Candy’s Betrayal

“I think we have to call a meeting over this”, said Tina.

“Really?” Tommy asked. “You think so?”

They were sitting at the end of the dimly lit bar as the staff worked on prepping the place for the afternoon open. On paper, Tina owned the place as majority shareholder but Tommy was a major partner as was his wife Candy. She had finally bought into The Club a year ago when she was having concerns about Tommy spending so much time there. She knew it was the job and long hours were part of the business but she was concerned about the hours he was putting in with Tina. Those concerns were assuaged after a year of working together but she was still prone to unwarranted fits of pique when she felt his attentions were too focused on Tina or The Club and not enough on her.

Tommy’s job as manager was all encompassing. Everything from counting the till from the night before and readying the deposits to maintaining inventory to hiring, firing and maintaining staff. Tina had years ago set the job descriptions and defined the…unique strictures of the job.

“Look Tommy. Three times in the last two weeks your counts have been off. Deposit slips were wrong and the start-up register was off. The deposit slips, I fixed-no biggie-but Sherri was with me when I discovered the one from the other night. And Denise had the shorted register each time. “

Tommy rubbed his cheek, embarrassed. “I know…I don’t know…You know how I count and recount. My numbers are always what they should be….”

“Usually, yes…but”, she lowered her voice even though there wasn’t anybody near, “What about the wine bottle?”

He pulled uncomfortably at his ear. This wasn’t an interrogation per se, but he definitely wasn’t used to having to answer for his mistakes. He made them, sure but he typically caught and corrected them. Did he drink here during the day and at night? Sure-what was the use of owning a bar if he couldn’t. The staff couldn’t though-at least to any great extent-or they could be the subject of a meeting. Which is why he was discreet. Leaving an empty wine bottle and glass on the bar had been sloppy and frankly, he didn’t even remember doing it. That was last Friday-it had been a bad night.

“Amanda found the bottle and was ditching it when I saw it. She thought she was covering for Denise but they put two and two together and knew it was yours. So there-you have three different girls catching your mistakes-so you know the whole staff knows about it.” Tommy spun on the stool away from her. “What do we do? You’ve put me in a tough position.”

Tommy had never been called to a meeting. As manager, of course, he had called his share of meetings to keep the well-paid staff, some who had worked into partnership arrangements, in line but had never been on the hot seat himself. But he wasn’t exempted from the process.

“Look,” he spun back to face her. “Couldn’t we just work this out between us-up in your office?”

“And how would that look? Four clear offences that the whole staff know about-any one of which would have them bent over the pool table…”

“Not automatically”, he interrupted.

“No, not automatically, but you get the drift. It already looks like preferential treatment. Then for me to deal with you in private-and everyone would end up finding out-and Candy would know that I had you up in the office….That would be a can of worms.”

Yes it would be. Transparency was one of the major guiding principles of The Club. Everybody who came aboard knew the rules, knew what was allowed and not, knew what they could get away with and not and knew the possible penalty.

Tommy sighed, “Let’s call a meeting.”

“You’ll probably have the votes anyway” She patted his hand. “At least I hope so.”

They sat at the big round table at the far end of the bar. Tina, Tommy, Candy and the ten staff on duty today. Apart from Derek, the twenty year old they had brought on board a few months ago, and Tommy, everyone around the table were women. That the staff was 99% female-coupled with her majority ownership-were the reasons typically given that it was Tina who meted out the punishments.

As she explained the case against Tommy-it wasn’t really a trial but sounded like one-he looked around the table trying to judge who would be with him. Amanda mid-20’s cute, long legged, the one who had found the bottle. When he caught her eye she pulled an exaggerated frown, mouthing “I’m sorry….” He shrugged that it was OK, not her fault. She was one of those girls who would never get called to a meeting. She had seen Denise come out on the wrong end of one in her first week on the job and decided she was going to do everything she could to avoid the public paddling. Her guilt would push her vote his way.

The girls here fell into three general categories. First there were those like Amanda or his wife: avoid at all costs. Candy had turned down job offer after job offer here for almost a year, so petrified was she of the possibility. At the other end of the spectrum were the girls like and Deborah-not Debbie-whose mistakes and missteps seemed too numerous to actually be chance. The majority of the staff though, accepted the situation and just did what they did. They blithely assumed they wouldn’t ever do anything to bring on any penalty-or be caught- but if it happened, it happened. Tommy never thought about it. Never thought he would be in a position where he would have to think about it.

Candy wasn’t working today but he had called and asked her to come in. She seemed upset that he was being called to a meeting and of course she would come in to provide her support. And her vote. She sat across the table from him next to Tina.

So he counted in his head-he had Candy, Amanda…who knew about Deborah, probably a no. Anyone who liked getting paddled as much as she apparently did surely liked to watch others get it. Derek would vote for him, he was sure. He thought he could count on Denise-but she was the most senior person in the room and kept her own counsel. Tina would only vote in case of a tie.  There wasn’t anyone on the team that he didn’t like and that didn’t like him. He was betting most of the younger girls would follow Candy’s lead. He was thinking 8-3 for him. At worst 7-4. In either case, he was off the hook with an apology and a promise to the team to do better.

