Mt. Ashby Academy – Part 2

The plan made perfect sense as Alex explained it. Just because Colleen had never taken a caning doesn’t mean she couldn’t dish one out. It was a fine line, her secretary administering punishments to students but under her supervision. She was sure that it wouldn’t be a problem. Besides, this was a lesson the young woman would have to learn eventually anyway if she was going to move up the administrative ladder at the Academy so why not now? Colleen saw the sense in it but she hesitated. This was a part of campus life, of life-life, that she had avoided.

“What if I, I don’t know…freeze up? Hit too hard….I don’t know.”

Alex was only half listening as her secretary flustered through her concerns. Instead, she was allowing butterflies to awaken and flitter around in her chest as an idea took shape. Since her damn elbow problem she had been denied the kind of physical release-the endorphin rush-that came from running around the tennis courts. Brisk walks weren’t cutting it.

Staring out the window she had remembered the tremendous feeling of release that she had gotten from the cane years before. Schoolwork, tennis, all the self-imposed pressure that she had carried with her seemed to lift as her skirt did. Her coach at the time, dear Mrs. Welting, had caught on and always found a reason to deliver a few well-placed strokes right across the center of her bottom (so that nothing might show when she bent low to return a volley) before big matches to help her focus.

Now she might have another outlet. Having made her decision, Alex fairly popped out of her chair cutting off Colleen’s incessant nervous nattering. “Nothing to it”, Alex clipped. “We’ll get you up to speed.”

She went to the umbrella stand beside the credenza and withdrew a cane. It was a solid but whippy bamboo, not some dowel rod bought at the hardware store. “Shut the door”, Alex told her. By the time Colleen had done that and turned back into the room Alex had slipped off her sling and was standing at her desk weighing the cane in her weakened right hand.

“Alex…?” Colleen froze.

“Would you get over here, please”, Alex asked sternly, rolling her eyes.

The girl flushed and came forward slowly on unsteady legs. This was going to happen, she thought biting her lip to keep it from quivering. Colleen respected Alex as a boss and liked her as a person-they were friends. Even more, the woman had been mentor to her throughout her time at Mt. Ashby and would continue to be, she was sure. So she wasn’t about to question what she was doing. She didn’t like it-hoped she wouldn’t cry through it-but wouldn’t question it. Swallowing air in small, quick gasps Colleen focused her eyes on the edge of the desk where she would be placing her hands.

She stopped when Alex reached out to hand her the cane. She took it slowly, hesitantly. Alex turned her back to her and, gingerly straightening her bad elbow, bent over her desk. “Lift my skirt.” The younger woman didn’t move. “Jesus, Colleen-I can’t reach back there easily…”

Colleen snapped to, a complete jumble of relief tinged with worried anticipation. “Sorry, sorry…” She had seen canings in this office-knew the routine- Alex just wanted her to get comfortable in this position. That had to be it. Setting the cane on the desk top she bent down and took the hem of her boss’ snug blue pinstriped skirt and lifted it up her legs over her back, revealing a pair of stylishly cut mosaic patterned blue and green panties.

“Those are cute…” commented Colleen nervously at a loss for something to say.

“I really didn’t expect anyone to see them today.”

Colleen’s focus moved from the panties to the bottom itself and Alex felt the scrutiny back there. This was the center of Alex’s unending battle with that extra ten pounds-this was where it always wanted to take up residence. She knew her thighs had thickened a bit and her bottom was…ample without being large. The last time she had been in this position her backside had been as tight and smooth as a dolphin’s back. Now there was no fighting the few cellulite puckers that Alex knew would be peeking out below her panties, but what could she do?

“Well”, said Alex looking straight ahead out the window and planting her feet. “Let’s see what you got.”

Still hesitant, Colleen asked if she was sure this is what she wanted.

“Get on with it”, Alex commanded.

Colleen stood behind her and off to her left. She measured with the cane and flicked it over the tightly stretched panties. Looking back over her shoulder, Alex said, “You have GOT to be kidding me…”

“Sorry”, her secretary stammered, “ That wasn’t much. Here I’ll try again.” She flicked the cane over the panties again in the same spot.

