Janie’s Loan

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Continued from Sarah’s Plan

When Blue pulled up in front of Janie’s trailer the truck cab was thick with the aroma of the “Jeffy’s Supreme” pizza sitting on Sarah’s lap. They had swung through town on the way to pick it up. She opened the door gingerly and stepped out, balancing the pizza in one hand as Blue grabbed the twelve pack off of the back seat. “Leave that here for now”, Sarah said nodding at the bath brush that was also back there.

They didn’t quite reach the door before Janie opened it wide with a welcoming smile that wavered only a little. “Come in, come in…” Sarah could see the effort she had put into what had to be a whirlwind clean-up in a relatively short time. There were no clothes scattered about-there were actually chairs to sit on-and the couch was a couch, not a day bed. Sarah didn’t want to guess which closet everything had been thrown into and what would happen once that door was opened but more power to her.

Janie skittered about finding clean glasses and paper plates going on excitedly about the pizza and how she hadn’t eaten all day. Actually she was just going on…fast talking and covering. Sarah could see her eyes were red and the smile was a sweet artifice. But it was a good smile; had always been one of the best. She had done a good job with herself too. Dressed in Khaki capris which hugged her where she knew they would hug her and a green print blouse she was miles away from the gym shorts and torn T-shirt she had on earlier. Her hair was still a little shower damp which made the curls shine and, without any makeup, the tiny smattering of freckles danced across her cheeks.

The conversation around the coffee table was town-talk, high school-talk, who’s having babies-the kind of thing they always defaulted to. Finally, half way through the pizza-which Blue ate most of, Janie picked….Sarah told Blue to go look in the bedroom.

“Excuse me?”

“Go ahead….”

“Oh Sarah….” Janie shook her head.

Blue hesitated a moment but went. He opened the door and stuck his head in just as his wife had earlier that day. “Jesus Christ”, he said. “What’s this…?”

Janie sighed and, dropping her eyes, explained the situation with Danny and the exploded Harley. She wasn’t even finished before Blue had his cell phone out and was calling a friend of a hunting buddy who lived on the next ridge. Even hearing just one side of the conversation it was clear the guy was a motorcycle nut and probably dealer. Two texted photos and a little negotiation that Jamie just watched and the price-which she agreed to with a thumbs up-was settled. The guy was even going to send someone over later in the week to pick it up.

“You know what?” Blue said into the phone “This is a situation. Can if happen tomorrow afternoon?” There was a short pause then, “Fine. Good. Thanks, Billy. She’ll be here all afternoon.”

He clicked off the phone.  “Done and done.”

“What if Danny….”

“Tell him to talk to me if he has an issue.”

That would end it. Janie breathed out long and slowly. “Thanks, Blue….I didn’t really know how I was gonna…”

“Don’t worry about it.”

She shrugged palms up with a goofy, embarrassed smile…”I have my bedroom back.”

“That was the easy part. This is a little tougher”


“I need to see your checkbook.”

“My checkbook?…”

“And the last couple of bank statements…”

Standing there while the girls were sitting made him even more in command of the situation. Sarah, though sated and sexed raw from their session earlier, felt a buzzing in her stomach as he gently but firmly told Janie what he needed. She recognized the tone. Apparently Janie had too because she didn’t so much as ask why he wanted to see the things that most people would consider their private business. She just got them and handed them over.

The shadows were lengthening in the room and Blue flicked on a lamp to leaf through the statements and the checkbook.

“Dare I ask when you last balanced your checkbook?”

“I’m not so good at that…” she shook her head lightly and looked away. Sarah averted her eyes from her friend’s embarrassment. That was a major deal in their house.

“Ok, so no problem…” he flicked from page to page.

“Girl, you have more going out monthly than you have coming in…”

“That SOB Danny….”

“Are you going to tell us this started with Danny?” She shut up.  “Like we haven’t known you forever?” Spoken by someone else his words could have sounded harsh but his tone was almost bantering; serious, but understanding. “Sarah told me you might be a tight spot, but honestly, I didn’t know how tight”.

She sagged. “I know. I know…I swear, I don’t know what I’m going to do…” her voice trailed off.

“You’re going to shut up and let us help you.”

“How can you help? I can always use more hours….”

“Girl, there ain’t enough hours in the day for you to make this right. We’ll help you fix it…”

He told her that they had brought their checkbook and he, Sarah actually, was going to write her a check for $5000 so she could go to the bank and get her truck tomorrow. She sat stunned and as if not knowing how to deal with her friend’s largesse stumbled over the simplest thing.

“I have to work tomorrow…” she said in a small voice.

“Naw, I think you’re calling in sick tomorrow. Remember you have to be here in the afternoon so Billy’s peckerhead buddy can come get that mess out of your bedroom. Then”, he went on, “she going to write you another check for $2000 for credit cards…”

“What?” said Sarah and Janie almost simultaneously.