He was so caught up in vote counting he didn’t notice that Tina had gone quiet and everyone was looking at him. “Well Tommy, stand up and face the wall please. We have a vote to take.” The voting was anonymous only to the accused. He stood and faced away from the table. “Alright”, Tina said. “We’ve heard all there is to hear-unless someone has anything to add. Nothing? OK. So we vote. All who vote yes, that I paddle Tommy for what we’ve been speaking about raise their hand.” For a moment nobody moved. Nobody in the room had actually ever voted on stripping the pants off of anyone with their spouse in the room which brought an awkward dynamic to the vote. Even Deborah kept her hands flat on the table.

Then, without warning, but with a small wicked smile, Candy’s hand shot up. If questioned about it she would really have no answer about why she was doing what she was doing apart from the aforementioned “job jealousy.” Perhaps, she thought on some level, if he felt less comfortable in his position, less like the big boss and more like an employee, she would get more of him than she did. Maybe that was it. But whatever it was, she was sitting there with her hand up.

Tina leaned away from her eyes wide and mouth open. “You are so bad!” she mouthed silently. The young girls looked at each other grinning and as Tommy foretold threw up their hands in a solid voting block with his wife. Deborah next. Denise, shaking her head with a grin, followed suit. In a moment everyone around the table save Derek had a hand in the air. Finally, he too-withering under twelve sets of eyes-slowly raised his hand.

“Alright”, said Tina, for show “Who votes NO, that Tommy gets off with a warning.” All the hands came down. “Ok then.” Tommy almost turned around then to return to his seat at the table. “Tommy, head on over to the pool table. Denise, get the paddle.”

“Really?” said Tommy not turning around.

“Looks like it.”

His stomach flipped and fell at her words. He never expected this. Sure, anything could happen with a vote-that was why they were to be avoided. Petty jealousies could work themselves out, long forgotten grudges could be brought into play. He had thought of that, but not really. The idea that a group would stand against him and his wife was appalling. And he could never know who-because all votes had to stay secret.

His heart pounded on the short walk to the pool table and his legs actually wobbled. What to do? He could refuse-he was a partner after all and couldn’t be fired-but that would change the dynamic of the place so much….he had to find out from Candy what had happened here. Secret vote be damned-that was his rule for God’s sake!

Behind him chairs scraped as people moved into a better viewing position. She heard Tina say “Thank you”, no doubt taking the paddle from Denise. It was a nasty bit of business, solid oak thick enough to look heavy but lightened by the three holes drilled down the middle. “Get on with it Tommy”, came Tina’s voice. He was glad that his back was to the audience so they couldn’t see his hands shaking as he unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his jeans which fell to the floor. He felt a tiny trickle of sweat form between his shoulder blades.

Oh, Lord, thought Candy keeping her hands under the table so no one could see that they too were shaking. He’s wearing the black briefs that she had bought him. The briefs that cupped his rounded butt so sweetly. With club soccer twice a week and an irregular diet, Tommy was in great shape and his bottom still had a high round look to it. “Ahem”, Tina cleared her throat behind him and someone giggled nervously.

Truth is, Tina would have liked to reach out and pull his underwear down. She would have done it slowly, revealing his firm pale cheeks one inch at a time. She was the only woman in the room besides Candy who knew what a prime ass Tommy had. She knew the firmness of it; knew what it felt like to have a handful of each cheek. It was a bottom that deserved to be unveiled slowly.  As it was though, he put his thumbs in the waist band of his briefs and pushed them down where they joined his pants in the pile on the floor.

This was the time in most punishments where eyes were averted to spare as much embarrassment to the subject as possible. Today though, largely because of her exaggerated, comic pantomime with Tina at the vote, no one was looking away. This had become a fun diversion.

Candy breathed quickly to settle the flapping in her chest. She looked at her husband’s bare butt and was mortified in a way she couldn’t explain. She was joining a room of friends and associates gazing at something that, until this moment had been a secret to her. The tiny strawberry birthmark that looked like Lake Ontario on his right hip, that tiny scar at the top of his left thigh right below his cheek from a childhood fall were out there on display for all to see. Now-Oh God!-as he bent over to put his hands and elbows on the table his cheeks widened a bit revealing even more. And Tina was RIGHT THERE-standing right behind him with the paddle-taking it all in. Obviously Candy hadn’t thought this through well enough.

Tina patted his bottom with the paddle causing him to flinch. Who giggled at that? There was no time to think about it as the cool wood was gone then at the last second he heard a movement that was Tina swinging hard. The first swat landed cleanly and completely on his right cheek with a loud crack and a burn like a hot coal. He gulped and gritted his teeth not quite ready when the second landed in the same spot. Christ, that hurt! He tried to steel himself but again was not quite ready when the next searing smack hit him solidly on the left cheek. He grunted to himself…OW! Shit, shit…that hurt-ouch ouch! He was hoping to stand stoically and silently through this thing but he didn’t know if he could-

He couldn’t. The fifth and sixth swats landed in quick succession on the bottom of his bottom with a force that seemed to want to drive him over the table. He gasped loudly on the seventh and his right knee buckled on the eighth. “Come on Tommy-stay still” came Tina’s voice. He was grateful for the pause that the short scolding afforded. Sweat tickled his scalp. “I’m trying”, he said breathing heavily.

