Sherri’s Punishment (Part Two)

Continued from Sherri’s Punishment (Part One)

As promised, they didn’t have long to wait. They heard the truck pull into the driveways and both of their heads turned toward the sound like cats hearing their people coming home. They kept the attentive pose as the truck door slammed, then the kitchen door opened. Cassie dropped her eyes to the floor and Sherri came back to attention as Ron strode into his office.

“Hello, ladies”, he said brightly.

“Hi Honey,” came from the corner and “Hi Ron” from Cassie.

“Glad you could make it over Cass, but I’m surprised to see you there in the chair. There are two more corners here you could have grabbed.”

Cassie spoke quickly, her voice rising a little, “You never told me to stand in the corner. I didn’t know…..”

“That’s OK”, Ron said, fiddling with the computer on his desk. The room was full of hardware befitting a man who made a living in high-tech security. “I wasn’t specific. We did want to see how you’d react though, seeing Sherri like this…”

“We?…Sherri, were you in..”

“No, no, not your partner in crime…”

Cassie was distracted as Ron went to the closet and brought out a thick wooden hairbrush. It was round and solid and Cassie couldn’t help thinking what how much of her friend’s butt this would cover in a single smack. Her eyes even darted to Sherri’s small, tight bottom as Ron walked over to his wife with the brush. “Remember this honey?” She turned to look then snapped her head back into the corner. “Yes I do”, she said.

“She remembers, alright”, he was addressing Cassie now. “I only used it on her the one time-when she missed a car payment then lied about it. That was 10 swats on the bare butt and it had hurt so much she begged me to only use it for the worst offences. Right honey?” There was no comment from the corner.

“My first thought, leaving here this morning, was that I’d get home and give my little drunk driver a hundred swats with this.” At the number, Sherri’s knees almost buckled and she gasped. “Oh yeah” said Ron hearing her reaction. “One hundred swats with this baby would really make an impression, wouldn’t it?”

“Please, Ron…” she pleaded feeling sick to her stomach.

Watching her friend cower in the corner, Cassie suddenly wished she was anywhere else. What was about to happen in this room was between them and she shouldn’t be seeing it. She said nothing though, sitting rod straight, supremely attentive to what Ron was doing at the desk. Then to the flicker of a large screen mounted on the wall at the end of the couch visible from anywhere in the room. The screen came alive with a storm of static and snowy buzz then, after a few tones, her husband Chet appeared from his office in Germany.

“Evening, Cap”, said Ron.

“Hi Gang…” Chet came back.

Cassie flopped back in the chair. She and Chet Skyped at least once a week so she was familiar with the technology and process but nothing she had at home matched the equipment they were using now.

“So, as I was saying”, Ron went on, “I needed this punishment to be very memorable, so I was stuck on this hundred number. That would be an impressive number wouldn’t it Sher?” There was no comment from the corner so Ron went on to explain how he had thought to keep the number but maybe split it up between the two miscreants. Fifty apiece.

Cassie caught up with his train of thought. “You think you’re gonna paddle me with that thing?”

“Yes I am…”

“No way Buster.”

“Cassie”, said Chet calmly from the TV on the wall. “I’ve heard things about you for the last year-not from Ron either-I was hearing things while we were both over here. About your drinking, your carousing…”

“Who are you talking to? Who’s telling you….”

Chet’s message was simple. He, and Ron, had friends in law enforcement all through the city and county. And in six months he will have put in his time and will be joining Ron in his security company that will put them in a very different tax bracket. But the job requires some discretion and could easily be scuttled by a couple of wives acting like wayward teenagers. “So we decided to nip this in the bud, so to speak, right now.”

“What if I don’t? What if I walk out now and just say no?”

“Then you better keep walking”, Chet told her. “Because you won’t want to deal with me when I get back.”

“And”, Ron pointed out with a nod to the corner, “Your girlfriend Sherri there will go back to taking the hundred swats herself.” Cassie actually saw Sherri’s butt cheeks clench at the thought. “So you go ahead Cassie-decide what you are going to do. Deal with the consequences of your actions or run out on your friend. Up to you.”

Ron sat in the middle of the couch and turned his attention back to his wife. “Come on Sherri,” he said. That whole “woman-power-strong-in-her-nudity-thing” was gone as Sherri padded across the floor toward her husband. She didn’t expect an audience for this and was wondering how strong she could be, how much she could take before blubbering like a little girl and begging him to stop.

Standing beside her seated husband she knew there was no modest or demure way to lower herself over his lap. She was pretty sure the camera was behind her to give Chet the best view of the proceedings so she could feel his eyes watching her butt fill his screen like a harvest moon. Worse, with one foot still on the floor and a knee on the couch as she bent forward onto her hands, she felt her labia expose itself to all who wanted to see. Sherri couldn’t know, of course, but Cassie turned away at that, feeling that some privacy was called for.

In a moment Sherri was settled across her husband’s lap. She stretched her legs out behind her and pulled a couch pillow under her head. Ron leaned over and laid the paddle on the floor within his wife’s reach. “I’m going to start with my hand-just to warm her up a little.”

“Your house, your rules”, Chet said from Germany.