“Yeah, that was a surprise to me too. But if we don’t get rid of them, the truck payment won’t matter. So, Miss Janie, you’re into us for seven grand.”

Janie sat back as if dazed. “You can’t Blue….Sarah….you can’t do this…”

Blue squatted down on his haunches as if he was going to draw in the dirt. He explained that this wasn’t a gift. She already owed the money, so that would be nothing new. He would just owe it to them instead of the bank and credit card companies. He explained the payment terms and how she would be able to hit them and how much he expected from her every month. Sarah hadn’t thought it this far down the line and was surprised at how easily Blue could put these numbers together in his head.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked in a small voice.

“Because we can”, Sarah said. “Look honey-we love you. We been friends for so long and to see you in the state you were in earlier today….It tore me up. Remember you said you wanted someone to watch your back? To help keeping you from fucking up….”

“At least too bad…” Blue chimed in and they all laughed.

“That’s what we want to do. If you’ll let us.”

Tears welled in Janie’s eyes. “If I let you? I don’t know what to say…”

“You don’t have to say anything….this will be a process.”

Janie nodded quickly and dabbed at her eyes…”Thank you…”

“Blue” said Sarah as she went through her bag for the checkbook, “Go out to the truck.” As Janie looked at her questioningly, “He’s got something else for you.”

When he reentered the trailer he was holding the bath brush in his right hand. As soon as Janie saw it she collapsed back into the chair as if pushed. A cloud passed over her eyes and her cheeks flushed slightly. She reached out for the cigarettes then put them down again, her hand shaking slightly.

“I guess you know what will happen if you miss a payment, don’t you?” Sarah asked.

Janie crossed her legs, left over right and pushed herself up in the chair. “I guess I do”, she said not taking her eyes off the brush. She shifted, uncrossing then re-crossing her legs right over left. She looked at Sarah first, then up at Blue. “You….you won’t be sorry”, she stammered. “You can…you can… Jesus! I’m sorry…” she attempted a laugh, “You sort of threw me off there. You can count on me. I won’t let you down…”

“We know you won’t”, Sarah said.

Blue stood over her-not close enough to be looming, but certainly close enough to be imposing and laid out the ground rules. She would call him-not Sarah-for any large purchase. Anything over fifty bucks to start. She would take any overtime he could push her way….as he ticked the items off he emphasized the points with a tiny wave or stab in the air with the brush. It appeared off-hand but Sarah knew his lecturing style.

“You will hang this in the bathroom or in the kitchen, anywhere you can see it every day as a reminder of what will happen if you don’t get yourself under control. You understand?” She nodded and he set the brush on the table and headed toward the kitchen for another beer. Janie looked at him then back at the brush. Then back at him…

“Is that it…?” she asked her eyes back on the brush.

“That’s it.”

“I thought…” she paused and steadied herself with a hand to her bosom. “I thought you were going to…spank me….”

“I certainly am. I you miss…” said Blue.

“I mean…now. That’s what I thought.”

He paused and regarded her carefully. She tried to keep his gaze but had to look away. She caught Sarah’s eye and looked down.

“There’s no doubt you deserve it,” he said sternly. “You’ve deserved it for years. I don’t doubt if you would have had someone who would fan your ass when you needed it, you wouldn’t be in the situation you are in now.”

She didn’t trust her words-only nodded.

“You know, that might not be a bad idea. Sort of clear the air-put you in the right place.”

“Blue, you…” Sarah started to say but his look stopped her.

“No, it’s OK. I want him to”, she was almost pleading with Sarah. “I need this. I do…” She looked at Blue. “I’m sorry Blue, I’m sorry….I just think I need this.”

“Up to you…” he said.

“God”, she whispered almost to herself. “This is embarrassing.”

Blue had sat on the couch and motioned her over.

“Don’t worry about it-this is between us…if you don’t want to do it….”

“OK. No, I’ll do it. I want to do it.” She stood in front of him fiddling nervously with the button on her pants. “These come off right…?”

“Here, let me help with that.” He slipped the button and opened her zipper sliding the snug capris down her legs. She put a hand on his shoulder for balance as Blue leaned down to slip them over her feet. Sarah noticed how close he was to her sex, swaddled only in a tiny shard of white cotton.

“Panties too?” she asked in a small voice.

“I’ll take those off once you’re over my lap. No reason showing more than you have to.”

She knelt on the couch and stretched out over his lap holding her weight on her elbows. Her hands were folded, fingers tightly entwined at her chin. Her mouth was a slip and her eyes were clenched shut though a tiny tear had squeezed out and was hanging, like an ornament, on her lash.