From behind, the fair skin of his bottom had taken on an angry pink hue with dapples of red at the contact points. Candy jumped around the tenth swat when Tommy finally yelped a loud “OUCH!” He began to struggle and move at each successive swat-up onto his toes-slapping the table with his hand-breaking one knee then the next-“OWW!” again.

Denise, sitting beside Candy, patted her on the thigh as if to say, it will be over soon. Be strong. What she didn’t know, what nobody else in the room knew, was that Candy had orchestrated this whole day. It had been Candy who had fiddled with the cash drawers and balances knowing that it would come back on Tommy. She had placed the empty wine bottle-his favorite!-where it would be found. If Tina had ignored all his apparent transgressions Candy would know that her suspicions were sound and there was something between them.

Tommy was up on his hands now-off of his elbows-and thrusting his bottom back toward the audience in a way that would have appeared lewd were he trying to do anything other than simply relieve the burning pain in his seat. What had been pink was now red and what had been red was now purple as he cried out loudly and freely with ever smack.

These things had their own momentum. People started to shift in their seats and look away. The punishment felt over. That was enough.

Tina stepped closer to him and put the paddle on the table. “That’s it Tommy. We’re done.” Candy watched him relax and to her horror watched Tina actually reach out and pat his tortured bum! First the right cheek where the colors were the darkest then the left. But wait-she had done that before-with the girls. A calming almost motherly pat after the punishment. Nothing strange there-it just felt wrong being her husband and all.

“Straighten up and stand here for a while”, Tina told him. “Take a breather”.

This was their version of after-punishment corner time. The punished was to stand there with their bruised bum out of all to see-if they cared to look at it anymore. Most folk just went back to work while the subject was allowed to recover, stop crying, rub their bottom, regain normal breathing….whatever. As long as they did it half-naked.

Candy approached Tommy and stood close to him. “I’m sorry”, she said.

“Wasn’t your fault…”

“You okay?”

“She really beat my ass. I mean really-“

“You want me to rub it?”


She looked up at him. His eyes were full but he hadn’t cried. At least not yet-those tears were going to have to go someplace.

“You should rub it then…it will feel better.”

“I’m not giving them the satisfaction.”

She looked around at the empty bar. “Nobody’s looking…” She reached out and touched his bum just as Tina had, amazed at the heat coming off it. She rubbed lightly in a circle, one cheek then the other. “Doesn’t that feel better?”

He sighed softly and closed his eyes. The puddled tears squeezed out then and ran down his cheeks. “Yes, it does. Thanks.”

She stepped against him and looked down at his front as she rubbed. Oh yes, he was feeling better. By the reaction up front he was feeling quite good, hot bottom or not. She stood on tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. “I’m going to run. Make a bank deposit for Tina on the way home.”

“Sure”, he smirked. “Enjoy your day off.”

“Come home early if you can. I’ll take care of your poor bottom. And the other thing.” As she was walking out the door she heard Denise call to Tommy that Tina said he could get dressed and get back to work.

A few minutes later Tommy took the stairs up to Tina’s office finding her behind the desk working on tax forms. He closed the door behind him.

“Jesus, Tina. You really went to town on me.”

“Yes, that was a good one…” she agreed taking off her glasses.

“Did you have to do it that hard?”

“Had to make it look convincing right? What would it look like to your wife if I was easy on you? You don’t want her to be suspicious do you?”

“Yeah, but…”

She pulled an exaggerated sad-face and came back with a baby voice’ “Awww, did I hurt your bum?”

“Come on Tina, cut it out….” She was up moving from behind the desk.

“Do you want Tina to kiss it and make it all better….?”

Before he could protest too much she pulled him tight to her by his belt and undid the buckle. He could have fought her off had he cared to but was fine with letting her spin him around, yank down his pants  and for the second time this afternoon bend him over. “Nice panties”, she teased as she pulled them down and off. There were places on his bottom that were still numb from the paddling and didn’t feel the soft kisses and tender bites that Tina put on them. “God, I love your ass”, she growled as she spread his cheeks, one hand on each and worked her tongue into the middle. Flat on her desk, he moaned as much because it felt good as to let her know that it felt good. He trust himself backward as he had done earlier.

“Oh no, you don’t…” she said fumbling with her own pants. “This one is mine…”

He heard a rustle behind him as her pants fell to the floor. She reached around him to grab the handle that had presented itself and turned him around. They kissed deeply, intimately and very familiarly as she dragged him to the couch by his cock. She flopped down and whipped off her killer black panties and kicked them across the room laying spread wide and waiting. He positioned himself above her on his knees and an arm before dropping deliberately and sheathing himself wetly to the hilt in one long thrust. She cupped his cheeks in her hands…”I love this ass,” she gasped as he trust again.

In line at the bank Candy still couldn’t stop thinking about her betrayal of Tommy. She had to think of a way to make it up to him….

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