down to the fitted silk.

Corrine flowed past Molly, pausing slide her hand along her bottom-gently cupping the firm cheeks and allowing her fingers to linger between-then her hip, then her belly as she slid onto the bed. She flipped the pillows aside to lean against the smooth barn-wood headboard cool against her skin.

Extending her legs she reached toward Molly. “Get over here”, she growled.

The girl crawled onto the bed and knelt beside Corrine reaching over to kiss her once softly on the mouth. Feeling the kiss returned, she ran her lips along her neck then settled on her firm breast. The taut nipple felt hard in her mouth as she flicked it with her tongue.

If Molly’s experience in this arena was limited to the point of being almost non-existent, her desire was not. When unsure, she would only do what she would like done to her. Corrine’s gaspy and gulping breathing let her know that she was on the right path. She slipped her tongue around the areola and gently bit her nipple as she pulled back. Her tongue was on march, advancing down the flat plain of stomach toward the tiny dark patch of destination at her crotch when Corrine grabbed her by the hair.

“You get over my lap right now, girl…”

And she did. Slowly. Languidly lowering herself across the long lean thighs. Once across her lap Molly didn’t lie still, though. She moved and squirmed, positioning herself to get the best rub of her swelling vulva across Corrine’s leg. Her rhythmic undulations were stirred by Corrine’s hand gently kneading and squeezing her pert cheeks and hamstrings. She worked her fingers between the easily cleaved cheeks and gently stroked up, down and under.

Corrine’s first dream, her first desire, is always spanking them. Girls or boys, men or women…gender or age…none of it mattered. Her Barbie Dolls spanked each other when she was eight. In Corrine’s world, if a spanking lead to sex later, all the better. If it was just sex with no spanking-she went away fucked-but unsated. The cracking tattoo of her hand on some unfortunate’s bare bum was the soundtrack of her dreams. And Molly was ready for it-already whimpering like a puppy pushing her bottom upward.

Best get on with it, she thought.

The first smack was a light slap using only her wrist fully on the right side. The second the same. Molly moaned, not from any pain she was feeling but from the vibration that traveled from her smacked bottom down through her pulsing crevasse and into her dampening sex. Again and again, Corrine raised her hand and brought it down watching Molly’s butt wriggle and gently pinken and wondered why she, of all people, could not wait for this to be over. She slapped harder, using more arm and the flat of her palm and the reports came louder as did Molly’s squeals.

Corrine grabbed her by the hair and pulled gently. “You wanted spanked-you bad girl…you deserve this, don’t you?”

“Yes, YES, I do…I deserve it…” She spanked her again, harder. Her hand yanking at Molly’s hair didn’t stop or even slow the fierce rubbing against her thigh. Jesus, thought Corrine, she was going to come!

“You stop that!” she ordered pressing her hand hard down on her warm bottom.

Molly was breathless-but stopped. “Why…what…?”

With a quick lift and roll, Corrine deposited her onto her back on the bed, springing to her knees beside her. She kissed her hard on the mouth. “You will come when I say you can come, you understand?” With that she slipped a finger deep into her wetness.

Molly moaned at the insertion and lifted her hips. Like a Praying Mantis over a grasshopper Corrine rose onto all fours and crawled backwards sliding her finger out and with a slow downward swoop of her head, replaced it with her tongue. The girl opened to her like a wet peach.

It didn’t take long. With her motor running high and hot, Molly stiffened, grabbing Corrine’s head in a tight leg lock. Corrine-her ears crushed by the warm steam of Molly’s thighs- kept her mouth clamped in place as the girl bucked and rolled onto her side. She absorbed Molly’s heels frantically kicking into her back and had to roll with her to retain her lip lock. Then with a screech, Molly shuddered and went limp.

Corrine lay her head on the inside of Molly’s thigh and allowed the other leg to close heavily over her head. Soaking up the scent, she teased “You’ve come before right?”

“Not like that…” she came back breathless. “Not like that…”

Corrine nestled closer and stuck her tongue again into the sweet liquor that puddled in the reaches of Molly’s vagina. “Ahh-Come on”. Molly breathed and opened her legs releasing Corrine’s head while reaching down to pull her up. “Your turn….”

“Ah yes! Mama’s turn…” She flopped onto her back. “You know what to do right…?”

