Tiffany’s Play

continued from No Discretion-An Agency Story

Her eyes shut, she moved to his rhythm, rising onto her toes as his finger rubbed forward. She slid her arms wider to brace herself and bumped the paddle with her left hand. She closed her palm over the cool, hard wood grain and tried to spread her legs but was bound by the lasso of her jeans and underwear. Justin felt her kicking lightly at her bonds and paused in his caresses to drop to his knees behind her. She thrilled like a schoolgirl at the touch of his hands on her calf as he worked her pant leg off over her shoe. Unencumbered, she opened herself and slid further across the desk sliding the paddle forward with her.

She suddenly felt his breath on her bottom and warmly between her cheeks which now lay open exposing herself. This had not been her plan. That’s what she told herself as she felt his lips kiss her low on the left cheek, then the right. This was going further than she thought it would. She told herself that in short fragments of thought. She wanted the paddling, she thought. That was all. Of course she knew it meant that she would be dropping her pants for him, but they were adults weren’t they? They would be able to control themselves. She would anyway.

Justin’s kisses, then licks, centered wetly on her anus for a few excruciating moments pulling a soft moan through her closed lips. He slid lower-to her sex-where his tongue replaced the perfect touch of his finger.  Gripping the paddle firmly as if to convince herself that was why she was here, Tiffany arched deeply to give him better access to the hard bud of her clitoris.

His tongue found it easily enough. She had almost forgotten how good Justin was at this. The pressure built deeply in her as he used a finger to spread her from behind. “Oh God”, she moaned dropping her cheek to the desk top. A tiny nibble generated such a shock from her clit to the rest of her body that the paddle slipped from her hand and the clatter of the wood on wood broke the spell. He withdrew his tongue and she felt his face pull away.

“Oh noooo….” She whimpered like a child.

“God, Tiffany”, he said patting her bottom, “You taste like nothing else.”

She felt him rise to his feet as her once imminent orgasm slid back below the surface leaving off a small but insistent hum so she knew where it was hiding. She dropped down onto her heels and felt the paddle sliding away from her hand. She grabbed it mischievously and pulled it back.

“Now, now”, he said, and she released her grip. “Let’s remember why we’re here.”

“Oh, man…” she whined, and pulled her legs together properly. Justin, standing behind, watched the double doors close on the delights that he had missed so much. And that he wanted to get back to. Tiffany had laid out this script and he was following it as best he could but she was never one to give overt directions. He followed the flow as best as he could knowing that she would pull him back on track if he strayed too far. She settled with her palms and elbows on the desktop and ached her back slightly to present the best target.

Yes, she had wanted this. Fifteen minutes ago this was all she wanted. Now, with the feel of Justin’s mouth-his lips and tongue-lingering on her clitoris and his saliva drying on her bottom she wasn’t sure. He had left her so tingly and sensitive back there that she knew the paddle would doubly sting. She gasped slightly as he lay the cool wood across her cheeks and patted once then twice. Her heart pounded at the hard feel of it and in anticipation of what was to come.

She gritted her teeth and scrunched her eyes and waited…waited…felt the movement as he leaned away then, SMACK! It hit her. The pain washed across both cheeks like a hot iron. Before she could take a proper breath or ready herself the second SWAT! Landed on the right cheek.

“OWWW!” she yelped louder than she wanted to. Then quieter…”Sorry….but that hurt…”

“It’s okay”, he said patting the two distinct pink spots on her bum again with the wood. “There’s no one on the floor-you can be as loud as you want. I’m going to give you twelve.”

“Twelve more? Or ten more?”

“What do you think you deserve?”

For the first time she thought of Connie and her eyes stung a little. “Probably fifty”, she muttered.

“Well, that might be a little much, but we’ll see. We’ll leave it kind of open ended”, he said with a final soft pat. She tightened her shoulders and back to brace herself leaving her bottom soft and accepting. The third swat landed hard across the middle of her butt and the next came up from below stinging the soft underside of her cheeks rising her onto her toes. “Ahhh…” she gasped.

The next three came solidly in the same place across the middle in quick succession. She raised onto her toes again and was still up there when the next hit her SPLAT! lower on the cheeks. The echo of that swat filled that room accenting her high-pitched cry.

He brought the swats quickly but aimed carefully bringing most of them to bear on the heavier and softer mid target. It was tough to find an untouched spot as the creamy white turned pink and what was pink, a deeper red. Tiffany was moving a bit-up on one foot then another-further forward on the desk then backward, blooming open so that he could see again the tiny brown button of her anus and the swollen purse of her sex. His balls ached as his ignored hard-on stayed pinned to his inner thigh.

Then, as he took a break to allow her to compose herself after the twentieth or so swat, she surprised both of them by starting to cry. It was a quiet snuffle at first but from behind he could see her shoulders begin to quiver. Regardless, she settled into position with palms and elbows properly placed on the desk and aimed her bruised bottom his way.

She wanted more than he wanted to give her. But he patted the spot, leaned back and smacked her again in the center of a dusty grey spot on her right cheek. She bawled loudly at the impact and her body wracked with sobs after the next. He stopped and flipped the paddle onto the chair behind him. With one hand on the small of her back he cupped her burning bottom with the other.

“We’re done here,” he said.

“I deserve more”, she said looking back teary over her shoulder.

“Maybe you do…but not today. Stand up.”

She stood slowly and he moved her around to face him kissing her softly on her parted lips. She returned his kiss and he kissed harder and deeper wiping the tears from her face with his own. He pushed her softly backward and sat her on the hard edge of the desk.

“Ow-ow-ow…” she whispered. “My bum hurts.”

“That’s because you’re a bad girl”, he said. “Bad girls always end up with sore bums…”

Justin stepped between her legs and finally released his hard-on which jumped toward her pussy like a long ridden horse to a barn door. She accepted him completely in a single thrust. The tiny hum behind her clitoris rose quickly to a roar. The sting of her bruised backside bouncing off the desk only added to the whirl of feeling happening below her waist. She squeezed Justin’s head tightly.

“Don’t cum in me, please…” she whispered in his ear.

“Shhhhh….” He said bucking hard and fast.

Her moan built quickly from a soft whimper to a rumble and finally a wail louder than any brought out of her by the paddle. “Jesus!!!!” she screamed. He put his hands below her and lifted her into him and absorbed every quivering crush of the legs and arms entwining him. When he felt her grip soften he sat her back on the desk and covered her mouth with his. She accepted it gently and softly as he pulled is cock out of her just in time to shoot hot and thickly over her thigh and hip.

“Ohhh…” he gasped, as she reached down to pump whatever was left. “You didn’t say don’t cum on you….”

“That’s fine…” she said.

He reached down and pulled his handkerchief from his pants that were stuck at his knees. She took it but left her hand dead beside her, choosing instead to kiss him softly once more.

“Thank you”, she said.

“Always here for you, babe. Whatever you need.”

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