Liz Gets Her Soak-and More

Italians do it better

Picks up after “Liz Needs a Soak”

Sipping her wine she watched him shower. Watched him soap up and now, with his back to her and both hands on the wall letting the water pound the back of his neck and run down his back and off his ass, she watched him rinse. The itch between her legs that she had avoided scratching till now got hotter and harder to ignore. When he turned away from the wall, she was on him, enveloping him with her arms.

“I thought you wanted to soak”, he said.

“I soaked…”

He dipped his head and lightly kissed then sucked her hard, thick nipples. She shivered and pulled back kissing him hard on the mouth and running her tongue along the inside of his lips then into his mouth as far as she could. He returned the deep kiss and was about to clamp her around the shoulders when she dinengaged from his mouth and spun him around-pushing his shoulders so that he put his arms back on the wall.

“Spread ‘em!’ she ordered from her knees behind him. He did and felt her kisses and soft bites on his ass. She lapped at the inside of his thighs then up between his cheeks. First he felt her hot breath on his asshole then her tongue lapped at it tasting the bitter remains of the soap that had caught there. She continued to kiss and tongue the small brown button until all she could taste was the warmth of the water that still cascaded over both of them.

With a hand on each hip, she turned him again so that his fully erect cock smacked her in the cheek as he spun. Liz lifted it, and ducked low to lick both of his balls, one at a time-closing her mouth over one of them and sucking softly for a moment. There wasn’t much swing to them right now-they were plastered tight and heavy to his undercarriage.

Leaving the balls, her tongue worked the shaft from the bottom to the top and back again, then up once more before she opened her throat and swallowed his full nine inches. John’s eyes were closed and he moaned once-softly. She gave it one or two sucking pumps then pulled back.

“Don’t you dare come”, she growled with a twisted smile squinting up into the splashing water.

“Come on”, John reached down and hooked his hands under her arms pulling her to her feet. He hugged her close with one arm and reached behind to turn off the water with the other before kissing her again deeply, this time hugging her hard.  She moved them, thus entwined-a dripping four-legged beast-toward the door to the bedroom.

Once there, in the dim light allowed by slatted blinds, John toweled her off gently top to bottom finally taking his turn on his knees in front of her. He buried his nose into her muff which, like her skin, smelled lightly of the euchalyptus bath salts. Then, working his tongue between her legs, he smelled something else-something better- and he snaked his tongue deeper, pulling her into his face before pushing her backward onto the bed. She fell backward allowing her legs to splay wide-grabbing behind both knees. Taking the invitation, John buried her face into her.

“Oh Jeeze…” she sighed…

His tongue flicked and whorled as he crawled along the bed trying to keep up with her skittering across the king mattress on her back. She was wet and moaning and as ready as he’d ever tasted her.

“I thought I told you not to start without me…”

“I didn’t touch-but my….brain….doesn’t……does what it wants…Jesus! Like that-LIKE THAT!”

She was a few steps beyond subtlety and softness. He slipped his hands under her and-from his elbows-lifted her crotch into his face tongue rubbing her clit feverishly. She arched her back closing her thighs firmly against his ears. He neither stopped nor slowed, knowing that this wouldn’t last long.

“AAAAHHHH!!!!” she yelled going quickly rigid. He could feel the tiny pumping against his probing tongue and kept the rhythm while she bucked as if trying to toss him off the bed. “Ooohh, Johnny…oh, Johnny….” She gasped again, then slowed, then sighed, then flopped flat back on the bed. Only then did John pull his tongue back and relax-laying his head on her soft inner thigh to regain his own breath while taking in the sights and sweet smells of her pulsing sex. The respite was short-lived however.

Liz scissor kicked her left leg over and came to all fours on top of him. She backed down his body until she felt his engorged member rubbing against her. She lifted and without so much as a helping hand, slipped over it, sheathing it damply to the hilt. She got her knees under her and began to slide slowly up and down, up and down. John caught her rhythm and began to lift into her making loud slapping sounds.

“Will you come like this?” she look down on him her eyes glistening.

“Absolutely will…” he said closing his eyes.

“Well then”, she stopped humping. “Still my turn.” She threw her legs straight back so she was covering him totally and ground her clit into him.

“You’re rotten…” he mock-bitched.

“Do not come!” she said as she herself began to tremble.

John ran his hands down her sweat-slick back and clasped the two tight balls of her ass which wouldn’t be much harder had they been carved out of wood. Given her quick shallow breathing, she didn’t need any help but for good measure he pushed into her as she grasped his shoulders tightly and stretched to full length screaming with release, coming again. She collapsed on top of him and he gently patted her softening bottom.

After a moment she scooted forward and John popped out of her-rising between her legs like a flagpole. She tightened around him a wiggled. “Poor Johnny-still hard…”

“Better not be for long-“

She rolled off and he came up on his side so they could lay face to face. She took him in her hand and stroked him slowly. “I have a favor to ask you…”

“You’re killing me Smalls”, he said dropping his head on his bicep.

“You’ll like this one.”

She rolled away and opened the drawer on the nightstand taking out a rubber and a bottle of lube. Then, facing away from him, she gathered pillows and hugged them to her breast bringing her knees under her to raise her bottom up in the universal signal for ass-fucking.

“Would you mind?” she asked undulating slowly.

John patted her sweet cheek as he came to his knees behind her. “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do,” he said.

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