With a little pat that made Sherri jump, he started spanking her. These were slaps more than anything, cracks with his fingers that stung but didn’t really hurt-yet. Sherri lay still as the smacks got harder and spread out across both cheeks. After a dozen or so they were hard enough to cause her to wiggle a little on impact. “OK,” said Ron, rubbing her bottom. “Enough of that. Give me the brush, Sherri.” That was a trick of his-make her give it to him.

She reached down and picked it up feeling the weight. She handed it back.

“Thank you” he said. Then he placed his left hand on her back as if to hold her down and raised the paddle. He brought it down with a loud WHACK on her right cheek. The impact caused her jump forward and Cassie to jump simultaneously up out of the chair. A second swat followed to the same spot and a third slammed into her left cheek. She was holding tightly to the cushion burying her face in the rough pile.

Cassie had settled back into the chair but held tightly onto the arms seemingly lifting herself up with every swat. Chet watched from Germany, riveted to his computer screen. He and Ron had spent too many hours together for him not to know what went on in their marriage. To hear about it was one thing. But to see this hot, sexy, smart woman displayed in front of like this getting paddled was something else again. He tried to stay as detached as he could but having watched Sherri at the pool for years, his eyes discreetly roaming over her backside, made detachment tough. Tougher still when Sherri let out a loud yelp after the fifteenth swat.

She had held out as long as she could. Her first yelp was followed by a loud “OUCH” and then, after two quick swats at the bottom of each cheek, a loud “OW-OW-OW-OW” as she lifted herself onto her elbows. “Easy”, said Ron, pushing her back down. Her back was slick with a thin sheen of sweat. “Stay still…”

“I’m trying”, she said quivering. “I am…”

He looked for spots on her bum that were relatively unscathed but the real estate that wasn’t deep red and maroon was shrinking. He lifted the brush and brought it down dead center creating an echoing sound in the valley between the purple mountains. The next landed in the same place etching two parallel lines on either side of her slender seam. These were the swats that broke her. The standalone yells and cries coalesced into a long winded wail as she kicked her legs back, up and down, and bawled into the pillow.

Ron pressed his hand onto the small of her back and smacked the paddle hard when her butt lifted in response. “BAAAWWWWW,” she cried uncontrollably. “I can’t take it-it hurts soooo bad….PLEASE RONNIE. PLEASE…!” In answer he swatted her high on the left cheek and she screamed, throwing her right foot onto the floor. She knew better than to try to get up-she was just digging her foot into the carpet…to give the pain a different place to go. Ron used the angle to swat her right haunch and she cried out and kicked wider. He sat back and gave her a moment to calm down. Everything she tried to conceal when she lay over his lap was now on display as her legs were splayed as widely as possible. Her body shuddered with sobs. He moved the paddle into his left hand and patted her tortured bum.

“Question for you,” he said.

“What?” she blubbered with a sniffle.

“Any more drinking and driving?”

“Oh God no. Never….Please. I promise. Never!!”

“Very good. How many swats was that? Was anyone counting?”

“Thirty four,” squeeked Cassie, forgotten on the chair. Tears had streaked down her face as she watched the paddling.

“There you go. Cassie’s watching out for you. Only 16 more.” This brought another torrent of tears from Sherri as she begged to be finished. Ron listened and waited, then reached over to grab the right thigh and pull her leg back up onto the couch. Her butt glowed angrily. “I’ll tell you what. If you lay here-with your legs together and behave, I’ll give you six more and we’ll call it finished at forty.”

“OK, OK…I’ll be good…” she crossed her ankles and gripped the pillow tightly but left her bottom slack. The swats came quickly and she cried and yelped but didn’t kick. In truth, Ron laid off on these swats-they were more wrist flicks than the full arm blows she had already absorbed. At the last swat-which was the lightest of all-Sherri went entirely limp; the only movement coming from the waning sobs that were now open to the room as she turned her head and lay it on the damp pillow.

“Nice job, Sherri. You’re done…Or you might be. It depends on Cassie now. How about it Cass? Are you going to take your medicine now-and it will only be forty swats-or does Sherri have to pick up your share as well?”

The room was silent but for Sherri’s snuffling. The few tears that had worked their way down Cassie’s cheeks were now flowing freely. “I don’t want to do this….Chet? Please. Do I have to?”

Ron answered for his friend. “You’re a grown woman-even if you don’t act like it. You don’t have to do anything. But I’m giving forty more swats out right now and I got a candidate here if you’re not ready.”

Sherri’s relief in being finished now turned to icy fear of starting all over again. Sherri lifted up on her arms to see Cassie. Cassie looked at her friend’s tear-stained and mottled face. “Please Cassie”, she pleaded. “Please….”

Chet looked like he was ready to jump through the screen and take matters into his own hands when Cassie finally said, “I’ll do it.”

“There you go Sherri! Done and done. Go ahead a get up.”

His wife got off of his lap slowly. She didn’t straighten all the way up but stayed bent at the knees and waist to better pat her very sore bottom. The skin felt tight and dry enough to crack. Without waiting to be told she shuffled off to the corner and straightened just enough to get close to the walls. “Get undressed Cassie”, she heard Chet say behind her. She would be happy with her view in the corner facing the walls.


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  1. Sherri, in Part 1, Humiliated, Then Ready for Her Punishment! Sherri Punished With Words and Hairbrush, Plus Cassie, Her Partner in Crime; With Her Husband Wholeheartedly Agreeing to Her Own Punishment! 2 Diamond Level Stories! Thank You! Part 3?

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