(Continued from There are always consequences)

That’s enough, he thought before he said it out loud. She breathed deeply and straightened up, her jeans and panties puddled on the floor around her feet. Her butt was an angry pink all over with red and purple blotches scattered across both cheeks. She reached back, still facing the street and rubbed her tortured bottom. John knew from hard won experience that it felt hot and tight as if the skin was too stiff to hold the heat. He put the paddle down on the table and dropped to one knee behind her.

“Lift your leg” he told her as he grabbed her right calf. She steadied herself on the desk and did as she was told. He pulled the jeans and underwear off of first one leg then the other. Kneeling with his face so close to her bottom he could almost feel the heat.

She went back to rubbing her bottom as he turned her around and kissed the tears on her cheeks. She kept her eyes downcast so he had to bend slightly to get at her face. He loved the salty taste and kissed all over to leave none behind. He had never paddled her before-certainly nothing this severe- but he didn’t think the tears he was drinking were tears of pain.

“Go lay on the bed”, he told her. Again, she obeyed without question.

John went into the kitchen and opened the freezer. She had a number of bags of frozen fruit that went into yogurt smoothies that she liked to make. He took two bags of frozen blueberries and went into the bedroom. The sunlight that flooded the front room flowed through the open bedroom door and onto the bed where Liz lay face down her brightly colored bottom facing him as he entered. Her head was turned away, resting on her crossed arms.

He sat on the bed beside her and placed the icy cold bags on her butt-one on each cheek completely covering the welts and nascent bruises.

“Ahhh…” she said quietly. “Thank you.”

“That’s OK,” he said rubbing the back of her thigh lightly. “I came on a little harder than I needed to, I think.”

“You did what you had to do”, she muffled into her arm. “You gave me what I needed. What I deserved.”

They sat in silence for a while as he continued to rub his hands gently over her hamstrings and up under the frozen fruit. Liz was breathing deeply and he thought she might have fallen asleep. “You still here?” he asked.

“Oh yes”. As if in answer she lifted her head and shook her hair free-turned to the right so she could see him. “One hundred percent present.”

“Good. Last time for three questions. Nothing but the truth right?”

“I’m not going to lie.”

“Did anything other than conversations and drinks happen between you and Carol?”


“Was it going to?”

After a tiny pause, “I don’t know.”

“Fair enough. Last question-Is it going to now?”

“NO. Nothing happens that you don’t want to happen. And nothing happens that you don’t know about.”

“OK”. He picked the fruit off of her bottom and ran his hands over the cold skin. She reacted-moving her butt back into his hand. He put his hand between her legs and pushed them gently apart then slipped his fingers up under her. She was wet and ready-pushing back against his hand. He slipped out of his pants and underwear and settled between her legs.

“In my ass” she said.

“You don’t come that way-you feel ready to come.”

“I don’t deserve to come.”

“Come on, that’s enough of that. Having your butt beat purple means never having to say you’re sorry.” He felt her smile. “Will you come if I fuck you?”

“Yes”, she said, “Definitely”. She pushed back on her knees opening up her whole bottom to him. He closed and slipped easily in feeling the coolness of her iced cheeks against his hips. Even though John wasn’t a physically big guy, she liked the feel of his weight on her. He kept up a rhythmic thrusting as he pushed down on her upper back and shoulders as if holding her down. Her breath came hard and fast-in prelude to a soft growl starting deep in her throat. John pulled out of her and with his hand guided his cock along the rim of her lips to her tiny engorged clitoris. She began to almost yelp at the rubbing which he kept at until she growled-“IN-IN-IN!!”

He lifted himself on his toes and hand and slammed deeply into her- slapping hard against her bruised butt. Again and again he drove it as far into Liz as he could until her growl grew from something low and guttural into something high pitched and keening. She pushed back with her knees as roughly as he pushed forward until with a quivering, stiffening cry-she came. She kicked back a few more times in spasms then flattened on the bed gulping air.

“Sweet Jesus”, she gasped.

“I’d say so”. It was the best sex the two of them had had with each other in…they would try to remember later. But it was a long time.

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