A Recurring Conversation

….I bottom.

You what?

…from the top. I bottom from the top.

I’ve heard about that-you tell me what you want…

And you do it.

You like that?

I’d rather you think stuff up. Set the stage, as it were.

I won’t.

I know. Here take this (handing over the crop)

I should hit you with this?

Spank. It’s really spanking-not hitting.

So I should…spank you with this.

If you want.

(Sigh) I don’t. Look, I spent the day memorizing “Prufrock” for my thesis…

I’m more of a “Wasteland” guy

….I’m into a lot of other things. Can we go get a drink?




Now you’re mad.

Not mad really….just…

Is there anything else you’d want?

Could you stick something up my butt?


Anything in particular?

I have things.

This is all very….



…..OK-let’s go get that drink then.

Maybe a pizza?

I fucking hate pizza.

Who hates pizza?

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