Looking up I could see faces above me.

Yours certainly. Maybe others-at least one. Probably more.

But they were your kisses I felt-softly-

Around my lips gently

Then into my mouth-your tongue counting my teeth.

The light in the room was sort of red-maybe purple-

A scarf or something draped over the lamp.

I had chosen the thick black belt tonight with the heavy metal horse buckle

Liking the way it accented my hips and flat belly;

And also the way it made me feel somehow secure and walled off behind it.

It opened easily-you knew how it worked with the latch behind-

And I lifted so that you-whoever-could pull it down along with my jeans.

They were your hands up and down my thighs; your soft touch on the back of my legs.

I don’t remember shifting, or rolling, or being rolled

But then was on my stomach; a position I know well and am comfortable in

Because of the games we play.

I waited for something; a smack, a squeeze, but nothing. That wasn’t the plan.

My jeans slid all the way off my bare feet. Where had my boots gone?

I guess I lifted once more-but maybe not. Didn’t have to

As you pulled my underwear down, then off.

I could almost feel the muted light washing over my bare bottom.

Just hugged the pillow and felt the light sneak deeper as my legs were pulled gently apart.

The bed moved with your weight as I spread wider.

Just relax, you said. But I already knew that.

I gulped breath as a hand-yours?-spread me. It was my favorite part-being exposed like that.

The lube was cool back there and I shivered-though not from the chill.

Your finger spread it and worked it.

I must have mewed a little and pushed back because you shushed me.

You shifted and a hand was on my hip.

Then I felt the hard tension-the press-impossible little poke and jab.

It really wouldn’t fit.  Every time I thought that it wouldn’t fit.

Then a firm, steady unyielding push.

The first pain-the opening burn-lasted only a moment

Replaced then by a complete filling slide that warmed from the center out.

I moaned and this time you said nothing, as I gripped you inside me and

Felt your body cover mine.

I still wish we could have stayed coupled like that.


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