“Come on Colleen…”

“Sorry, sorry…” the younger woman stammered. She stroked again, lower this time, across the full width of Alex’s backside. She thought this stroke was better.

Alex didn’t even bother to look back-instead speaking sternly to the campus beyond the window. “Did I misjudge you, Colleen? Are you not up to this?”

“No I….”

“If you can’t do any better than that we might have to trade places so I can spend the afternoon working on my left handed stroke.”

“No, Alex…please”, she fairly sputtered. “They would probably hurt more if they were on the bare…” She caught herself.

“Cute. Nice try”, Alex said having had no intention of baring her bottom to her secretary.

“Really” the girl said nervously, stepping from foot to foot. “You would feel it more, right? That’s why you always cane on the bare. Right?”

The girl had a point, Alex thought. How many kids had begged her to let them keep their panties on for a caning. She could have, she guessed. It just wasn’t the process-it wasn’t the way things were done here. And what was the difference really? She was already bent over her desk showing her panties anyway. What was one thin sheen of silk between friends?

She looked back and made eye contact with Colleen who stopped fidgeting about. She nodded and turned her attention back out the window. “Go ahead then…” she said.

“Go ahead…?”

“Take them down.”

“Alex, I….”

“Dammit Colleen! If I have to switch places with you, I promise you will not enjoy it.”

Without any further hesitation, Colleen put the cane on the floor and slipped her thumbs under the waist band of her boss’ panties. With a deep breath she rolled them down the creamy globes of the older woman’s bottom letting them catch half way down the thighs. Alex unexpectedly, almost trembled as she felt the air caress her nakedness.

Colleen thought she might be embarrassed with the thought of caning a naked bottom. She had been a college athlete and had spent enough time in locker rooms to have seen plenty of naked bottoms. They didn’t do anything for her as they passed into and out of her gaze. But here-looking at Alex like this-she fairly couldn’t take her eyes off the backside before her. No doubt this was part of Alex’s plan-to get her used to what could be a very awkward situation.

“You see anything back there?”


“Any marks-you gave be three strokes didn’t you?”

The bum appeared as unmarked as a snowbank, but Colleen leaned closer. “I think I see a line…”

“A line?” Alex scoffed.

“Right here” said Colleen brazenly tracing a finger gently across the middle of her bottom. “I think this was the third stroke.” Alex didn’t show that her secretary’s touch had registered like a shock of static electricity through her body.

“Well, get on with it then. You don’t have many strokes left to impress me.”

Leaving nothing to chance, Colleen patted the cane to the center of the right cheek to set the target then pulled back-using her arm and shoulder this time. The bamboo bit into the soft flesh and Alex jumped a little.

“OK?” asked Colleen watching a tiny pink strawberry bloom where the bamboo had kissed.

“Better. Try again.”

Another stroke like the last. “Better?”

“Yes, better…keep going…”

A few more strokes landed, each one slightly stronger than the last. Alex shuffled her feet slightly-enough to cause the panties to flutter to the floor-but otherwise didn’t outwardly react to the blows. Colleen had stopped asking how she was doing. How either of them was doing for that matter. The globes of Alex’s backside were crisscrossed with a few welts in varying shades of pink.

“Try lower…down here”. Alex reached back and rubbed the spot where the bottom meets the top of the thigh. “Right there.”

Colleen took careful aim and stroked the spot hard. Alex twitched hard and let out a soft moan-the first sound that she’d made that wasn’t an order or a direction.

“Wait”, she said breathlessly and Colleen thought that last stroke had ended the lesson. Instead Alex lowered herself onto the desk and let her arms stretch out in front of her. Her bottom caught the desk edge and bloomed outward in a most revealing way as she lay her head on the cool mahogany surface. While Alex was getting settled, Colleen had unbuttoned her right sleeve and rolled up the cuff.

“OK”, she said softly with her eyes closed. “Continue.”

Her secretary patted Alex’s rump gently high on the hip. Then she leaned back and let fly.

Every searing cut of the cane produced a wave of warmth that rolled from Alex’s tortured bottom through her loins and belly finally settling into and enwrapping her very being. She let her mouth fall open a bit and let that warmth wash everything away.


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