A Young Man’s First-kinda (Part 2)

“Let’s go then”, said Liz, “let’s move this table.” With Liz directing they moved the coffee table, happy to be moving with a purpose. They set it out of the way and she picked up the paddle and sat in the middle of what was conveniently a pretty long couch.

“Alright. Let’s get over here”, she reached out and grabbed him by the wrists again and pulled him over to where she was sitting. Releasing his wrists she grabbed his belt. “You know these are coming down, right?”

“I guess so.” He watched her shaking hands fumble with his belt before finally getting it loosened. He wasn’t the only one who was nervous but there was calm in knowing he didn’t have to do anything except as directed. She unsnapped his pants and unzipped the fly. “I’ll leave them up until you’re in position. Come on now”-she pulled him to her right side.

She hiked up her skirt exposing more of her long bare thighs than he had ever seen. He focused on them as he laid himself over her lap. The couch was long enough that he was able to bring his feet up and lay end to end.

Liz pulled at his belt-“lift up” she said. When he did she pulled his pants down. He was settling back onto her lap when she stopped him-“Wait a minute there, Buster”, she said in a falsely stern tone pulling on the back of his briefs. “These are coming down too.” He faked a sigh of resignation and waited as she slowly-so slowly- rolled his underwear down.

Liz couldn’t take her eyes off of his bottom. It was nothing really special-she had seen them before, though not in this context. She placed a hand on it and pushed him down onto her lap. “Here”, she said and reached under him to lay his erection between his stomach and her legs. It seemed to like it there. She stroked his bottom, one cheek then the next. It looked soft, and….vulnerable, was the word that came to her mind. Clear and white and waiting. Waiting as she petted. Truth be known, she was kind of stuck here-she had never been in this position before. Spanked yes, paddled, yes-thank you Carol. But she had never spanked anyone before-man, woman or boy-and she was hesitant about getting started. John, for his part felt a burning against her thighs-he was pulsing without even moving.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“Yes Mam”, he said, not knowing why he said it.

With her left arm across his back she reached up with her right and slapped his ass hard. He jumped a little so she did it again. Again, a slight jump-again a slap. Smack after smack she watched his bottom turn pink and felt him rubbing against her legs. It wasn’t until fifteen or sixteen smacks in that he uttered a small “Ouch”.

She stopped spanking and rubbed his butt. “That’s it? One “Ouch” after my hand is almost numb?”

“I’m sorry, but…”

“I should have started with the paddle”, she said patting it on his bottom.

“Maybe so”, he answered, tensing his butt a little.

She brought the first swat down from as high as she could bring it.

“OWWW-Jesus!” His right cheek was immediately mottled with red splotches.

“Oh, sorry, sorry”, nervous, she rubbed the spot hard and, on an impulse, bent over and kissed the affected area. His hardness on her legs never wavered.

“Are you OK?” she asked, still rubbing.

“Do it”, he whispered, pushing his butt upwards. “Do it.”

So she paddled him-not as hard as she could have-but hard enough. One swat after another-alternating cheeks then not-watching the milky white skin turn pink. As she paddled she was aware of his movement against her lap-the rhythmic push and back push and back…She paused for a moment and pulled a handful of tissue out of the box and put them under him. Then she began more rhythmic spanking, this time with her hand-one cheek, then the other, one thigh then the center. His undulations became bucking as she spanked on. He wasn’t really responding to the spanking any more as he was to the rubbing of himself against her legs. She felt it coming.

“Come on Johnny-let it go”, she said.

She stopped spanking and kneaded his cheeks as he thrust against her legs. “Do it Johnny-do it or I’ll spank you more”. She rubbed is bottom and slapped it lightly as he started to moan-quietly at first-then louder and quicker.

“Slap it!” he gasped as he bucked forward and back-“Spank me!”

Liz got one or two more swats it before he whimpered and shuddered stiffly. She watched his bottom clench into two pink fists as she felt the heat of his ejaculation spread across her lap. What the tissue didn’t hold would clean up easily. He went limp from head to toe and she rested her hand on his warm bottom.

After a moment, “You OK?” she asked?

“Yeah”, he mumbled into the couch cushion, too spent to lift his head. They sat like that for a few minutes until Johnny finally lifted his head and pushed up onto his elbows. “I think I made a mess.”

She reached down and pushed his pants off of his legs so he could get up more easily.

“Come on”, with a light slap. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

He stood in front of her as she dabbed with a tissue. “Go jump in the shower”, she told him.

“In the shower?”

Again, with that faux-stern voice “Do you really want to argue with me right now?”

He turned with an almost wicked smile and headed for the steps. Liz froze watching his pink bum cross the room and go upstairs. What was it about this kid?

She cleaned up her lap and followed.


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