“I think I can find everything…” she said kissing her and finally able to slide her hand all the way down the woman’s flat belly and over the tiny square of close cropped hair.

Corrine dug her head back into the pillows. “There’s a spot in there…” she continued to tease. “You’ll feel it….up near the top…”

“You mean…..this?” asked Molly touching Corrine’s on-switch standing erect in the soft pulsing pool.

Corrine smiled and gently ground her hips into the finger that rubbed her gently. This was good, she thought as Molly’s head-laying gently on her chest-rose and fell with her breathing. This was almost perfect. Almost.

“Would you do something for me?” Corrine asked gently and quietly; in a way that won her another soft kiss on the mouth.

“Absolutely…” said Molly. “What?”

Corrine disengaged and pulled herself up on an elbow enough to reach the bed stand. She opened the top drawer and came back with a small bottle of lube. She took Molly’s hand and squeezed a dollop on her fingers. Molly tasted it-“Strawberry….”

Corrine rolled onto her side facing away. “In my ass…” she said.


“Definitely” she said pushing her hips backward.

Molly ran her hand over Corrine’s glistening buttock leaving a trail that extended from the hip bone to that little dark spot between her cheeks. When Molly’s finger touched it, Corrine gasped lightly and pulled her knee toward her chest affording more open access. “Mmmm…” was the only sound she was making into the pillow. Molly ran her finger around the outside of her anus-every movement bringing a twitch or a groan. She slid along the surface of it and pressed-as if to plunge inside-then withdrew to circle again.

“Ohhh, you’re a bitch….” Corrine muttered into the pillow.

In answer Molly pushed the woman’s leg further and dipped her head between her cheeks. She bit her gently on the sit-spot where the cheek met her leg. Then, as Corrine continued to moan, she licked at the flavored lube around her butthole while reaching underneath to slip her fingers back into Corrine’s sopping cunt. She pushed backward, opening wider inviting-begging for-insertion. She wanted Molly inside her ass but didn’t want to interrupt what she was doing.


“Okay…but you’re loving this…”

“Wait,” Corrine breathed. She rolled over onto her back lifting her leg over her lover. Molly made a move to lick the pulsing panther tattoo on her ribcage while still stroking, stroking…

“No Molly-no tits…ass, baby…” She pushed her head southward. “Put your tongue where your finger is and your finger in my ass…”

Sliding her tongue down her belly Molly teased, “You’re bossy….”

“So I’ve been told…” she smiled laying back.

For the first time in her life, Molly stuck her tongue into a woman’s vagina and thrilled at the reception. Corrine arched and hummed loudly as the target was engaged. Then, not waiting to be told again, Molly touched the woman’s asshole tentatively then, feeling the tight little muscle crack open for her, slid firmly inside.

“Oh…that’s what I wanted…just like that…” Except it wasn’t exactly. “In and out, now.” She said…”In and out…” Breathing through her nose-and stuck like a barnacle to Corrine’s clit-she withdrew her finger almost out, then slid it in again-stopping at the top knuckle.  In then out, then in again, finding her rhythm. “Beautiful…” groaned Corrine beginning to stroke the bed with her arms; flapping as if hoping to take off and lifting her hips higher. What Molly lacked in experience, she made up for in enthusiasm never, through all the gyrations and ministrations, breaking from Corrine’s clit.

“Try two fingers!” Corrine gasped. “Same in and out-two fingers!”

Jesus, thought Molly.

Two strokes after she had she slipped the second fingers inside Corrine began to come-a deep throated groan then high pitched yips and coughs which she celebrated in full throat volume. Molly caught the spurt of her orgasm and roughly drug her tongue over the spigot eliciting one more growl and a final collapse of the Corrine-arch bridge. Molly pulled out her fingers with a gentle pop and flopped into the crook of her gasping lover’s arm. They lay entwined until normal breathing returned.

“That was….” Corrine started.

“Yeah, it was…You’re a good director…” she kissed her neck.

“Yeah, sorry about that…”

“It’s fine… What now?”

“Strip the bed, wash the sheets, jump back in the tub, anything I say.”


“Yep-slave for a day.”

Molly snuggled closer in no hurry to do anything. “Hope it’s for more than a day.”


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