“Lift up” he said slipping his fingers under the elastic waist band. She did as she was told and he peeled the panties slowly down revealing the creamy white globes of her bottom. He tugged gently to pull the cotton from between her legs and slid them down to her knees.

Sarah sat bolt upright in her chair as alert as a prairie dog. Except for in the movies she had never seen another woman-person for that matter-spanked. And now, seeing Janie bare-assed over her husband’s lap tickled her hard top and bottom. She knew what Sarah was feeling, the awkward anticipation; the fear of the first swat-not knowing how she would be able to take it.

And she would never admit it but, seeing Jamie like this brought back the memory of the ‘flat-ass’ comment from eleventh grade that she had never forgotten.  There was the teensiest bit of revenge satisfaction in seeing her in this position. But she had to admit, even the spread of the years and a few extra pounds did little to diminish the lush curves of her backside. She lay there stiff as a board, cheeks tense enough that you couldn’t slip a quarter between them…

Sarah’s reverie was interrupted by the first swat landing hard on Jamie’s right cheek. She took it in silence and her thick bottom didn’t seem to move. The second fell in the same spot and met the same stoic response but a rosy blush began to break up the creamy color palette. After the third swat she said “OW” calmly if breathlessly. She continued to narrate her spanking as if to control it. “Ow”, she said again. “That hurt.” Then, “Ouch…that one stung…” Every time she spoke, the words were shakier-more guttural-finally almost breathless.

She had nothing to say-only kicked her feet against the couch-when Blue smacked the crevasse at the bottom of her- catching both cheeks at once and echoing across the room. One swat later, which landed hard on her left cheek, opened the floodgates.

Janie’s shoulders began quaking before she sobbed out loud. The tension in her butt released and the brush landed solidly but with a different, softer SPLACK! bringing a loud coughing rasp of a cry. Sarah left her chair and knelt at her husband’s feet. Jamie’s sobbed pitifully, her face buried in her hands.

“That’s OK honey, let it out…”

“I’m such a fucking loser…”

“No you are not. Blue-“

He reached higher and hit her harder than he had yet. She jumped and Sarah wrapped an arm over her shoulders. “Do not say that! You are not a loser….”

Janie was not to be reasoned with. She sobbed pitifully and loudly as if, having started to cry, she was going to get it all out. Sarah kept whispering in her friend’s ear rubbing her shoulders and neck as Blue continued to spank a loud tattoo on her bottom which shaded from a blushing pink to an angry red. He regarded the reds the speckles of purples on the lower cheeks, the think dark line down the lip of her split and knew his work was done. He lay the brush aside and added his own voice to Sarah’s quiet compassion.

“That’s okay Janie…I’m done now….shhhh…you’re fine….” He said, underscoring his words by softly rubbing her dry, burning bottom. At home he would have lotion to soothe her backside but there wasn’t any here and he wasn’t about to send his wife off looking for any. He settled off of her tortured bum and softly massaged the top of her thighs. His rubbing and patting didn’t escape Sarah’s notice but-as conflicted as she suddenly became about it-she thought better than to say anything. She did wonder though if Blue was poking at her belly from below, the way he would be when she was in this position.

Happily though, Janie’s tears began to subside soon enough and Sarah slipped her a handkerchief to pat at her ruined face. Blue unwound her underwear from near her knees and slipped them back up her legs. Sarah, alert for it, saw Jamie rise fetchingly, spreading her cheeks just enough to allow him to pull her panties up into place while also giving a glance of all she had to show underneath. Sarah paid attention to Janie’s other end, not wanting to catch her husband looking.

Then, panties in place she rose awkwardly to a seat on the couch. She wriggled at the rough pile of the couch. “Oww..”, she couldn’t help smiling…”That hurts…”

“Here”, Blue said handing her one of the soft flat throw pillows. “This’ll help.”

Janie slipped it under her bottom and sat gingerly. “That’s better…” she said. “Wow, that was…something. It hurt…It was good-I feel better actually. I appreciate it, I mean, don’t get me wrong…but it HURT.”

“I imagine it did…” Blue said.

“I know it did”, said Sarah from her seat back on the chair.

“So I guess I can count on you having the money every month then, right?” Blue asked.

“Oh yes-oh yes…you don’t have to worry about that.”

“I’ll appreciate it. And Sarah will too. Because every paddling you get for late payment, she will get too.”

“What?! Me too? Why?”

“You are the co-signer on this loan honey. If Janie defaults….”

Sarah was about to protest but her eye caught the bath brush laying on the floor beside the couch igniting the tiny twinge in her belly. Best to let it ride for now.

“Don’t worry Sarah-I’ll be on time…we’ll be fine…” Sarah saw a glint of mischief in her friend’s eye and the twinge grew.

Down the Road

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